Beginning of the End in Nazi-Infested Ukraine?

Hegemon USA’s Ukraine project was doomed once Russia’s liberating SMO began last February.

It’s just a matter of time before the US-installed coup d’etat regime and its military collapses.

To date, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops were killed, wounded, captured or deserted their ranks to stay alive.

Analyst Larry Johnson believes that Russia’s Defense Ministry “understat(ed) the casualt(y)” count on regime troops, adding:

Things are “entering a new phase.”

“Russia reinforced troops on the front and supplied them with additional fire power.”

As terrain becomes hardened and frozen, Russia’s Defense Ministry will likely launch a large-scale offensive to liberate parts of its territory still occupied by Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts.

They depend on what’s likely to be dwindling supplies of arms and equipment ahead.

They already have limited supplies, no air or naval support and disrupted supply lines.

Once Russia’s winter offensive begins, the end game will draw nearer.

Millions of Ukrainians fled cross-border out of harm’s way, including to Russia.

Russian forces knocked out around half of Ukraine’s power grid.

With weather getting colder, millions of Ukrainians lack electricity, heat and water.

Food and medical supplies are increasingly scarce.

Daily life is a struggle to survive.

According to head of Ukraine’s Yasno power provider, Sergey Kovalenko:

“Ukrainians will most likely have to live in a shutdown mode until at least the end of March.”

If Russia more greatly degrades Ukraine’s power grid, “there may be no light (heat or readily available water) for a very long time.”

According to the Pharma-controlled WHO, “winter will be life-threatening for millions of” Ukrainians.

“The devastating energy crisis, the deepening mental health emergency, constraints on humanitarian access and the risk of viral infections will make this winter a formidable test for the Ukrainian health system and (its) people.”

Hegemon USA launched war on Russia after the 2014 coup — using expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

After years of attempted conflict resolution diplomacy — what the empire of lies undermined to perpetuate endless war — Russia launched its UN Charter right of self-defense.

On Monday, Southfront reported that “Ukrainian Nazis continue to commit atrocities” with impunity, including against their own people, ones of Russian nationality or suspected of being pro-Russian.

And the Pentagon conceals the true cost of perpetual war.

And on Tuesday, the Biden regime announced another $4.5 billion for Ukrainian Nazis.

What’s unaccounted for after being dispersed disappears down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse.

And what’s delivered to Ukraine by US/Western regimes has already been an exercise in futility — given Russia’s ability to smash the made-in-the-USA monster.

Before the 118th US Congress convenes on January 3, the Biden regime wants Congress to approve another $37.7 billion for Ukrainian Nazis.

Most Americans are none the wiser about how their tax dollars are spent — what harms their rights and well-being instead of the other way around.

According to analyst Doug Casey, the “nature of government (is) violent and corrupt” — especially throughout the decadent, depraved US-dominated West for hundreds of years.

So why do most people put up with what ordinary ones everywhere should oppose?

“Throughout history, government served as a vehicle for the organization of hatred and oppression,” said Casey — benefitting privileged interests at the expense of most others. 

“Sociopaths (and psychopaths) are drawn to government” in pursuit of power and control over affairs of state to serve their own self-interest at the expense of the greater good.

Hegemon USA’s transformation of Ukraine into a Nazi-infested, deeply corrupted, tyrannically run scourge infesting central Europe is an example of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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  1. How stupid are Ukrainians? They have been played by western politicians. Did they not see what was going on in their country From 2014. The Ukrainian army should have turned on their Nazi perpetrators instead of Russia. Here is where corrupted entities
    Has led to disastrous consequences on the innocent population.


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