MSM Reluctance to Admit or Be Silent About Kiev’s Execution of Russian POWs

There’s no ambiguity about evidence of Russian POW Executions by Ukrainian Nazis.

Yet US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators won’t admit what’s indisputable.

The NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, CNN, AP News, National Pentagon Radio (NPR), among other MSM, don’t consider war crimes by dominant Ukrainian Nazis newsworthy to report on.

Reports by some MSM on this issue stop short of admitting what clear evidence shows.

A Reuters report said it’s “unable to verify (Russia’s) video (evidence) or (its) Defense Ministry’s assertions (sic),” falsely adding:

“Ukrainian prisoners of war…suffer(ed) torture and ill-treatment” by their Russian captors — a bald-faced Big Lie.

In stark contrast to Nazi-infested Ukraine, Russia treats POWs humanely, as mandated by the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of War Prisoners.

Defying reality, the NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, CNN and most other other MSM falsely accused Russia torturing and abusing Ukrainian POWs — citing no credible evidence because there is none.

So they made stuff up as part of their Russia-bashing agenda — while ignoring indisputable war crimes by Ukrainian Nazis.

Since last spring, the NYT published multiple fake news reports, inventing nonexistent Russian war crimes.

Reports like the following have been featured, saying:

“Russian forces detained Ukrainian prisoners of war in horrible conditions (sic), subjecting them to beatings (sic) and denying them food to the point where many became severely undernourished (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Ukrainian POWs “were forced to run a gantlet through a barrage of blows from rubber batons (sic).”

They were “given little food or water, no toilet paper, soap, or toothbrushes and were also forced to sleep on concrete floors without blankets or mattresses (sic).”

More of the same:

Russia “tortured (Ukrainian POWs) to death (sic).”

“Some inmates were held in open-air cages (sic).”

Interrogations of Ukrainian captives included “electric shocks and threats of rape and death (sic).”

Sources cited by the Times were Ukrainian Nazis — serial liars with zero credibility.

Throughout months of conflict, the Times and other MSM falsely accused Russia of crimes committed by Kiev troops.

According to AP (fake) News, Russia “organized brutality…in areas under (its) control (sic).”

“Russian soldiers tortured and killed people on the slightest suspicion they might be helping the Ukrainian military (sic).”

In response to video evidence of how Kiev Nazis execute Russian POWs, Al Jazeera fake news claimed the following:

It’s “unclear when the video was filmed or who filmed it (sic).”

And this from Britain’s owned and controlled BBC propaganda operation, saying:

It “has not been able to establish Russia’s assertions from the video (sic),” adding:

“The video ends in blurred confusion (sic).”

And this BBC rubbish:

“Unlike Russia, Ukraine allowed access to detained prisoners (sic).” 

Kiev falsely accused Russia of “summary executions and several cases of torture and ill-treatment (sic).”

What the beeb called “Russia’s torture cells” don’t exist.

And this from the London Guardian:

“Ukraine’s foreign ministry said it will investigate any torture and abuse incidents (sic).”

“The Kremlin has not made any such promise in relation to the host of allegations of the torture of combatants and civilians in Ukraine by its forces and the mercenaries fighting on Russia’s behalf (sic).”

There’s no credible evidence of Russian war crimes.

Indisputable evidence points fingers at Ukrainian Nazis — supported and encouraged by their US/Western paymasters.

MSM reports on all things Russia and Ukraine combine amnesia about the latter’s war crimes, while inventing nonexistent Russian ones.

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  1. Thank you Stephen for this truth bomb. This jibes with a lot of what Eva Bartlett and other knowledgeable correspondents have been reporting.


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