Bleeding Nazi-Infested Ukraine to Death

If Ukraine had personhood instead of being used by the empire of lies as a weaponized platform for perpetual war on invented enemy Russia, it would be correct to call it a dead man walking.

Overpowering Russian military firepower and tactical superiority are bleeding the former nation-state to death.

It’s just a matter of time before its made-in-the-USA military collapses from attrition and exhaustion.

Following the two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest, Romania, the war-making alliance’s US-installed puppet, Stoltenberg, admitted the following:

“We need to realize that there are enormous effects of attacks” by Russian forces. 

“These attacks caused significant damage.” 

“(S)atellite (images show much of Ukraine in) dark(ness)” from damage and destruction of its power grid, “and that reflects enormous consequences.”

“So there’s a huge task to rebuild all of this.” 

Stoltenberg failed to explain that US-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine cannot stop Russia from transforming as much of Ukraine as it wishes into a barren wasteland.

Whatever is repaired or rebuilt can be taken out again by Russia’s military at its discretion.

The Kremlin won’t tolerate the threat of US-controlled, Nazi-infested Ukraine along its borders.

US/Western air defense systems cannot cannot stop Russia’s high-precision hypersonic munitions from striking Ukrainian targets with devastating force.

Ukraine’s military is no match against Russia’s battlefield superiority.

The regime sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Large-scale attrition will continue as long as fighting goes on.

Russian casualties are a small fraction of Ukrainian ones.

With control of regime airspace and offshore waters, Russia’s Defense Ministry is attacking Ukrainian positions mainly by long-range artillery, supplemented by aerial and warship strikes on designated targets.

According to Lugansk official Andrey Marochko on Friday:

Increasing numbers of regime troops are “deserting their positions.” 

Others are “wrangling with commanders (over) hazing.”

“Incidents of taking drugs and alcohol increased.”

“Social tensions have grown sharply in Ukraine,” adding:

Families of Ukrainian service personnel have been storming military commissariats, defying the risk of arrest.

“The situation of Ukrainian armed formations has been worsening every day amid the advance of our troops toward Artyomovsk,” Donetsk. 

“At present, there is every reason to arrange an evacuation of the (Ukraine’s) command post from the city to a safer location, but the higher command is not even considering redeployment which caused panic among senior officers.”

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the settlement of Kurdyumovka between Gorlovka and Artyomovsk was liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Acting DPR leader, Denis Pushilin, said that Kurdyumovka’s liberation “completely blocks (regime) supply routes in the district.”

Heavy regime losses show the futility of continuing to pursue a lost cause.

And millions of Ukrainians fled cross-border, many for safe haven in Russia.

If conflict ended today, it would take hundreds of billions of dollars and years to rebuild what Russia damaged and destroyed.

The regime’s body count keeps rising exponentially.

The longer conflict continues, what’s obvious is increasingly indisputable.

The former Ukraine nation-state is a dead man walking.

Only its obituary remains to be written.

It’s also clear that US/Western regimes and dominant Ukrainian Nazis don’t give a damn about the daily human toll.

If otherwise, the puppet Zelensky regime would have capitulated long ago.

Separately on orders from dark forces controlling him, the White House imposter said he’s willing “to sit down with Vladimir Putin (if he’s) looking for a way to end” his goal of demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine — what’s clearly a nonstarter.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, stressed it, saying:

The fake Biden “said that (bilateral) talks (depend on) Putin leav(ing) Ukraine.”

Russian operations continue with no intention of halting them until Putin’s publicly stated objectives are achieved.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals do not recognize the UN Charter right of self-determination — lawfully exercised by Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye, joining the Russian Federation following overwhelming support of their people by free, fair and open referendums.

This reality rules out a basis for talks between Russia and the empire of lies.

So should the reality that its ruling regimes can never be trusted.

On December 1, Sergey Lavrov stressed that the Biden regime is using expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers to try weakening Russia by perpetual war.

Moscow strongly opposes European security based on subservience to US interests.

Russia is legitimately “taking out infrastructure objects, which allow (US/Western regimes) to pump lethal weapons into Ukraine so that they can kill Russians.”

“So don’t say that the US and NATO are not part of this war.”

Since the 2014 coup in Kiev, the US, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine have been at war on Russia. 

The Russophobic Holy See and Pope Francis support Ukrainian Nazis, what Lavrov called “unChristian.”

And he highlighted the risk of US war on Russia with conventional weapons — what could “slid(e) into nuclear war” by accident or design.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, puppet Zelensky hyperventilated as follows, saying:

The regime is “preparing a countermeasure — an even more powerful countermeasure than now.”

Does he have one or more dirty bomb detonations against Russian civilians in mind and/or other dirty tricks?

Last month, Russia’s Security Council Secretary, Nikolay Patrushev, said the following:

“According to the available data, Ukraine is carrying out work to create a ‘dirty’ nuclear charge.”

“We believe that this process is taking place with the participation of Western patrons.”

“In this regard, we express a very serious concern over this clearly dangerous situation that threatens to turn into a global catastrophe, if it is not stopped.”

Hegemon USA-dominated Western vassals know their sanctions war on Russia failed.

They know that Russia is crushing Ukraine’s military, that the regime’s earlier false flag attacks achieved nothing strategic.

The empire of lies orchestrates and directs Ukraine’s aggression, including target selection.

Do dominant Biden regime hardliners have a nuclear provocation against Russia in mind?


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  1. The Ukrainians I believe are under threat from the nazis not to surrender as I do not assume that Ukrainians are this stupid to pursue this conflict.


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