Puppet Zelensky’s Big Lies Wearing Thin?

During his Tuesday night propaganda rant, Zelensky falsely blamed Russia for a Ukrainian missile strike on Polish territory. Was it an errant strike or planned provocation — the latter with intent to draw US-dominated NATO more directly into conflict with Russia than already? Reality is highly likely the latter over the former. In response to... Continue Reading →

2022 Big Steal Postmortems

If legitimately tabulated, GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, would have trounced undemocratic Dem challenger, Katie Hobbs. Things didn’t turn out that way because of brazen election-rigging by undemocratic Dems. Lake isn’t going quietly into that good night, saying the following on Thursday: “I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that... Continue Reading →

Mass Resignations by Healthcare Professionals

Earlier US generations were healthier than the current one. The world’s long ago best healthcare system — based on the ability to pay — is now in disarray. The industry prioritizes profits over healthcare as it should be. It shows in most all health categories. Before the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams was rolled... Continue Reading →

The MH17 Trial Verdict: An Anti-Russia Scam

On July 14, 2014, Malaysia Airlines (MH17) was downed over Donetsk en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 283 passengers and 15 crew members aboard were killed. Russia had nothing to do with what happened. Nor did Donbass freedom fighters. No credible evidence suggested their involvement in what happened. The Obama/Biden regime orchestrated what... Continue Reading →

War on Trump by Undemocratic Dems and MSM 

Following Trump’s announced candidacy for reelection, undemocratic Dem Rep. David Cicilline falsely claimed the following: He “forfeited his right to ever hold federal office again for leading an insurrection against the US (sic).” Neither Trump or his supporters had anything to do with storming of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 — what Dems planned,... Continue Reading →

Trump Announces Candidacy for Reelection

Trump earlier signaled his intention to run for reelection. On Tuesday, he made it official, saying: “I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the US.” “I will ensure (that the fake) Biden does not receive four more years.” “Together we will be taking on the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests imaginable.” “Our... Continue Reading →

Differing Calls on House Election Results

According to most MSM, Republicans remain one seat short of a 218-seat majority to control the lower house — 8 days post-election. BusinessInsider.com disagreed, saying as of Wednesday AM, Republicans won House control with a 219-seat majority, a few races yet to be called. Kevin McCarthy is poised to become House speaker, what’s not guaranteed... Continue Reading →

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