Gloating Over the Big Steal

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT reported the following:

“Every (2020) election denier who sought to become the top election official in a critical battleground state lost at the polls this year.”

Instead of explaining that undemocratic Dems planned their defeat ahead of election day to mute criticism of the Big Steal, the Times reported the following rubbish:

“(V)oters roundly rejected extreme partisans (sic) who promised to restrict voting (sic) and overhaul the electoral process.”

The US electoral process is way too debauched to fix.

A total makeover is needed.

So is participation of more parties on a level playing field and getting Big Money out of politics.

Under the present system, governance of, by and for everyone equitably is virtually banned.

Wealth, power and privilege control things.

US fantasy democracy is money-controlled.

It’s a virtual one-dollar = one vote system, a pay-to-play scheme.

Candidates on the stump and their MSM press agents mind-manipulate voters to go along with what harms their rights and well-being.

In a nation where foxes guard the henhouse, election theft happens with disturbing regularity — at the federal, state, and local levels.

An open, free and fair process is pure illusion.

Time and again pre-elections, winners are pre-selected over losers.

What dominant dark forces want, they get by rigging things to turn out as they wish.

Voters have no say over how the nation is governed.

It’s by self-serving pols and bureaucrats, not the rule of law, what they circumvent at their discretion.

The Times gave undemocratic Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren op-ed space to mass-deceive readers.

An Obama clone with a gender difference, she’s a longtime establishment figure, not a people’s champion.

Nor is anyone in Congress today.

Staying there requires large-scale financial support.

Serving special interests over the general welfare attracts it.

Like other House and Senate Dems, Warren pretends that 2022 congressional races were open, free and fair.

She pretends that Dems had greater voter support than what polling results showed.

She pretends that Republican losers were “downright awful candidates (sic).”

She falsely credited the fake Biden with “electoral success.”

Defying reality, she falsely called his regime’s agenda “bold action to help families (sic).”

Is that what forever war on Russia at risk of going nuclear is all about?

The same disturbing reality applies to heavily pushed kill shots and all else flu/covid by the fake JB, congressional Dems and their MSM press agents — what irreparably harmed countless tens of millions throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

And at a time of hard times getting harder — with inflation at its highest level since the early 1980s — Warren defied reality by reinventing it as follows, claiming:

The Biden regime “delivered significant economic progress for working people (sic).”

And this Warren perversion of reality:

Voters rewarded (Dems) for protecting the lives and livelihoods of struggling families in a pandemic (sic).” 

No real one exists, not earlier or now.

So a fake one was invented to push slow-motion genocide — what dominant dark forces planned long in advance. 

Both wings of the one-party state support Pharma profiteers.

According to fake news by Warren and other Dems, the Biden regime “negotiat(ed) lower drug prices (sic).”

In 2022 alone, they rose sharply.

And this reinvention of reality by undemocratic Dems — falsely claiming that the party countered the high cost of living and “created well-paying jobs (sic).”

Based on how it was calculated pre-1990, real inflation is 15.9%.

And those allegedly “well-paying jobs” are overwhelmingly rotten low-pay, scant or no benefit part-time ones.

Households need two or more to provide what’s essential to life and well-being.

Since Dems usurped power in 2020, the state of the nation’s decline accelerated, ordinary Americans suffering the worst of it.

In Q III, homeowner equity declined by $1.3 trillion, the largest ever three-month loss of value.

The vast majority of US households are one or two missed paychecks from homelessness.

I’m old enough to remember WW II.

I never recall a time as dangerous and disturbing as now.

If Dems control the White House and Congress for the next two years — if Republicans don’t at least regain House control to counter their diabolical aims — WW III may begin before 2024 elections.

Mass-jabbing madness with health-destroying kill shots will continue unchecked.

State-sponsored/MSM-supported censorship may become more deep-seated than already.

Tyrannical rule may become full-blown.

Republicans in charge won’t change things enough to matter.

Thomas Jefferson believed that  America’s Constitution couldn’t stand the test of time. 

He urged a new convention every 20 years to fix problems and make the nation’s founding document relevant to the times.

As things now stand, ruling regimes — with or without control of Congress — invent reasons to justify what’s unjustifiable.

Neither wing of the war party warrants public support.

A whole new system is needed.

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