MSM Support the Big Steal

What MSM call “election deniers”  mocks their straight-talk about grand theft Election 2022 — a repeat of 2020.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT cheerled the Big Steal with rubbish like the following:

Dems “are celebrating (how they) overc(ame) (the fake) Biden’s weak approval ratings, high inflation” and polls showing a highly likely red wave.

Blaming Trump for how things turned out, the Times and other MSM ignored grand theft by Dems in enough races to keep Senate and perhaps House control.

The latter outcome could go either way at this time.

And this Times rubbish about the fake Biden.

Saying he’s enjoying “heady days” ignored enough election-rigging to perhaps let Dems maintain congressional control.

Saying “Republicans are in retreat” left unexplained why.

The Times quoted undemocratic 

Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren’s over-the-top remark, saying:

“This victory (aka grand theft Election 2022) belongs to (the fake) Biden.”

On November 15 at 9:00 PM EST, Trump is expected to announce his candidacy for reelection.

Who’ll be with him at his Tuesday Mar-a-Lago “special announcement” press conference remains to be seen.

At this time, he’s favored to be the 2024 GOP standard bearer.

It’s unknown if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will challenge him.

According to, Trump is eager to be “the first major candidate to announce a 2024 challenge to” the fake Biden.

Whether dominant Dems intend to support the imposter for re-selection is unknown at this time?

According to WaPo:

The current and next Congress should continue waging war on Russia by throwing more good money after bad at Ukrainian Nazis.

And this WaPo hyperventilating:

Dems “had one of the strongest (midterm) showings in the past century (sic)” — by the Big Steal over an open, free and fair process in one race after another, it failed to explain.

And this WaPo trash:

“Dictators and right-wing (extremists support Trump’s) return to power.”

Undemocratic Dem “allies can” exhale following the Big Steal.

More WaPo trash:

“Kremlin activated its trolls and bots before Election Day to help the MAGA movement (sic).”

More of the same:

“US (fantasy) democracy” remains in place whenever selections over elections are held.

“Democracy” is the most perverted and abused of political language.

Pols and their MSM press agents pretend that what’s illusory throughout the US/West is real.

Grand theft elections 2020 and 2022 should have made its absence clear to everyone paying attention.

Mail-in and electronic voting facilitate grand theft elections.

Yet according to WaPo’s perversion of reality, US “ ‘democracy’ is looking stronger than it did a week ago (sic)” — even though it exists in fantasy form alone, the real thing virtually banned.

Even the GOP-supporting WSJ refused to set the record straight about grand theft Election 2022, saying:

Given the fake Biden’s “unpopular(ity), (double-digit 15.9%) inflation, falling real incomes, rising crime, and chaos at the border, the GOP should have coasted (to) victory.”

“Instead,” it lost the Senate and perhaps the House.

They lost one race after another, ones pre-election polls predicted to turn out otherwise.

Yet the Journal falsely claimed the following:

“The GOP’s failure owes in part to the deep partisanship that makes large swings more difficult (sic).”

The Journal correctly explained that millions of US voters reject both parties.

No matter which wing of the US war party runs things, privileged interests are served exclusively at the expense of the great majority.

According to one Nov. 8 exit poll, 44% of voters view both parties favorably v. between 52 and 53% viewing them unfavorably.

When dirty business as usual wins whenever elections are held, voting becomes an exercise in futility.

Power brokers and monied interests run things with their own self-interest in mind.

Ordinary people have no say over policymaking.

Names and faces change over time.

Hegemon USA remains an imperial state, a warrior state, a gangster state, a crime boss state, a debauched state, a surveillance state, a racist state, a fear-mongering/hate-mongering state, ecocidal state.

In pursuit of its diabolical aims, its ruling class threatens the rights, safety and well-being of ordinary people everywhere.

If elections produced positive change, they’d be banned.

One thought on “MSM Support the Big Steal

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  1. The Slave Programming Network, including the highly Bribed Times have lost their grip.

    The Mythlanders need to realize that media, money, medicine, entertainment, laws, overseer government, science, and the protection rackets are creations for our enslavement. There needs to be awareness of these interlocking control systems, but there also needs to be a rejection of them in a Great Rejection and a slave revolt.

    The Bribed Times is the Rejected Times. F’em.


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