The Deeply Debauched 4th Estate

MSM consistently lie, deceive, defraud, scam and otherwise betray the public interest.

In the US/West and other lawless states, they’re bribed to operate as virtual ministries of propaganda for special interests over journalism as it should be — what they long ago abandoned.

Press agent for wealth, power, privilege, undemocratic Dems and the Lie in support of all of the above, the NYT is Exhibit A.

Its latest fake news edition is like all others — state-approved rubbish on major issues.

Suppressing the Nov. 8 Big Steal instead of exposing and denouncing it, the Times reported the following about grand theft Arizona, saying:

Undemocratic Dem Katie Hobbs “ ‘defeated’ (GOP challenger) Kari Lake…whose campaign was built on lies about the 2020 election (sic).”

Grand theft rendered results illegitimate without changing them because Republican failed to contest what they won.

Only Trump and his supporters cried foul to no avail.

The Times and vast majority of other MSM were paid big bucks to suppress what’s indisputable.

And in reporting on Nov. 8 results, they again sold their souls.

In Arizona, Hobbs lost.

Lake won.

She’ll return to private life.

Her opponent will ill-serve Arizonans as a selected, unelected governor.

The Times mocked Lake for accurately tweeting in response to the Big Steal:

“Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

She and Trump correctly called elections 2020 and 2022 stolen by Dems.

As Arizona secretary of state, Hobbs assured the Big Steal by controlling the vote-counting process.

Pre-election, she refused to debate Lake publicly, knowing she’d fare poorly. 

According to Times fake news, “she did not want to give a platform to an election denier and her lies (sic).”

Throughout the campaign, she performed poorly in public, what even her handlers admitted.

Selected by brazen fraud, not elected, he didn’t defeat Lake, what malfeasance accomplished. 

And grand theft wasn’t confined to Arizona.

The Big Steal let Dems retain Senate control with the House still up for grabs.

Though with one seat short on Monday, 14 races still undecided, even the Times admitted the following:

“Republicans (are) on track to win 221 seats if the latest trends continued, though several of these races remain so close that they could easily go the other way.”

According to midterm election betting odds on Nov. 14:

R House, D Senate probability is 97%, retention of congressional control by Dems, 3%, and 1% for the following:

D House and R Senate, as well as for R House and Senate.

Ahead of his announced 2024 candidacy for reelection Tuesday evening — what’s expected at his scheduled press conference — the Times and other MSM bashed Trump with a torrent of rubbish over legitimate criticism.

He’s “toxic (sic),” the Times hyperventilated.

And this rubbish from pseudo-economist, Times propagandist, Paul Krugman:

“Trump is (the GOP’s) big problem (sic).”

How was it possible for him “to dominate one of America’s two major political parties and surely retain a substantial base?

Love or hate him, he certainly did it since announcing his candidacy for president on June 16, 2015.

And he became 2016 GOP standard bearer in a field of 17 aspirants for party leadership.

At the time, the New Yorker attributed what he accomplished to “disgust with professional politicians” and his ability to convince most Republicans to believe he’s different.

With the 2024 race for the White House to begin next year, Trump is poised again to announce his candidacy for reelection.

The Times and other pro-Dem MSM despise him for going against the grain on various issues.

According to Krugman’s perversion of reality, his legitimate refusal to accept grand theft Election 2020 is “seditious (sic).”

And this Krugman trash:

Trump lacks what it takes to be “presidential (sic).”

More trash:

At age-76, He’s “a very bratty 14 (sic)…whining between bombast and self-pity (sic).”

And calling him “feeble compared to his successor (sic),” Krugman ignored the fake Biden’s selection, an imposter representing the real JB, a figure too cognitively impaired to serve in any public capacity.

His impersonator is a mumbling, bumbling gaffe machine, a powerless figurehead, an embarrassment to what leadership should be.

And the regime he heads in name only is at war on Russia in support of US-installed Ukrainian Nazis.

A similar hegemon US policy awaits 

China at a time when dominant Biden regime hardliners aim to topple Iran’s legitimate government by weeks of CIA-orchestrated street violence, wanting pro-Western puppet rule installed.

In early November, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry accused hegemon USA, vassal state Britain and apartheid Israel of orchestrating street violence — including by use of known terrorist groups.

The Times, other MSM and rogue US/Western regimes they support dislike Trump because they’re hard-pressed to control him.

And after announcing his 2024 candidacy to be GOP standard bearer, he’ll not only be the party’s frontrunner for the post, he’ll be heavily favored to defeat the fake 

Biden or another undemocratic Dem.

And support for him could help GOP House and Senate candidates.

At the same time, a repeat of the Big Steal could foil all of the above in similar fashion to grand theft Elections 2020 and 2022.

And the same MSM that support election triumphs the old-fashioned way over an open, free and fair process are the same ones heavily involved in pushing health-destroying kill shots and all else flu/covid with intent to cause irreparable harm to millions and billions on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose.

No matter which wing of the US war party controls things ahead, chances of things going from bad to worse to intolerable are highly likely.

The prospect for positive change throughout the US/West is virtually nil.

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