House Subcommittee in Support of the Mother of all Scams

Headed by undemocratic Dem Rep. James Clyburn, current House Whip, he — like the vast majority of others in Congress — are mortal enemies of protecting and preserving public health.

The subcommittee he heads is mandated to support and suppress reality about the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

It has nothing to do with serving the public interest.

Nothing related to with promoting healthcare as it should be practiced.

Nothing to do with protecting against “waste, fraud, abuse, price gouging, profiteering, or other abusive practices related to” all things flu/covid.

Nothing to do with the heavily promoted “pandemic” because nothing of the sort exists, an invented one alone to push the made-in-the-USA/West health and freedom-destroying agenda.

What Clyburn’s subcommittee calls a “coronavirus crisis” relates only countless millions who’ve been irreparably harmed by kill shots, masking and all else related to the state-sponsored scam.

In late October, Clyburn called for an FTC probe to determine whether entities and individuals that promote  use of known safe and effective ivermectin and hydroxchloroquine (HCQ) violated federal law.

He called Americans who remain jab-free “influenced by misinformation (sic).”

And he falsely claimed that America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), along with likeminded entities and individuals, are “endangering American lives and harming our efforts to stop the spread of the virus (sic).”

He cited phony claims by the Pharma-controlled FDA, CDC and NIAID, falsely claiming that ivermectin and HCQ “are not effective in preventing or treating coronavirus (sic) and can cause severe illness (sic),” adding:

“The promotion of falsehoods about coronavirus (sic), questionable treatments (sic), and (mass-jabbing) is life-threatening (sic).”

“I believe these deceptive practices (sic) may also violate the FTC Act, the (Flu/Covid) Consumer Protection Act, or other relevant laws (sic).”

Clyburn’s bald-faced Big Lies to push health-destroying kill shots were exposed long ago.

Never before in human history has the health and well-being of so many people been in such grave danger as now.

Never before were poorly developed, inadequately tested experimental drugs so heavily promoted — on a foundation of bald-faced Big Lies with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Never before were fetuses and all others from infancy to old age as threatened by what’s designed to cause irreparable harm, yet falsely promoted as safe and effective.

Never before were medical associations, medical schools, hospitals and MSM bribed with big bucks to promote what harms health.

In the US, anti-public health agencies call for babies and infants to be jabbed with the following:

Three hepatitis B shots.

One for hepatitis A.

Two for rotavirus.

Four for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

Four for haemophilus influenza.

Four for pneumococcal conjugate.

Three for polio.

One for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and annual flu shots.

None of the above and other jabs work as claimed.

Vaccines are unsafe instead of the other way around — notably health-destroying flu/covid jabs.

Pushing all of the above prioritizes profits over public health, ordinary people used and abused as unwitting guinea pigs.

Before infants advance from crawling to walking, their health has been compromised by an extensive cocktail of harmful jabs at the expense of their immune systems and overall well-being.

Most medical research is funded by Pharma — firms wanting nothing interfering with their ability to maximize revenue and profits.

Truth-telling physicians and scientists aren’t interviewed by MSM, just sources who stick to the fabricated official narrative.

Everyone jabbed for flu/covid was irreparably harmed, some collapsing, becoming disabled or dying straightaway.

Harm showing up in others days, weeks or months later.

Some are symptom-free longer-term.

The lifespan of everyone jabbed for flu/covid was shortened.

Yet the vast majority of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths from kill shots are falsely attributed to other causes.

Independent research indisputably shows that unjabbed individuals are profoundly safer than their jabbed counterparts.

Yet truth-telling physicians are at risk of being delicensed for doing the right thing.

Whoever says flu/covid jabs are safe is lying — including governments, their MSM press agents and Pharma profiteers.

Since mass-jabbing began, there’s been an explosion of heart disease, cancer and other major diseases.

Countless numbers of people were disabled by their toxins.

All Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators lie, deceive and can never be trusted.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid is Exhibit A.

A Final Comment

Pharma-controlled US (anti-public) health officials lied claiming a heightened risk of flu/covid this winter.

Reciting pre-scripted lines, the fake Biden once again pushed kill shots.

Along with more monster than man Fauci, the Biden regime’s so-called flu/covid coordinator, Ashish Jha, pushed toxic jabs and boosters ahead of winter.

Protecting and preserving health requires shunning what they advise.


4 thoughts on “House Subcommittee in Support of the Mother of all Scams

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  1. “Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon – Karen Kingston” is the heading of Greg Hunter’s video of today. I trust the Lendman crowd can find it on Rumble. I there were such a thing as a Reality Party where people projected their phone video onto a television screen, it would be the video I would chose.

    Greg Hunter’s links are still being blocked like Dr. Jane Ruby’s Telegram channel.

    Lendman was all hell today.


  2. I heard it on BBC the other day ….more elderly (75+) than normal are ‘inexplicably’ dying these days …..I could ve explained them if they d asked me ….


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