For As Long As it Takes

When foreign ministers of NATO regimes meet in Bucharest, Romania on Nov. 29 and 30, they’ll likely hear US-installed alliance puppet, Stoltenberg, say words to the following:

The war-making alliance “will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” what he said last week, adding:

Claiming that Russia “threaten(s) Euro-Atlantic peace and security” is a bald-faced Big Lie.

So is saying “President Putin is failing in Ukraine (sic).”

The same goes for falsely accusing him of “responding with more brutality (sic).”

And the following reinvention of reality:

“We are all paying a price for Russia’s” liberating SMO.

“If we let Putin win, all of us will pay a much higher price for many years to come (sic).”

Aggressor Ukraine since 2014 “is the victim (sic).”

“There will be no lasting peace if (Russia) wins (sic).”

“At our meeting in Bucharest, I will call for more” weapons and munitions for Ukrainian Nazis.

Not a word from Stotenberg about US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukraine since spring 2014 against Donbass residential communities.

He was silent about years of good faith Russian conflict resolution diplomacy, what hegemon USA-dominated NATO undermined.

And not a word about Kiev’s flagrant breach of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements — as ordered by its US master. 

Nothing about Russia’s right of self-defense, the legitimacy of its SMO according to the UN Charter and other international law.

Nothing about certain defeat and collapse of Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military.

Nothing about Nazified rule under a figurehead puppet.

Nothing about a good v. pure evil conflict with Russia on the right side of history.

Stoltenberg is a mouthpiece for US imperial interests.

His hyperventilating leaves reality on the ground unchanged.

From day-one of its liberating SMO, Nazi-infested Ukraine’s fate was sealed — its only way out not taken.

It includes unconditional capitulation to Russia’s demands for demilitarization, deNazification and liberation of parts of its territory under illegal occupation by Kiev troops.

There never was any doubt about Russia’s ability to achieve the above aims.

Ukraine is paying dearly for allying with hegemon USA, allowing its foot soldiers to be used as expendable cannon fodder for a lost cause.

Of concern is the risk of pushing things too far by US/NATO regimes — the risk of crossing the line to greater direct confrontation between Russia and the war-making alliance than already.

By letter to the Champaign, IL News-Gazette, Law Professor Francis Boyle warned about the risk of unthinkable war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, saying the following:

“US-Russia war in offing”

“The Pentagon recently announced that it was opening a new Army headquarters in Germany with 300 military staff members headed up by a three-star general for the alleged purpose of ‘coordinating security assistance for Ukraine.’ ”

“As a matter of fact, this is a US war-command staff headquarters for the purpose of waging war against Russia.”

“The last time I dealt personally with a three-star general was when I lectured and debated for an entire afternoon at the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, before their senior conference on ;’nuclear deterrence’ in front of, among others, the three-star general in charge of war operations for the Pentagon.”

“The Pentagon places three-star generals in charge of war operations — not managing inventory.”

“And the Pentagon does not use a military headquarters staff of 300 to audit managing inventory.”

“This is a war-headquarters staff.”

“The US is going to war against Russia unless the American people and Congress can figure out some way to stop it.”

“A good start would be supporting my draft bill of impeachment against (the White House occupant) for unconstitutional and existentially dangerous war-making in Ukraine, which is now in circulation on Capitol Hill.”

“The launch of a Ukrainian missile into Polish territory that killed two people and almost triggered Article 5 of the NATO pact proves it.”

In 2018, I warned about hegemon USA’s hostile anti-Russia agenda, an unacceptably dangerous situation gotten worse since that time.

Inventing a nonexistent Russian threat, US-dominated NATO military bases surround the country.

Its leadership is falsely accused of aggression and interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Illegal US sanctions target the country, including ones Trump approved by signing into law the 2017 Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

The hostile to peace measure targeted Russia, Iran and North Korea — not for any threat they pose, solely because they’re free from US control.

The Obama/Biden regime confiscated Russian diplomatic properties in the US — for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones existed.

Its diplomats were undiplomatically expelled.

Where hegemon USA goes, Western vassals follow — even when harming their own self-interest.

Last week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained the following:

“As regards embassies, our diplomatic presence has actually been minimized in certain countries, largely EU countries we announced as unfriendly.”

“We have just one or two diplomats in (these) countries.”

Some diplomatic presence is maintained “because citizens and compatriots are there.”

“Organizations are there that every day require the issuance of documents, certificates of birth, passports, legalization of translations, and so on.”

“This is a routine job that has to be done, not merely to keep some diplomatic presence. They are working every day.”

Hostile actions by US/Western regimes forced Russia to respond defensively.

They repeatedly conduct provocative military exercises near its borders — rehearsals for preemptive war.

Under Obama/Biden — especially since undemocratic Dems usurped power by brazen election rigging in 2020, repeated in 2022 midterms — the risk of US-initiated nuclear war on Russia has been unacceptably heightened.

What’s unthinkable is possible because of US rage to control independent nations by whatever it takes to achieve its drive for unchallenged global hegemony.

Put another way, both wings of the US war party — especially Dems — may destroy planet earth by its rage to own it, its resources and populations to be exploited as serfs.

The Obama/Biden regime launched war in Ukraine after its 2014 coup, Russia falsely blamed for its aggression.

The Trump regime abandoned compliance with the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in August 2019 — on the phony pretext of Russian non-compliance, along with his intention to counter nonbelligerent China. 

Nothing justifies unjustifiable US actions on the world stage — especially its weaponization of Ukraine for perpetual war on Russia.

If nuclear war occurs ahead, it’ll be made-in-the-USA — most likely by recklessly dangerous undemocratic Dems.

Russia hopes for the best but prepared for the worst, Vladimir Putin saying:

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will without doubt use all available means to protect Russia and our people.”

“This is not a bluff.”

Unlike his forked-tongue Western counterparts, Putin says what he means and means what he says.

He and others around him want world peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations, according to the rule of law.

Longstanding US-dominated NATO policy is worlds apart different in pursuit of the war-making alliance’s diabolical aims.

Is nuclear war inevitable?

What’s unthinkable is more ominously possible than any previous time since the dawn of the nuclear age.


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