Differing Calls on House Election Results

According to most MSM, Republicans remain one seat short of a 218-seat majority to control the lower house — 8 days post-election.

BusinessInsider.com disagreed, saying as of Wednesday AM, Republicans won House control with a 219-seat majority, a few races yet to be called.

Kevin McCarthy is poised to become House speaker, what’s not guaranteed at this time with Rep. Andy Biggs challenging him for leadership.

According to one-sidedly pro-Dem, anti-GOP, pro-perpetual wars on invented enemies, pro-kill shots, NYT, Republicans remain one seat shy of a House majority with 9 races undecided.

WaPo, the WSJ, AP News and other MSM reported much the same thing.

Separately on all things Russia and Ukraine, CNN embarrassed itself more than already with the following perversion of reality, saying:

Vladimir Putin will either “surrender power, (be) ousted, retire or die in office…from blood cancer, Parkinson’s Disease (or other) recurring health issues (sic).”

Last July, Biden regime CIA director, William Burns, said the following about Putin’s health.

Rumors of his ill-health are unfounded.

“As far as we can tell, he is entirely too healthy.”

And this from Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, saying:

“Ukrainian, US, and British would-be media professionals have been spreading bogus stories about” Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

And polls consistently show his public approval at over 80%.

It’s because his leadership is the real thing, serving all Russians — not just the privileged few, how US/Western regimes operate.

Separately on Wednesday, the latest Gateway Pundit reality check on the Big Steal revealed more evidence of how Dems pulled it off, saying:

Video footage showed “multiple individuals driving up to the (Maricopa County, AR) drop box.”

They “deposit(ed) numerous and sometimes entire stacks of ballots at a time” — how modern-day ballot box stuffing works.

If gubernatorial aspirant Kari Lake is denied the office she won, Trump should choose her as his 2024 running mate.

In Pennsylvania, Dem officials “count(ed) ballots stolen from…nursing home” residents for their own candidates — what the “lone Republican (official) opposed.”

And the vast majority of Dem-supporting voters know little or nothing about repeated Biden regime multi-billion tranches of aid for Ukrainian Nazis — mostly weapons and munitions for perpetual war on Russia.

According to MSM reports, the White House asked Congress to approve another $37.7 billion for Ukrainian Nazis — to continue perpetual war on Russia.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, hegemon USA spent about $105  billion for war-making on the Russian Federation — while vital homeland needs go begging.

Will the GOP-controlled House go along?

Pre-midterms, MSM reported that Dems and Republicans may agree on $50 billion more for Ukraine — for a grand total of $115 billion if things turn out this way.

Yet the vast majority of US voters have no idea how their taxes are spent.

They’re unaware about a perpetual state of war on invented enemies — by hot and/or other means.

Nor the ominous risk of US-dominated NATO crossing a line of no return to possible nuclear war.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin commented on the importance of preserving historical memory, saying:

US/Western regimes aim to “rewrite and reshape world history.”

Their attempts are “increasingly aggressive.”

They seek “to divide our society, take away our guiding lines and eventually weaken Russia and influence its sovereignty – essentially shake its sovereignty.”

Their transformation of Ukraine from democratic rule to Nazi-infested tyranny is the latest example of how US/Western nation-building operates.

They aim to target Russia in similar fashion, “but we took resolute and timely measures to protect our interests and stave off similar sabotage.”

“Continuity of generations, loyalty to traditions and high moral and spiritual guidelines remain the foundation of our national identity.”

“They are reflected in and supported by culture, creative arts and all areas of daily life.”

In its Great Patriotic War, Russia defeated the scourge of Nazi-infested Europe.

Doing it again at this time, its mission deserves universal support.

The US/Western alternative is too intolerable to accept.

“Let us get down to work” and accomplish the vital mission to humanity a second time around, Putin stressed.

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