The Scourge of MSM Propaganda Rubbish

The dominant US/Western 4th estate is too debauched to fix.

A mortal enemy of truth and full disclosure, journalism as it should be is banned in their daily fake news editions.

Ahead of Thanksgiving weekend, the NYT reinvented reality as follows, falsely claiming:

“Ukraine is on the offensive (sic)…forc(ing) Russia into multiple retreats (sic)…defying expectations (by achieving) success (sic).”

The definition of success by the Times apparently includes hundreds of thousands of regime casualties and vast destruction throughout its territory at a time when most Ukrainians lost what’s essential to sustain life and well-being.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times ignored the futility of regime efforts to restore electricity, heat, tap water and sanitation given Russia’s ability to shut down whatever the regime is able to fix.

Separately, the Times admitted that US/Western regimes failed to agree on a Russian oil price before a scheduled EU embargo begins on Dec. 5.

In response to the harebrained scheme, what cannot work, Russia again warned that in response to a price cap if imposed, nations supporting it will no longer receive its oil.

It’ll be diverted to others willing to respect market pricing.

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin said the following on the issue:

Imposing a price cap on Russian oil defies “market principles and (is) highly likely to result in serious consequences for the global energy market.”

According to Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, on Thursday:

Capping the price of Russian oil will “threaten Europe’s energy security.

If approved, Western companies will be prohibited from providing insurance, brokerage or financial assistance to vessels loaded with Russian crude, unless it’s price at or below the capped price.

According to

In response to a price cap on Russian oil if imposed by US/Western regimes, Moscow “could secure in very quick time at least three quarters of the shipping needed to move its oil as usual to established buyers, and up to 90 percent within a few weeks after that,” adding:

“Given the huge oil tanker fleets operated by Russia, China, India, and Iran, there would be no shortage of vessels available to” ship its oil to eager buyers at the market price.

“(A)nd cargo protection and indemnity insurance would be easily enough covered from all countries mentioned, as it was when such shipping insurance-related sanctions were placed on Iranian oil tanker fleets by the US.”

When serving as Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said the following:

“If there is an art that we have perfected in Iran, (what) we can teach to others…is the art of evading sanctions.”

US/Western sanctions on Iranian energy failed.

If imposed, a price cap on Russian oil (and gas) will fail in similar fashion. 

Separately before Russia began shutting down Ukraine’s power grid and communication systems, the World Bank estimated a cost of $349 billion for reconstruction of what’s damaged or destroyed in Ukraine.

The current figure is much higher, likely exceeding half a trillion dollars — what Kiev lacks, what US/Western regimes are increasingly hard-pressed to supply.

Unelected, European Commission head, von der Leyen, sounded delusional, saying the following:

Nazi-infested/tyrannically-run “Ukraine is fighting for democracy (sic) and our common values (sic).”

“The EU (is) mobilizing all our instruments to address the (regime’s) most immediate needs, including for housing for internally displaced populations and to repair critical infrastructure (sic).” 

EU regimes lack enough resources and will to undertake the impossible task of helping Ukraine rebuild.

Until its dominant Nazis capitulate unconditionally to Russia’s legitimate demands, its forces will continue the transformation of Ukraine into a barren wasteland.

In response, millions more Ukrainians will leave to be safe cross-border.

The territory known as Ukraine will never be the same again.

It’ll be demilitarized and deNazified, two key Russian aims.

According to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, on Thursday:

Kiev “has every opportunity to bring the situation back to normal, every opportunity to resolve (ongoing conflict by) fulfil(ling) requirements of the Russian side.”

It can halt the “suffering” of its people by ending aggression it launched in spring 2014.

Along with its US/Western paymasters, dominant Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for years of conflict, vast destruction and mass casualties of its troops.

Yet according to US-installed NATO puppet head, Stoltenberg, the war-making alliance “will continue to stand with Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) for as long as it takes (sic).”

On Thursday, Kiev’s mayor, Klitschko said about 70% the city lacks electricity, heat and tap water.

And this from AP (fake) News, falsely claiming that most Ukrainians prefer loss of what’s essential to sustain life and well-being over liberation from the scourge of Nazism by Russia.

And this WSJ rubbish:

It earlier reinvented reality by falsely claiming that “Russia lacks smart weapons (sic).”

Pre-Thanksgiving weekend, it falsely claimed that its forces are fast exhausting supplies of weapons and munitions (sic).

And claiming that both sides “suffered heavy losses of men and materiel” applies only to Ukraine.

Russian losses have been minimal by comparison.

Without what US/Western regimes supplied to Ukraine, its military would have collapsed long ago.

And whenever MSM claim that Russia is exhausting its weapons and munitions, that it’s unable to sustain longterm conflict, its military overwhelmingly proves otherwise.

Most of Ukraine lacks what’s essential to sustain life and well-being.

The longer conflict continues, the more greatly its people will suffer from the scourge of Nazified rule.

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  1. — Germany will continue to support Ukraine at any cost, through hunger and cold – German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

    Baerbock is speaking in Pretend as she calls for supporting NATO’s destruction of Ukraine. I just cannot see the Wee People of Germany applauding to her like the assembly she is speaking too. Germany was getting LNG and oil by ship, but that is ending in December and those details don’t come up enough to determine the exact date. 66.2 degrees is not the new normal. It is the new high.

    The German people like the French did not vote to join the EU. The Highest Overseer of their countries ceded sovereignty. You have to be a Great Pretender to believe they have the right or there is anything democratic about the EU.


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