Straight Talk Without Mincing Words

I greatly admire Russia’s Sergey Lavrov:

For service he renders to his nation. 

For his remarkable knowledge and insight about all things historical and geopolitical.

For supporting the rule of law.

And for his straight talk public remarks — polar opposite forked-tongue double-talk by his US/Western counterparts.

Nobody’s perfect.

Whenever he refers to Western officials as “colleagues,” I cringe, knowing that they’re mortal enemies of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law and all things Russia.

I cringe as well when he falsely calls Joe Biden “elected.”

The White House occupant is an imposter because the real JB is too cognitively impaired to serve in any public capacity.

And in Nov. 2020, Trump won. The other guy lost.

Yet the loser is illegitimately in office by brazen election-rigging, the winner a private citizen seeking reelection in 2024.

On Wednesday, commenting on the issue of global security at a time when it’s greatly jeopardized by hegemon-USA-dominated NATO — a war-making alliance unrelated to national defense of its member-states — Lavrov said the following:

As Russia under Vladimir Putin’s leadership “assume(d) its legitimate place in the international arena, (hegemon USA has gone all-out) to destroy fundamental tools for ensuring global security and stability” — perpetual wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means its tactics of choice.

Lavrov and other Russian officials know that after hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, the empire of lies and NATO vassals have been at war on the Russian Federation — what greatly escalated after its liberating SMO began in self-defense.

“The war unleashed by the collective West against Russia impacted strategic stability, among other things,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“Ukraine and its citizens are being used as expendables.”

US/Western regimes “flood(ed) Ukraine with modern weapons” to wage perpetual war on Russia.

The empire of lies installed political nobody Zelensky in office as a subservient puppet to serve US/Western interests — no matter the human cost and transformation of Ukraine into a barren wasteland.

And US-installed NATO puppet, Stoltenberg, claims that the road to peace in Ukraine depends on perpetual war on Russia.

According to Lavrov, support for war by the US-dominated West reveals that what its ruling regimes call “universal human values (is) Western claptrap.”

They never had any intention of “establishing equitable relations with our country.”

Their hostile to peace and the rule of law agenda is worlds apart from pursuing equity and justice on the world stage.

For Russia, it’s vital “to avoid clashes between nuclear powers, even with use of conventional weapons,” said Lavrov.

For hegemon USA dominated Western regimes, what’s crucial to recognize and observe they ignore.

“This speaks volumes about their true motives, including their policy on Ukraine.”

They’re “literally (waging forever war) against the Russian Federation.”

At this time, a “challenging junction in world history” exists. 

“Clearly, business as usual with Westerners is a thing of the past.” 

It’s gone and won’t be restored.

The same reality applies to the US/West’s unipolar moment, replaced by multilateralism.

“For a long time,” the self-styled master of the universe USA has been operating exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of international law at the expense of peace and rights of other nations.

For decades, US-dominated NATO maintained the pretense of operating as a defensive alliance.

After Soviet Russia and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, “the (invented) rationale for NATO’s existence came to an end,” Lavrov explained.

Instead of ending what, in fact, has been a war-making alliance all along, it expanded to include more member-states.

“Containing (nonthreatening) Russia” by weaponizing Ukraine for perpetual US/NATO war on the country began after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

At a NATO summit in Madrid last June, “talk about its ‘defensive nature’ ” was conspicuously absent.

Instead, US-dominated NATO regimes “claim that security in the Euro-Atlantic region is inseparable from security in the Indo-Pacific region,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“Now NATO will put up a ‘defense’ in the South China Sea region.”

“The expansionist globalism displayed by this aggressive bloc (and threat it poses to everyone everywhere) is unprecedented in history.”

“I’m convinced that most nations are perfectly aware of the threats posed by NATO policies and are aware that once Western (regimes) realize that they had lost their leading positions in the world, NATO would start acting rashly and irresponsibly.”

“These assessments will determine positions of most countries when discussing the future of global security.”


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