Trampling on Truth Post-Midterms

The NYT, and most other MSM, never met a crooked undemocratic Dem pol or bureaucrat they didn’t wholeheartedly support.

They never met a MAGA Republican they didn’t invent reasons to bash.

They never feature truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues — notably not on all things related to Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine, nor about health and freedom destroying kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

Dems didn’t exceed expectations last Tuesday by gaining more popular support than polls showed.

As in 2020 and earlier elections, brazen fraud was their weapon of choice — what the vast majority of MSM suppressed.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT quoted undemocratic Dem. Rep. Jamie Raskin’s perversion of reality, saying:

“The (Dem) party post-Trump is a much tougher, fighting party (sic).” 

Dems “are battle-hardened veterans (sic) who know exactly why they’re in politics (sic).”

“(P)undits sometimes project onto the public a crude materialism, where all people care about is pocketbook issues in the narrowest sense (sic).” 

“People understand how precarious and precious a thing constitutional democracy is (sic), and they don’t want to lose it (sic).”

Everyone with an ounce of gray matter between their ears knows that democracy as it should be is virtually banned throughout the US/West.

And wherever there’s real thing, their ruling regimes go all-out to replace what exists with pro-Western puppet rule.

And this defiance of reality by the Times: 

“The (Dem) base showed up” in greater numbers on Nov. 8 than Republicans (sic).

As a same-day article explained, GOP turnout outnumbered Dems by nearly 6 million.

So how did the latter win races in which polls projected GOP candidates to be winners?

And with exit polls showing that pocketbook issues were far and away most important to voters, Times fake news pretended that “abortion put (Dems) in the fight (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Dems “got opponents they desired (sic),” what the self-styled newspaper of record falsely called “weak candidates (sic),” ones supported by Trump.

And saying that the “country is as closely divided as ever” reflects the reality of political races — one side v. the other.

Given the economy’s dismal state at a time of double-digit inflation and a hugely disliked White House imposter — with empowered Dems indifferent toward the general welfare while pretending otherwise — a nationwide red wave should have come ashore in overwhelming fashion.

It should have replicated large-scale midterm losses experienced by the Truman, Clinton and Obama/Biden regimes — ones ranging from 53 to 63 lost House seats, along with Senate losses.

At best post-Nov. 8, Republicans will gain a slim House majority, Dems most likely to retain Senate control.

There’s no ambiguity why. 

It’s unrelated to reinvented reality by the Times.

The Big Steal explains it.

Admitting that “conditions (were) ripe for Republicans to” win overwhelmingly on Tuesday, Times fake news falsely claimed that “voters had other ideas (sic).”

And post-Nov. 8, the fake Biden said he intends to extend a flu/covid emergency at least through April 2023 — when no public health emergency exists, not now, earlier or is one expected ahead.

Since annual flu got a scary new name, the mother of all state-sponsored scams destroyed the health and well-being of countless tens of millions throughout the US/West and worldwide.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“For a third time, after 2018 and 2020, voters” rejected Trump-supported candidates (sic) — ignoring the Big Steal most MSM cheerled.

Separately, the Times and other MSM maintain the illusion of democracy in America.

And claiming that voters rejected prominent GOP candidates — one who forthrightly spoke out against grand theft Election 2020 — the Times falsely accused them “threaten(ing) the will of the electorate (sic).”

Times editors called for “strengthen(ing) federal law (related to) counting and certifying of electoral votes in presidential elections” — so Dems can pull off the Big Steal more easily.

There’s nothing remotely open, free and fair about the debauched US system.

Elections are won with electronic ease, by direct and indirect vote-buying, by enabling ballots to be cast for and by the diseased, by counting ones mailed-in for candidate A to be counted for candidate B, and various other dirty tricks.

It’s why the US electorate gets the best “democracy” that dark forces controlling things can buy and/or steal.

It’s the American way.

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  1. Noted. My conviction and mantra continue to be “A pox on both tentacles of the duopoly.” Who/what “wins” makes no difference…regime change-cum-wholesale reset/re-start needed!


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