Big Lies Take on a Life of Their Own

US/Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine were caught red-handed reinventing reality on the ground time and again.

Their propaganda reports feature state-approved Big Lies while suppressing truth and full disclosure.

According to puppet Zelensky regime fake news, its military close to collapse “eliminated 91,150 Russian” soldiers (sic), including 550 over the past day (sic).

And this divorced from reality rubbish:

Battered and beaten regime troops “destroyed 2,922 Russian tanks (sic), 5,892 armored personnel vehicles (sic), 1,908 artillery systems (sic), 395 MLRS (sic), 210 air defense systems (sic), 281 aircraft (sic), 263 helicopters (sic), 1,573 UAVs (sic), 531 cruise missiles (sic), 16 ships/boats (sic), 4,479 vehicles and fuel tanks (sic), and 163 special equipment units (sic).”

All of the above trash doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

The same goes for falsely claiming that Russia’s “biggest losses” are in Krasny Liman and Artyomovsk.

A previous article stressed how overpowering Russian military firepower and tactical superiority are bleeding the former nation-state to death.

In 10 months of fighting, the regime sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties.

They’ll keep increasing exponentially as long as fighting continues.

In stark contrast to how the regime’s military is heading toward collapse, Russian casualties have been a small fraction of Ukrainian ones.

In the battle for control of Artemovsk and surrounding areas, regime troops are fighting trench warfare in frigid knee-deep water full of corpses.

Deaths and injuries are so extensive that no one is keeping count.

Yet according to puppet Zelensky’s reinvention of indisputable reality on the ground, “our victory (sic) is being achieved (sic) by strength of arms (sic).”

During the early weeks of Russia’s liberating SMO, the US-installed buffoon operated from Poland, falsely pretending to be in Ukraine.

He’ll likely head back there or somewhere else cross-border when the regime’s military collapses.

Ukraine as it once was no longer exists.

Russian hypersonic high-precision strikes left half of its territory without electricity, heat, tap water and sanitation.

In other areas, rolling blackouts continue, including in Kiev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Air raid alerts are an every day thing.

Devastating Russian strikes can occur anywhere at any time.

Its hypersonic munitions cannot be intercepted by US/Western-supplied air defense systems.

On Saturday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said the following:

The US-dominated West wants forever war on Russia continued.

“So its special military operation won’t end” as long as expendable Kiev troops remain to be eliminated.

“If they want to fight until the last Ukrainian, or the last Pole and other mercenaries, that’s their choice.” 

“So far, neither our intelligence agencies nor I see their willingness to engage in full-scale talks.”

Kiev greatly erred by allying with the empire of lies and forever wars, especially by challenging Russia’s overwhelmingly superior firepower.

Charging Orthodox Christian clergy with “justification, recognition as legitimate, or denial of (nonexistent Russian) “aggression (or) glorification of its participants” is a sign of desperation.

The Kiev-based Pechersk Lavra monastery is Ukraine’s most prominent Orthodox Christian site.

It’s not connected to the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine or the Moscow Patriarchate.

Yet in late November, Ukrainian SBU domestic security thugs raided the monastery on the phony pretext of preventing “subversive activities of Russian special services (sic).”

Falsely claiming that it was being used to conceal “saboteurs, foreign agents and weapons” was invented rubbish to justify what was unjustifiable.

Russia slammed what happened as an example of how dominant Ukrainian Nazis operate extrajudicially.

Separately as US/Western regimes deplete their ability to keep supplying the regime with weapons and munitions, the empire of lies won’t be able to keep pouring them into Ukraine if Congress doesn’t agree on funding the Pentagon by Dec. 16.

While a one-year stopgap funding bill could be passed to resolve the issue, it would be a historical first if adopted.

At this time, Congressional legislation includes $29 billion less than what dominant Biden regime hardliners requested for FY 2023.

If what’s adopted excludes the $29 billion, hegemon USA will be hard-pressed to keep supplying Ukrainian Nazis with weapons and munitions by spring next year or earlier, according to the Pentagon’s chief financial officer, Michael McCord.

While this issue may be resolved ahead, Kiev is exhausting its weapons and munitions faster than US/Western regimes can resupply its troops.

And much of what’s shipped is either destroyed by Russia or resold on the dark web to terrorist groups and other buyers by Zelensky and other hugely corrupted regime officials.

Most important is no matter what the US/West supplies to Kiev, at most it can delay but not prevent Russia’s triumph over the scourge of what hegemon USA created.

Its days are numbered.


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  1. Let s hope so,….Russia forcing the US/Nazi regime to give it up ……Zelensky said only a 9000 something Nazis died ….per month he forgot to add, but that s a insignificant detail of course …..SLAVA ROSSIYA !


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