The Big Steal by Dems to Include Grand Theft House?

The party in control of the White House loses an average of 26 House and 4 Senate seats in midterm elections.

Rarely ever does it gain upper or lower house seats.

Achieving what’s highly unlikely at a time of economic downturn and soaring inflation — with polls showing that pocketbook issues far and away top voter concerns — borders on the impossible.

Midterms came after grand theft Election 2020, followed by installing an imposter the White House, a hugely unpopular figure at this time.

Only 3 times in the last century did the party of the White House incumbent gain or lose no Senate seats, while losing fewer than 10 House seats:

In 1934 during the Great Depression.

In 1962 when Jack Kennedy was president, shortly after he peacefully resolved the Cuban missile crisis.

In 2002, the Bush/Cheney regime benefitted from the 9/11 mother of all false flags to that time.

Yet against the longest of long odds in Nov. 8 midterms, Dems will either retain their Senate balance of power or gain an additional seat — what’s most likely — after the Georgia Dec. 6 runoff is held.

A repeat of grand theft Election 2020 occurred on Nov. 8. There’s no ambiguity about it.

And after completing grand theft Senate, Dems may maintain House control in similar fashion.

On Sunday, Politico headlined:

With Senate control achieved the old-fashioned way, “Dems eye the unthinkable: Holding the House” — by rigging enough races to maintain congressional control for the next two years.

House results through Sunday show Republicans with a diminishing advantage of 211 seats won v. 204 for Dems, 20 races still undecided.

And this from Politico:

“A number of undecided races are in California, where many (largely mail-in) votes remain uncounted,” adding:

“The last 96 hours have been bitter for House Republicans.”

While still favored to retain House control by a slim margin, the Big Steal may prevent it.

On Sunday, the Gateway Pundit (TGP) reported the following on grand theft Arizona by undemocratic Dems, saying:

When polls opened on Nov. 8 in Maricopa Country — where most of the state’s population is located — “voters were told that tabulators were not working.”

“This was happening across Maricopa County and resulted in long lines and voters being told to go to another location to vote.”

“(V)oters were also told to put their ballot into a box under the tabulator so that their ballot may be tabulated at a later time downtown.”

Numerous GOP voters complained about their virtual disenfranchisement, their ballots discarded and not counted.

Dem-orchestrated malfeasance occurred in about one-third of Maricopa County precincts.

According to some county observers, malfunctioning tabulators occurred county-wide.

The fix was in. Dems stole Arizona.

They stole many other races nationwide.

Dr. Paul Alexander believes that Dems will steal control of the House and Congress.

It’s “unfolding” in plain sight by slow-motion ballot counting and 11th hour dumps for Dems, stealing one victory after another from the jaws of virtually certain defeats.

Will Republicans contest the Big Steal or go quietly into that good night?

According to Uplift Data on election night:

Republicans got 52.7% of Maricopa County votes, Dems 16.6% and “other” 30.7%.

Arizona secretary of state in charge of tabulating votes, Dem Katie Hobbs, pulled ahead of GOP gubernatorial challenger Kari Lake, following an 11th hour ballot dump.

Yet pre-election polls showed Lake ahead of Hobbs by 10 points.

The Big Steal erased it.

Through Sunday, Lake won 54% of Maricopa County votes.

Yet its “election officials want you to believe that ALL (its registered) independent(s) voted” for Hobbs, said TGP, adding:

“These (rogues) are demons.”

On Nov. 8, the Dem-orchestrated Big Steal was widespread nationwide.

On election eve, Maricopa County, Arizona election judge, Michele Swinick, said tabulators worked well with no breakdowns or other glitches.

Yet on Election Day, malfunctioning and other shenanigans occurred in Maricopa County and nationwide.

What was enough to accomplish grand theft Senate may turn out the same way when final House results are known.

Results in Washington’s 3rd congressional district are another glaring example of the Big Steal.

According to FiveThirtyEight elections analyst, Nathaniel Rakich:

“Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D) is projected to win” the above race. 

“This is the biggest upset of the 2022 election.”

“She had only a 2% chance in our final forecast.”

Days before midterm, Quinnipiac University polling analyst, Tim Malloy, stressed the following:

“What issue concerns Americans most? It’s not even close.”

“Inflation: the price of putting food on the table, paying for gas at the pump and the diminishing value of money they earn runs away with the ranking.”

And 60% of GOP registered voters v. 51% of registered Dems said they’re more motivated to vote.

A red wave appeared virtually certain, but occurred only in Florida.

Yet according to the Cook Political Report, House Republicans for 6 million more votes than Dems.

So why wasn’t there a sweeping GOP triumph?

There’s no ambiguity about results, based on what’s known so far.

The Big Steal triumphed on Nov. 8. 

Dems retained Senate control, maintaining it over the House perhaps to follow.

It’s the American way.

It’s how fantasy democracies work.

So what’s the point of voting when ballots for candidate A go to candidate B.

The only solution is popular revolution.

Believing ballot box change is possible is pure fantasy.

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