A Mensch v. a Menace

On the cusp of a new year, hope springs eternal — at times perhaps justified, clearly not at the most perilous time in world history. Russia is blessed with a mensch in charge of running things, along with a stellar supportive team. Hegemon USA installed an unelected, illegitimate imposter in the White House, a mumbling... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of MSM Fake News

On all things related to flu/covid kill shots and Russia’s liberating SMO against Nazi-infested Ukraine, MSM hit an all-time low in featuring state-approved fake news over the real thing. In its latest perversion of reality edition, the self-styled newspaper of record, New York Times, defied reality by falsely calling Russia “isolated” on the world stage.... Continue Reading →

Prostitutes of the Press

Western MSM operate as fake news ministries of truth in nations where they’re located. They’re bribed with big bucks to lie and mass-deceive by sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative. On major world and national issues, what’s reported on TV, radio or in print is based on state-approved talking points. Orwell long ago explained... Continue Reading →

The Existential Threat of Our Time

Without question, these are the most perilous times in world history. The growing threat of World War III, maybe already begun, is arguably the existential threat of all time because the risk of things going nuclear is ominously real. Hegemon USA is more monster than nation state. Both wings of its neocon-infested war party share... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Nazis Propose Peace Summit Without Russia

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov slammed hegemon USA and its Western vassals, saying: They “discredited (themselves) as negotiating partner(s) and, most importantly, Russia’s policy concerning the implementation of political or legal agreements.” Virtually everything the empire of lies agreed to it breached. Lavrov was partially right, saying that Russia “can no longer rely on these people.”... Continue Reading →

An Ultimatum to Nazified Ukraine

Interviewed by Tass on Monday, Lavrov minced no words, saying the following: “The enemy is well aware of our proposals” for Ukraine to demilitarize and deNazify. If the US-installed regime refuses, “the Russian Army will deal with this issue,” what’s been ongoing since Feb. “It is no longer a secret that victory over Russia ‘on... Continue Reading →

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