Friends of Fascism

MSM are mortal enemies of what just societies most cherish.

They’re enemies of peace, equity and justice, according to international law.

Serving wealth, power and privileged interests over the general welfare, they’re friends of fascism, friends of Nazi-infested Ukraine, friends of its tyrannical rule.

Ignoring Moscow’s liberating SMO in response to Kiev’s war on Donbass and all things Russia since 2014 — with US/Western support and encouragement — MSM provide press agent services for Ukrainian Nazis and patrons instead of condemning them.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again reinvented reality, falsely claiming:

“Ukrainians expressed defiance (sic) in the face of Moscow’s unrelenting campaign to” defeat the scourge of Nazism infesting central Europe.

Ukrainians want peace. They want freedom over Nazi-infested tyrannical rule.

They want a homeland that’s safe and fit to live in — in stark contrast to the US-stalled coup d’etat regime with no legitimacy.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Ukrainian Nazis launched cross-border war in 2014.

Russia wasted years by trying to resolve it diplomatically, an exercise in futility all along, what belatedly led to launching its liberating SMO — a defensive, not offensive action.

By allying with hegemon USA against Russia, Kiev has itself to blame for what’s ongoing — what Russia should have begun years earlier.

Yet in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO massacres many thousands of defenseless civilians in all its wars on invented enemies, Russia’s Ukraine campaign strikes only direct or indirect military targets.

As long as US/Western regimes keep supplying Ukrainian Nazis with arms and equipment for perpetual war-making, Russia will keep smashing its greatly degraded military until it collapses from attrition and exhaustion.

It’s just a matter of time.

It’s just a matter of how much vast destruction Kiev is willing to sustain until capitulating to what’s inevitable.

To escape the scourge of Nazi-infested tyrannical rule, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry’s deputy head, Anatoly Suprunovsky, said nearly 5 million Ukrainians fled cross-border to Russia, including over 700,000 children.

Yet according to Times fake news, “Russia traffics in Ukrainian children — a bald-faced Big Lie, followed by more of the same, falsely saying:

“Thousand of Ukrainian children (were) taken (by) Russia…in some cases put up for adoption (sic)” — citing serial liar, puppet Zelensky as its source.

No forcible transfers occurred.

Ukrainians, including children, came to Russia of their own free will.

To its credit, Moscow permitted their entry and provides them with housing and other humanitarian aid, keeping them out of harm’s way.

Yet according to Times trash, “Russia takes (Ukrainian) children to serve as props in its television propaganda shows (sic).”

More Times trash:

“Many (Ukrainian) children (in) Russia were removed from institutions such as children’s homes, boarding schools and hospitals (sic).”

“Some didn’t have parents, but when they did, families were apparently not consulted (sic).”

In pursuit of forever war on Russia, the Biden regime supplied Ukrainian Nazis with more long-range artillery and other weapons, the Times reported.

It quoted interventionist Blinken, saying:

Hegemon USA “continues to support Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) with military assistance” for perpetual war on Russia.

And this from Pope Francis, expressing support for Ukrainian Nazis instead of denouncing them: 

Comparing Russia’s liberating SMO to Stalin’s “Holodomor genocide,” he said the following:

“(L)et us pray for all Ukrainians, the children, the women and the elderly, the babies who are today suffering the martyrdom of aggression (sic).”

Aggression is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Ukrainian Nazis operate, clearly not Russia.

Once again, the papacy expressed support for the wrong side of history over the right side, according to international law.

And by so doing, Francis supports Nazism instead of righteously condemning its scourge — to his shame and disgrace.

Russia responded to Ukraine’s “spiral of violence and death” since 2014.

What Francis called “unacceptable aggression (and) barbarism of killing children” is longstanding US/NATO practice and how Ukrainian Nazis operate.

Once again, he failed to set the record straight — falsely blaming Russia for Ukrainian war crimes, ones orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

And he lied by falsely accusing Russia of “initiat(ing) large-scale war in Ukraine,” according to Vatican disinformation.

Separately according to WaPo’s perversion of reality on Thanksgiving Day, it expressed thanks to US-installed puppet Zelensky (sic).

“Be thankful for” his being putty in the hands of his US master, doing its bidding at the expense of peace and ordinary Ukrainians he doesn’t give a damn about, just amassing unlimited amounts of stolen wealth, stashing it in offshore tax havens and luxury real estate abroad. 

WaPo and other MSM reinvented him into what he’s not and never will be — a leader, the real thing instead of a pathetic imitation, a whining, whimpering buffoon, a comedian who never was funny.

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