Reaping the Whirlwind

Senior German political figure, Oskar Lafontaine, set the record straight about all things Russia and Ukraine.

Long before and since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, the empire of lies and its NATO vassals planned proxy war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

It began post-coup in early 2014, as Lafontaine noted.

“Since then, the (self-styled master of the universe, an unparalleled menace to humanity) and its Western vassals have been arming Ukraine and systematically preparing it for confrontation with Russia.”

During a Bucharest, Romania meeting of NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday, US-installed puppet of the war-making alliance, Stoltenberg, said the following:

In 2008, we promised NATO membership for Ukraine.

“I was there…We stand by (the pledge). NATO’s door is open.”

A joint statement by the war-making alliance’s foreign ministers, including interventionist Blinken, said their ruling regimes “reaffirm” positions taken in 2008.

For Russia, formal admittance of Ukraine to NATO crosses an unacceptable redline.

Yet the Biden regime remains “committed to ensuring that NATO’s door remains open to aspirants when they are able to meet the commitments and obligations of membership and contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic area (sic).”

“We are committed to ensuring that aspirant countries wishing to join NATO meet the organization’s standard for membership (sic).”

“We support (Nazi-infested) Ukraine in the fight against” legitimate Russian security concerns.

“(W)e are fully supportive and affirm NATO’s open door policy, and we continue to look forward to working closely with Ukraine.” 

The empire of lies transformed the former nation-state into a weaponized platform for perpetual war on Russia at the expense of its people — what both wings of the US war party don’t give a damn about, just advancing their hegemonic aims, no matter the human cost.

In 1995, Ukraine became the first former Soviet republic to join NATO’s so-called Partnership for Peace, a notion abhorred by the US and its imperial partners.

At the time, the Clinton co-presidency called the initiative a “track” for more countries to join NATO.

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

“The appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding:

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s (solely for offense) missile defense shield to be installed in the country.

Separately, he said that Moscow will “react to what’s going on around us.”

Granting NATO membership to Ukraine and/or Georgia will have “extremely negative consequences.”

Inviting these countries to join the alliance would violate “treaties between Russia and NATO.”

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, earlier warned that Moscow “will act” if Ukraine and/or Georgia join NATO – calling the move, if occurs, part of hegemon USA’s  “militarization of the European continent” against Russia.

According to Lafontaine, “Ukraine is a de facto, if not de jure, member of NATO.”

“This (reality) has been studiously ignored by Western” regimes and their MSM press agents, adding:

Since the first global war to prevent future ones, hegemon USA’s “declared aim (has been) to prevent German business and technology from merging with Russian raw materials at all cost.”

“It is perfectly clear that, if you take this history into account, we are dealing with a US proxy war against Russia” — what was planned long before launched. 

Since elected mayor of Saarbrucken in the 1970s, Lafontaine’s decades-long political career ended with his announced retirement last March at age-78.

He called it “unforgivable” for Germany’s SPD, a party he led in the 1990s, not to have demanded compliance with Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements by Kiev.

And he called the Scholz regime “pathetic and cowardly” for failing to condemn sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany —rendering 3 of its 4 lines inoperable. 

Calling what happened “a hostile act against the Federal Republic, he said made-in-the-West sabotage means that Germany “must free (itself) from” US control.

Urging closure of Pentagon bases and removal of US nukes from German territory, he called for the creation of a new European security architecture with France — separate from NATO, a US “tool to enforce” its hegemony as the dominant world power.

If Germany and other European countries continue to be controlled by the empire of lies and forever wars, they’ll be “push(ed) over a cliff” to serve its interests, he said.

And he added the following:

“We are experiencing the birth pangs of the transitional phase from a unipolar to a multipolar world order.”

“And the question arises whether we will have a place of our own in this new world order, or be drawn into (hegemon USA’s) conflicts with Moscow and Beijing as (its) vassals.”

Germany has much to lose and nothing to gain by allying with US war on Russia by hot and other means.

He called Chancellor Scholz “a schoolboy” weakling for serving US interests at the expense of the Federal Republic, its people and enterprises.

Along with Brussels and Britain, he ruined valued relations with nonthreatening Russia, as ordered by their US master.

By recklessly challenging the Russian Federation belligerently, the US and its European vassals bit off more than they can chew.

Causing their own deindustrialization and economic decline, the US is benefitting at their expense.

Yet the empire of lies is experiencing economic decline in recession — what may be severe and protracted before easing.

Its day in the sun as the world’s leading economy and military power is ebbing as China, Russia, India and other nations are rising in prominence, as multilateralism replaces US unipolar control.

To try regaining what’s slipping away and lost, the last gasp of dying empires is war.

Is US/NATO war on Russia in Ukraine prelude for more direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers than already?

Has hegemon USA already planned WW III?

Is nuclear war inevitable?

Will European vassal states sow their own demise by sticking with their higher power in Washington?

Knowing that they cannot survive all-out war on the continent, will they break with the empire of lies in their own self-interest?

Or will they go down with its sinking ship of state?

It’s their choice.

A Final Comment

There’s no ambiguity about the ability of Russia to achieve its publicly stated SMO aims.

As Vladimir Putin earlier explained and Sergey Lavrov repeated:

Russia’s “goals remain the same. And they will be met.”

According to Russia-based analyst John Helmer, its forces will control large parts of Ukraine by rendering its power grid inoperable, compelling people, including regime Nazis, to leave because life and well-being cannot be sustained without electricity, tap water, sanitation and other essentials — especially not during frigid winter weather.

So large population centers will be emptied, including cross-border to neighboring countries.

At the same time, a winter offensive is being readied if needed.

Electricity war is Russia’s favored option to minimize casualties.

Russia will then create a demilitarized zone — as wide as needed to be beyond the range of Kiev’s US/Western-supplied long-range weapons.

Helmer believes that Russia will seek an armistice ahead, not a conflict resolution peace treaty.

The US/West and Kiev can either go along with this endgame or Russia will impose it on its own — by creating a demilitarized dead zone over as much of Ukrainian territory as it wishes.

Last month, Russian commander-in-chief of its Ukraine SMO, General Sergey Surovikin, said the following:

“For now the line will be on the Dnieper (River) with the zone extending from the west bank into the rump Ukraine – my guess is at a depth of not less than 100 km.” 

“This will put Russian territory out of the range of most Ukrainian artillery.”

“A 100 km-deep zone will also give Russian forces time to detect and intercept anything in flight.”

“In the central sector, Kherson City will remain without population for an as yet undecided period.”

“For as long as this lasts, the city is likely to be part of the zone rather than part of Russian territory.”

“Time and armistice negotiations may change that.”

“In the northern sector – from Kramatorsk and Slovyansk to Kharkov, then northwestward to Sumy and Chernigov – these are garrisons and staging areas of hate on or near to Russia’s borders.”

“They will not be spared.”

“It’s lights out for them.”

“They made their decision in February-March and during the pull-back last spring.”

“The shelling, sabotage, and other attacks on Bryansk, Belgorod and Kursk have qualified them for de-electrification, de-population, and de-nazification.”

“The point to emphasize, especially in the Russian operations in the north, is that they will be РЕЙД operations.”

“They will not seize and hold territory.”

“The penetrations will be deep, but not as deep as last February-March.”

“This time they will include a massive security element,  including drones and infantry support.”

“The idea won’t be to occupy the territory, let alone administer it, for any length of time.”

“The goal will be to destroy enemies who raise their heads and the infrastructure they rely on, lay mines and sensors, and then withdraw.”

“Once the assigned transportation and logistics nodes have been taken, the job of destroying them by engineer units will begin.”

“Bridges, roads, railroads, marshaling yards, rolling stock, airfields, fuel storage and dispensaries, electrical substations, transmission and communications towers, central offices, warehouses, laydown areas, agricultural equipment – anything that could possibly be used to support the Ukrainian-NATO effort east of the zone’s western border will be destroyed.”

“That will be also be the ground forces’ job – more comprehensive and thorough than missile and drone strikes can achieve.”

“Civilians and disarmed fighters, without their motorized equipment, will be permitted to walk out of the zone to specially prepared buses with whatever they can carry on their backs.”

The UN secretary general, so enthusiastic about saving Ukronazis at Mariupol, will be told to have them ready at prescribed pick-up points.”

“The elderly will be encouraged to come to prepared aid stations for care and processing.”

“Anyone who chooses to stay inside the zone will be informed explicitly via radio, flyers, and loudspeaker that they are considered enemy combatants and will be targeted accordingly.”

“After a prescribed amount of time, ‘golden bridges’ for the exiting population will be destroyed.”

“For those remaining, they will have no power, sanitation, or communications before Russians arrive, and even fewer means to restore these utilities after they leave.”

There you have it.

Russia has the military capability and determination to achieve what Surovikin explained.

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis never had a chance against vastly superior Russian firepower.

Looking ahead from now to next spring, Ukraine is the wrong place to be for anyone wishing to stay alive.


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