The Ruse of Hegemon USA Seeking Peace in Ukraine

Using Ukrainian foot soldiers, hegemon USA has been waging war on Russia since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Forever war by hot and/or other means is longstanding US policy against invented enemies.

No real ones existed since WW II ended.

Both wings of the US war party — undemocratic Dems most of all — support forever wars to feed the nation’s military, industrial complex profiteers and to advance its imperial aims.

Days earlier, joint chiefs chairman Milley’s call for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine was red herring deception.

The Biden regime’s aim, and his own, is all about buying time to prevent the collapse of Ukraine’s military once Russia’s winter offensive begins.

It’s to give Kiev breathing room to rebuild some of its heavily damaged power grid. 

It’s also to recruit and prepare more cannon fodder troops for the slaughterhouse of going up against vastly superior Russian firepower.

And it’s to give US/Western regimes more time to supply Ukrainian Nazis with more arms and equipment from their dwindling stockpiles.

A pause in Russia’s liberating SMO through winter would be hugely detrimental to its publicly stated aims.

It would prolong conflict and increase numbers of casualties.

Despite knowing that hegemon USA orchestrates, directs and control’s Ukraine’s war on Russia, that diplomacy with the empire of lies is a profound waste of time — assuring betrayal whenever undertaken — that forever war on Russia is longstanding US policy, Vladimir Putin earlier urged Kiev “to return to the negotiating table.”

Sergey Lavrov explained that Moscow is willing to negotiate conflict resolution with the empire of lies and Turkey.

Last Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the following:

Puppet Zelensky’s so-called offer of “public format” talks between Russia and Ukraine is a nonstarter PR stunt. 

“One thing is obvious.”

“The Ukrainian side doesn’t want any talks.”

What’s most obvious is where the 

Biden regime stands on this issue — wanting forever war on Russia continued, interrupted by a pause to aid dominant Ukrainian Nazis.

That’s what Milley’s so-called peace overture was all about.

That’s why CIA director, William Burns, met with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Naryshkin, in Ankara last week.

Days earlier, the Pentagon’s Stars and Stripes publication reported the following:

“A (US) three-star general will lead a new army headquarters in Germany.”

It’ll “include about 300 US service members responsible for coordinating” forever war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers. 

“Formation of the Security Assistance Group Ukraine (SAGU) which will be based…in Wiesbaden,” Germany.

With no end to US forever war on Russia in mind, plans are for “the unit (to be operational) by early 2023.”

Establishment of a German headquarters to support Ukrainian Nazis means hegemon USA intends what’s “expected to be a longterm mission.”

For months, Russia planned a winter offensive to smash the made-in-the-USA monster once and for all.

That’s why 300,000 reservists were mobilized — the offensive to begin once terrain freezes, enabling swift advances of heavy weapons and equipment.

Russia is highly unlikely to back off from what’s been long planned.

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

Russia will defend its new regions and overall territorial integrity “with full force and all means at our disposal.”

And Moscow knows, or should know, the futility of diplomatic outreach to the empire of lies and forever wars.

Last Thursday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the following:

“We have been unwavering in our position that unconditionally envisages our territorial integrity with all recently admitted” regions. 

Our “position obliges us to ensure its implementation through diplomatic channels,” as well as achievement of SMO “goals.”

Separately, Ryabkov stressed that Russia rejects Kiev’s preconditions for talks — notably puppet Zelensky’s call for “restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity (sic).”

No Russian regions will be handed over to Ukrainian Nazis.

So-called talks backed by the empire of lies and Kiev aim to continue forever war on Russia on their terms and timetable.

Shunning talks in pursuit of its SMO aims is Russia’s only strategic option.

The same logic applies to diplomacy with the US/dominated West.

Pursuing it by Russia is self-defeating. 

What never achieved positive results before — notably no long-lasting ones — surely won’t ahead.

The only language understood by the empire of lies and forever wars is toughness.

Nothing less gets its attention.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, said the following:

US-installed puppet “Zelensky does not want negotiations (as they should be) for quite obvious selfish reasons.”

They’d endanger him and dominant Ukrainian Nazis.

“(U)nless he acknowledges the realities of Ukraine’s break-up, it makes no sense” to engage in talks. 

If he admitted reality on the ground — including Ukraine’s greatly degraded military and wrecked economy — he’d “be bumped off by” dominant regime Nazis or his Biden regime paymaster.

It’s just a matter of time before the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine collapses.

It’s to Russia’s advantage to push things toward achieving this aim according its own strategic plan — yielding nothing potentially able to compromise it.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested sore in Europe’s heartland.

Restoration of peace and stability to the continent depends on eliminating the threat it poses.

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