Imperial Tool BBC

When established a century ago in October 1922, the BBC’s founder, John Raith, infamously explained how the broadcaster would operate, saying:

“They (UK ruling authorities) know they can trust us not to be really impartial.” 

From inception, the beeb has been owned, operated and controlled by UK regimes — functioning as their ministry of truth.

Broadcasting on television, radio and online in over two dozen languages, the BBC is the world’s largest broadcaster — the 2nd oldest one after Pittsburgh’s KDKA.

Critics justifiably ask: 

How can the beeb feature truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues when it’s government-owned and controlled?

If its correspondents dared to diverge from the fabricated official narrative, they’d be taken off-air and online straightaway.

They’d be looking for another line of work because no establishment media would employ them.

The beeb operates like its US and other Western counterparts — with a British accent.

UK households involuntarily pay an annual television license fee, the beeb’s primary revenue source.

They’re taxed even if shun BBC propaganda.

Yet following it assures being treated like a mushroom — well-watered and kept in the dark about major issues of the day, mind-manipulated to know only what’s state-approved.

Truth and full disclosure are banned in similar fashion to how the dominant US 4th estate operates — fake news substituting for the real thing.

During China’s latest health and freedom-destroying lockdown — on the dubious pretext of protecting against flu-renamed covid — the country’s largest city, Shanghai, was affected.

On November 27, city police asked protesters to leave a crossroads area, BBC correspondent Ed Lawrence among them.

He refused and failed to identify himself as a beeb reporter.

Police escorted him from the area nonviolently, discovered his identity, informed him about China’s flu/covid policy and released him.

Instead of reporting accurately about what happened, Britain’s PM Sunak falsely accused China of posing “a systemic challenge to our values and interests” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Sticking to the fabricated official narrative as in all its propaganda reports, the beeb falsely accused China of “arrest(ing) (and) beat(ing)” Lawrence — what was worlds apart different from how he was treated.

Commenting on the beeb’s fake news on Nov. 29, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, set the record straight as follow, saying:

“(R)emarks from the British side (were) a serious distortion of the facts and constitute grave interference in China’s internal affairs.” 

“Here are the facts that we learned from authorities in Shanghai.”

On the night of November 27…police made it clear to (Lawrence) and others that they needed to leave” a crossroads area.

He refused, was peacefully escorted away, then released when police determined his identity. 

Misreporting on what happened, “the BBC immediately twisted the story and massively propagated the narrative that its” reporter was mistreated — as part of the Sunak regime’s China-bashing policy by making stuff up. 

“This deliberate distortion of truth is all too familiar as part of the BBC’s distasteful playbook,” Lijian stressed, adding:

“While having the right to report news in accordance with the law in China, foreign journalists need to consciously follow Chinese laws and regulations.”

“When conducting reporting and interviews, journalists need to present their press credentials first, and not engage in activities incompatible with their capacity as journalists.”

“This applies to all media organizations and is not about freedom of the press.”

“Many foreign media organizations have presence in China.”

“How come the BBC is always involved in troubles at the scene?” 

“How does the British government handle domestic protesters?”

“In 2020, UK police arrested more than 150 people when Londoners took to the street to protest against (the flu/covid) lockdown.”

“In 2021, UK police arrested more than 200 people in large-scale demonstrations triggered by the (BoJo regime’s) public expenditure cuts.”

“Publicly available videos showed that UK police officers ruthlessly kicked and beat one unarmed protester and did not stop even when the protester was left exposed in little clothing and was crying and begging for mercy.”

“How do (UK regimes) treat journalists?” 

“A few years ago, a Chinese journalist was repeatedly hampered and even physically assaulted and eventually convicted by a British court, only because she had exercised her legitimate right as a journalist and raised a question to express her opinions at a (Tory) conference.”

“Graham Phillips, a UK journalist, became the first British citizen placed on the country’s sanctions list, only because he created media content not to the liking of the west.”

“How does the BBC report on China?”

It repeatedly “paints (the country) in a negative light (by) distorted reports on Xinjiang and Hong Kong.” 

The BBC has “a disreputable history of smearing and attacking China” unjustifiably in cahoots with its US master.

“Since 2019, the BBC ignor(ed) (US-orchestrated and directed) Hong Kong (and Xinjiang) violen(ce).”  

Beeb correspondents in Beijing propagated “lies of the century” to slander Xinjiang. 

“Is the job of BBC (reporters) to report or fabricate news?”

Featuring the latter over the former, the beeb is guilty “hypocritical double standards.”

Reporting on the Lawrence incident, the BBC turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“One of our journalists (sic) was attacked (sic) whilst carrying out his duties (sic).”

“He was beaten and kicked by police officers (sic), and then taken away in handcuffs (sic).”

The BBC and other western MSM misreported on what happened, while covering up state-sponsored crimes of war, against humanity and  domestic violence perpetrated by their ruling regimes.

Operating as their ministries of propaganda, they stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, journalism as it should be banned from their reports.

They repeatedly bash nations free from US/Western support by a blitzkrieg of fake news, notably on Russia, China and Iran.

Reporting on the Lawrence incident in Shanghai, the NYT and its US counterparts regurgitated the BBC’s fake news about what happened.

And MSM collectively pretend that US/Western regimes govern democratically, a notion they banned and tolerate nowhere.

While criticism of China’s lockdown is justifiable, MSM support it when imposed in Western countries.

Their double standard hypocrisy needs no elaboration.


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  1. Before Covid in China, there was swine flu decimating the pig population there resulting from being fed genetically-modified (GM) soya beans and corn imported from the USA under trade deals during the Trump administration.

    Putin was wise in banning GM crops in Russia. But Ukraine after the Maidan coup in 2014 raced into GM crops.


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