GOP One Seat Short of House Control

Grand theft elections 2020 and 2022 weren’t the only stolen ones in US history.

Winning the old-fashioned way has been commonplace since at least the early 19th century.

What makes 2020 and 2022 different from earlier Big Steals is modern technology.

Along with a tepid GOP response instead of refusing to accept grand theft by Dems begs the question.

Looking ahead, are grand theft elections by undemocratic Dems the new abnormal?

Is voting a waste of time when results are pre-determined ahead of election day?

What happened in 2020 and 2022 should generate a national convulsion of indignation, outrage and refusal to accept indisputable fraud.

On Nov. 8, Dems pulled off grand theft Senate, what’s indisputable.


With electronic ease.

By voting machines rendered inoperable after checking out OK hours earlier.

By 11th hour ballot dumps.

By mail-in ballots for Republicans left uncounted or switched to Dems.

Through Monday, House control remains undecided. 

Yet with 217 announced triumphs, Republicans are one seat away from 218 needed for majority control — with 14 races still up for grabs.

To snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, Dems have to win them all.

Will what’s near-impossible happen?

Will Dems steal both House and Senate control?

Or will they throw Republicans a bone, permitting GOP House control by a Faustian bargain — letting them gain nominal lower house control in return for going along with key policies Dems want implemented?

No matter which wing of the US war party runs things, privileged interests are served exclusively at the expense of the general welfare, peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

In 1895, Chicago Daily News columnist, Findley Peter Dunne, used his fictional Mr. Dooley character to explain that “politics ain’t beanbag,” adding:

“Tis a man’s game, an’ women, childer, cripples an’ prohybitionists’d do well to keep out iv it.”

Nor is it for supporters of electoral integrity and governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

Commenting more on Monday about grand theft Arizona, the Gateway Pundit explained the following:

On Nov. 8, Dem turnout in Maricopa County was 17%.

Yet according to manipulated results, they won over 50% of county votes — where 63% of Arizonans reside.

On Nov. 9, USA Today reported that GOP gubernatorial candidate, Karie Lake, won 70% of votes cast on election day.

Yet we’re falsely led to believe that Dem aspirant, Katie Hobbs — Arizona secretary of state in charge of vote-counting — pulled ahead at the 11th hour by dubious ballot dumps.

On election day, Republicans had a record-breaking turnout.

Numbers of registered Maricopa County voters break down as follows: 34% Republican, 30% Dem and 34% calling themselves independents.

On Nov. 8, nearly three-fourths of independents chose a GOP ballot, less than one-fourth a Dem one.

If Arizona ballots had been correctly counted, Republicans would have achieved a landslide triumph.

Yet with about 98% of votes tabulated, Senate aspirant, Dem Mark Kelly, was reported the winner over GOP candidate Blake Masters.

The gubernatorial race went the same way — Dem Katie Hobbs over Republican Kari Lake.

Not only is something rotten in Arizona, brazen fraud handed one race after another nationwide to Dems, including ones legitimately won by Republicans.

On Monday, NBC News “estimate(d) (that) Republicans will hold 220 (House) seats, while Dem(s) will control 215 seats, with a plus-or-minus 3-seat margin or error.”

Cook Political Report analyst, Dave Wasserman, said it’ll take a “miracle” for Dems to retain House control at the 11th hour.

Nationwide, Republicans got around 5% more votes than Dems.

If accurately counted, they’d regain House and Senate control.

The Big Steal prevented it in the upper house with the jury still out on the lower one — 9 days post-election.

A Final Comment

Undemocratic Dem Senate majority leader, Schumer, said the following:

“I’m going to say to the Republicans in the Senate who are not the MAGA Republicans, stop letting them lead your party (sic).”

Sell your soul. Sell out your constituents.

“Work with us to get things done (sic).”

“I intend to sit down with (GOP Senate minority leader), Mitch McConnell, and express that (sic).”

“I intend to sit down with him and say we should be working together (sic).”

“You’re not going to get the extremists in your party (sic) to work with anybody (sic), but the rest of us can work together (sic) (to jointly sell out) the American people.”

McConnell is part of the GOP’s problem.

Will he sell his soul more than already by allying with pro-forever wars on invented enemies/pro-kill shots Dems?

Ignore what he says.

Follow only what he does.

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  1. A) Not a dime’s difference
    B) Not a dollar’s difference
    C) Not a penny’s difference
    D) Red and blue are but shades of purple


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