An Unparalleled Menace

Both wings of the US war party pose an unparalleled threat to world peace and humanity’s survival.

Powerful monied interests control them.

Americans get the best fantasy democracy money can buy, the real thing banned from inception, including abroad.

The US military-industrial complex — including its merchants of death, Big Tech and Wall Street — pushes for forever wars on invented enemies for maximum revenue and profits.

US/Western MSM operate as a virtual collective ministry of propaganda.

Truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues are suppressed in favor of the fabricated official narrative. 

Nations free from hegemon USA’s control are targeted for regime change by whatever it takes for its ruling regimes to achieve their diabolical aims.

Throughout US history, years of peace were few and far between.

Last April, China’s official People’s Daily asked:

“Why is the US a war-hungry nation?”

Why does it shun peace and stability in favor or perpetual wars?

Post-WW II to 2001, the US was directly or indirectly involved in “248 armed conflicts,” many more since then, according to the China Society for Human Rights Studies.

The US global empire of military bases — many undisclosed — is an unparalleled menace.

The late Chalmers Johnson earlier explained the following:

“Once upon a time, you could trace the spread of imperialism by counting up colonies.”

“America’s version of the colony is the military base.”

“And by following the changing politics of global basing, one can learn much about our ever more all-encompassing imperial footprint and the militarism that grows with it.”

It far exceeds other empires in world history.

“Well-entrenched…militarism (and belligerence lie) at the heart of (US) imperial adventures.” 

The empire of lies spends more on militarism and forever wars than all other nations combined. 

Only insiders know the number of US bases and where they’re located.

They’re in at least three-fourths of the world’s countries — occupied by US troops in pursuit of its imperial aims.

Every nation free from US control is targeted for regime change in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and its own Constitution.

Every nation where US bases are located is harmed by unacceptable noise, pollution, environmental destruction, as well as expropriation of valuable public and private land.

Their people are abused by drunken and disorderly troops, including by rape, murder and other crimes — ones often gone unpunished under provisions in US-imposed Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs).

The empire of lies weaponized Ukraine to wage perpetual war on Russia.

It’s using Taiwan in similar fashion.

China’s breakaway province is being used against the mainland.

The empire of lies targeted Iran for regime change after its liberating 1979 revolution.

According to unindicted war criminal Blinken’s perversions of reality on Sunday:

“Vladimir Putin tried to erase Ukraine from the map, erase its identity, subsume it back into Russia (sic).”

Claiming that Ukraine’s military is “pushing back” successfully ignored its hundreds of thousands of dead, wounded, captured and deserted cross-border to stay alive.

And like other regime officials and their MSM press agents, Blinken was silent about 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed war by Ukraine on Donbass civilians, about dominant Nazis running the regime, about puppet Zelensky installed by the empire of lies to serve its interests.

And he ignored how Russia is overpowering the regime’s made-in-the-US military.

On Iran, he pretended that the Biden regime seeks to return to JCPOA compliance.

Since Vienna talks began in April 2021 between Iran and hegemon USA-controlled E3 regimes, they collectively obstructed return to the landmark agreement on the phony pretext of a nonexistent Iranian threat to develop nukes it doesn’t seek.

All along, the US/West had no intention of observing what Security Council Res. 2231 mandates.

Nearly 20 months of inventing reasons to block progress was indisputable evidence of unwillingness to return to JCPOA compliance — falsely blaming Iran for what was made-in-the-US/West, not Tehran.

Last week, the Biden regime special envoy for abandoning JCPOA compliance, Robert Malley, said the following:

The empire of lies reserves the right to use military force against Iran if it fails to accept unacceptable JCPOA terms demanded by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

Malley falsely claimed that both sides were close to an agreement last August (sic).

He lied saying that Iran hadn’t decided internally on whether it wanted to return to JCPOA compliance (sic) — what it never abandoned.

What he called Iran’s “nuclear advances” have been in full compliance with the landmark agreement and Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

Iran didn’t abandon its JCPOA obligations, what the empire of lies and E3 vassals bear full responsibility for.

Separately on Monday, Iran’s Press TV reported the following:

The Biden regime and “certain Western” vassals virtually admitted being behind weeks of orchestrated and directed violence in Iran since Sept. 16.

Ending it depends on unacceptable US/Western demands to include “sever(ing) all diplomatic, economic and trade relations with Moscow, and break(ing) off any form of cooperation with Russians.”

At his weekly Monday press conference, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan’ani, said his nation’s view on JCPOA talks is “completely clear.”

The US and its E3 vassals withdrew from the agreement illegally, not the Islamic Republic.

They’re obligated to reverse their noncompliance.

“Any misuse of internal developments in Iran to exert political pressure on our country is condemned and unacceptable.”

The JCPOA is dead.

Trump killed it.

So did the Biden regime a second time.

US actions are further proof of the futility of negotiating with regimes that repeatedly agree to one thing, then walk away at their discretion, falsely blaming other countries for their own criminal actions.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Iran’s Tasnim News reported the following, citing a high-level Russian diplomat saying:

“Statements are being made overseas every now and then that make one doubt the (Biden regime’s) commitment to bring the US back to the JCPOA.”

“Americans are thrashing about and looking for a convenient excuse to derail from the course on revival of the nuclear deal.”

The US “lack(s) the political will to make the final step on reaching an agreement on this matter.”

I’ve made similar remarks in previous articles on the JCPOA.

The empire of lies and its E3 vassals abandoned the landmark agreement — while falsely pretending to want it preserved. 

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  1. Original link comes from Telegram’s Donbass Duvushka channel and that channel is blocked here.

    Anti-war organization World Beyond War showed an interactive map with US military bases around the world

    The highest concentration of bases is observed in areas of oil and gas fields.


  2. It’s my belief that the bankers are responsible for all invented wars in cooperating with the Military Industrial Complex .


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