Reality v. Bad Fiction on Ukraine

With rare exceptions, MSM reports on all things Russia and Ukraine are divorced from reality.

US-created, Nazi-infested Ukraine is staggering on the ropes like a punch-drunk fighter.

Sensible leadership would have capitulated long ago to halt the carnage.

Hegemon USA installed a comedian in Kiev, a divorced from reality buffoon, to serve as a convenient puppet.

The vast majority of people in the collective West are ignorant of reality on the ground in Ukraine.

In mid-October, a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll found the following:

“Nearly three-quarters of Americans support continuing economic (71%) and military (72%) aid to Ukraine, and 58 percent are willing to continue to support the country ‘as long as it takes.’ ”

Around the same time, an SSRS poll found that 60% of respondents indicated a willingness to pay higher energy costs to help Ukraine — “80 percent of (Dems) and 48 percent of Republicans.”

According to a weeks earlier YouGov poll, 81% of Americans consider nonthreatening Russia and Vladimir Putin personally an “enemy.”

These and other polls show a detached from reality US public, unwittingly supporting Nazism.

The vast majority throughout the collective West is unaware that hegemon USA launched proxy war on Russia after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

That the Russian Federation spent years in vain trying to end conflict diplomatically.

That the empire of lies undermined its good faith efforts.

That Russia’s SMO responded defensively to US-orchestrated and directed aggression by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

In its latest fake news edition, WaPo continued to push the illusion of what it falsely called a “path to a Ukrainian victory (sic)” when no such path exists.

And this WaPo trash:

Ukrainian Nazis “are fighting for our freedom (sic).”

And this from AP (fake) News:

“Russian troops in Ukraine are deliberately attacking the country’s museums, libraries and other cultural institutions (sic).”

Russia’s high-precision strikes target military-related sites exclusively.

Claims otherwise, like from AP, are fake news.

And this perversion of reality by Kiev — ignoring the horrendous human toll on its troops by falsely claiming only 13,000 killed.

The true toll of killed, wounded, captured or deserted is in the hundreds of thousands.

According to analyst Brian Berletic, the quantity and quality of US/Western weapons and munitions supplied to Kiev are diminishing.

The Biden regime is supplying the regime with long ago outdated Hawk air defense systems and tanks, as well as 105mm guns instead of 155mm ones.

Along with demilitarizing Ukraine, Russia is doing much the same thing to NATO regimes.

Their stockpile of arms is depleting by shipping them to Ukraine — much of it to be destroyed by Russia or sold on the dark web to terrorist groups and other buyers so puppet Zelensky and other corrupted regime officials can stash all they can steal in offshore tax havens.

In Washington for a state visit, France’s Macron and the fake Biden maintained brave face support for Ukrainian Nazis while ignoring the regime’s battered and degraded military, its virtual defeat on the battlefield.

On Friday, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following, Russia’s Defense Ministry its source, saying:

“Russian armed forces continue to maintain control of their positions, successfully repelling enemy counterattacks.” 

“Advancing Russian troops fully liberated the Kurdyumovka settlement from Ukrainian army units.”

“Russian warplanes, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems foiled attempts of two Ukrainian task force companies to launch an attack in the Kharkov region.”

In Krasny Liman, “Russian army warplanes and artillery inflicted fire damage on three enemy task force companies,” foiling their attempted offensive. 

In south Donetsk, “the enemy made unsuccessful attempts to counterattack.”

Russia’s air force, missile troops and artillery destroyed enemy control centers in the settlements of Dibrovka, Vodyanoye, Prechistovka and Konstantinovka in Donetsk.”

“Over the past 24 hours, Russian forces destroyed 78 artillery units at fire positions and Ukrainian manpower and materiel at 184 locations, as well as the foreign mercenaries accommodation center in Chasov Yar.”

And this reality check from Britain’s Daily Express on the key battle for Artemovsk, Donetsk:

Ukrainian battalion commander, Petro Kuzyk, said his troops are “in trenches full of corpses, (while) fighting in extremely cold conditions and in knee-deep water.”

“Some units could not withstand this artillery onslaught and retreated.”

Countless numbers of Ukrainian troops are wounded and/or ill, forced to stay the course under deplorable conditions — the reality most MSM ignore.

And the regime is losing hundreds of troops daily in pursuit of a lost cause.

On Friday, Donetsk’s Parliament Speaker, Vladimir Bidevka, said Ukrainian Nazis continue attacking civilian targets.

They’re “deliberately targeting residential quarters, the most crowded streets and infrastructure facilities to deliver strikes from rocket artillery.”

And while the collective West falsely accuses Russia of “terrorism (sic),” their ruling regimes “turn a blind eye to what Ukraine is doing.”

“They are sponsoring the Nazi regime, flooding it with weapons and munitions” to kill Russians.

And this from retired US air Force Col. Cedric Leighton, saying:

US/NATO regimes are unprepared for what’s going on in Ukraine.

Their dwindling stockpiles leave them unable to resupply the regime’s depleted arsenal.

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s ability to defeat the Nazi-infested Ukraine monster.

What the empire of lies created, what it spent far more on than Russia’s annual defense budget — well over $100 billion — since 2014 in support of the festering sore in Europe’s heartland, Russia is systematically eliminating.

And because of the threat posed by US-dominated NATO, Russia and China are strengthening their military cooperation, Sergey Lavrov saying the following on Thursday:

We know how seriously China regards (US/NATO South China Sea, Taiwan and Taiwan Strait) provocations.”

“We understand that this playing with fire by NATO (threatens) the Russian Federation” in the Asia/Pacific. 

“So our military cooperation with the China is developing.” 

“We are holding joint counterterrorism (and) patrolling exercises.”

“These are precautions that show our readiness for any eventuality.”

It’s because hegemon USA-dominated NATO “created an explosive situation.” 

The empire of lies is pressuring New Zealand, South Korea and Japan to ally against Russia and China.

In similar fashion to how both wings of the US war party and their Western vassals “destroyed principles of OSCE cooperation and promoted their unilateral approaches, they’re destroy(ing)” it among ASEAN nations.

There’s no ambiguity about “the destructive nature of US actions” worldwide. 

Europe self-inflicted harm by allying with US war on Russia since 2014.

The empire of lies is pushing ASEAN countries to weaken themselves in similar fashion.

Longstanding US policy aims to dominate other nations politically, economically and military — forever wars by hot and/or other means its strategy.

A Final Comment

Along with greater military cooperation, Sino/Russian trade increased by nearly 30% this year through September, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko on Friday.

China is Russia’s main trading partner.

Bilateral trade last year was a record-high $146 billion.

Through September this year, it was $129 billion, on track for record growth before yearend.


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