Dead Man Walking

It’s just a matter of time before Nazi-infested Ukraine and its made-in-the-USA war-making machine collapse.

MSM pretense otherwise is more evidence of the dominant 4th estate’s debauched state.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT again reinvented reality on the ground.

Saying frozen terrain will “pav(e) the way for (regime troops) to ramp up an offensive” in Donbass ignored their catastrophic daily losses.

The Times quoted fake news by a regime spokesman.

Touting a counteroffensive in Donbass ignored that when regime troops attempt to advance in Donetsk and Lugansk, they sustain heavy losses and get pushed back.

Reporting on fighting in Donbass, Southfront explained that Ukrainian troops haven’t achieved “any success” along frontline positions.

So they resort to striking civilian targets, what they’ve been doing repeatedly since 2014.

Yet the Times and other MSM pretend not to notice.

On attempted regime strikes on Russian airfields in Ryazan and Saratov, Russian air defense systems destroyed low-flying Ukrainian UAVs.

Falling wreckage caused three Russian fatalities, four others wounded.

And debris slightly damaged two Russian aircraft.

Most always when regime UAVs are launched against Russian targets, they’re intercepted and destroyed.

In stark contrast, Ukraine cannot prevent Russian high-precision, hypersonic munitions from damaging or destroyed targeted sites.

With power outages in 40% or more of Ukrainian territory through last weekend, more was taken out by Russia’s latest strikes.

“Strikes on infrastructure facilities led to another collapse of the entire energy system of Ukraine,” Southfront reported.

Yet according to fake news regime propaganda, repeated by its MSM press agents, Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepted nearly all Russian hypersonic missiles (sic).

None were intercepted. All struck intended targets with devastating force.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday, its high-precision missiles and long-range artillery struck the regime’s  ArcelorMittal metallurgical plant in Krivoy Rog.

More than 70 HIMARS MLRS missiles and two launchers were destroyed. 

Others sustained major damage.

The regime suffered heavy losses of arms, equipment and manpower in Krasny Liman, Kuyansk and along front lines in Donbass.

No regime advances were achieved. Attempted ones were foiled.

One of the regime’s few remaining warplanes was destroyed in flight.

And based on what he witnessed firsthand, UK mercenary Josep McDonald said lots of foreign weapons never reach frontline positions.

He saw truckloads of assault rifles, machine guns, anti-tank weapons and others stolen for resale abroad.

And he explained the following:

While doctors treat wounded regime troops, “looting” goes on.

Many so-called Georgian Legion troops came to plunder, not help Ukraine. They then cowardly flee.

The regime and its military are hugely corrupted.

Along frontline positions, troops are often deployed without radio communications or artillery support.

Yet according to fake news by the NYT and other MSM, Ukrainian UAVs show an “advanced ability to hit Russian targets (sic).”

Reality on the ground tells a different story altogether.

And not a word by the Times about catastrophic regime losses, nothing about large-scale corruption, including resale of Western-supplied weapons — nothing about how Russia is destroying Kiev’s made-in-the-USA war machine.

Instead, the Times and other MSM feature bad fiction over indisputable facts on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Nor do they explain that the vast majority of residents in Donbass — and most others in Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye — are pro-Russia and its liberating SMO.

And this reinvention of reality on Vladimir Putin by WaPo fake news — one bald-faced Big Lie following others, truth and full disclosure excluded from the propaganda report, saying:

He “oversees virtually every aspect of Russian life (sic).”

He’s “an unchecked autocrat (sic).”

He “displaced millions (sic) and (caused) the deaths or injury of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians” — regime troops, not civilians, WaPo failed to explain.

The toll on Russian forces has been minor by comparison.

Putin “use(s) state-run media, (Russia’s) bureaucracy and brutal repression to dominate Russian politics (sic).”

WaPo conveniently ignored his overwhelming public approval at around 80%.

Aside from depraved and degenerate Western states, Putin is highly respected on the world stage.

He’s no “figure of derision (and) hatred,” no “dangerous adversary as WaPo falsely portrayed him.

Nor is he “a 21st century czar (sic).”

Under his leadership, Russia is democratically governed — in stark contrast to fantasy versions throughout the US/West.

The real thing Russians have is banned by power elites throughout the West. 

And falsely claiming that he’s “wag(ing) a failing war in Ukraine (sic) ignored the greatly degraded state of its US-created military close to collapse.

In late November, Quinnipiac University’s poll found the fake Biden’s approval at 38% — only 36% approving of what he’s doing, only 32% on the economy.

Nearly half of respondents (48%) disapprove of his Ukraine agenda.

And over two-thirds of respondents (68%) don’t want him (installed in office illegitimately again) for another four years.

Kamala Harris was viewed more unfavorably with a 28% approval rating.

Months earlier, notorious Russophobe, Michael McFaul, said Vladimir Putin doesn’t think like his US/Western counterparts.

Indeed not.

Nor does Russia operate like US-dominated NATO regimes.

And that’s a good thing, what McFaul failed to explain.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Time magazine shamed itself more than already by naming US-installed puppet Zelensky, an out-of-touch-with-reality buffoon, a deeply corrupted mega-thief Nazi, its man of the year.

What the publication called “the spirit of Ukraine” ignored its Nazification, its war on Donbass civilians since 2014, its abolition of democracy in favor of tyrannical rule.

And it suppressed the reality of Zelensky having earlier pretended to be in Kiev when he was hiding out cross-border in Poland.

And saying that the goal of “Russia(’s) (SMO) has been to kill or capture (him) and decapitate his” regime ignored Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated aims when responding to Ukrainian aggression in self-defense last Feb.

They’re all about demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine’s US-created war machine, along with liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation and horrors accompanying it.

Time’s imitation man of the year is a war criminal with feet of clay and a yellow streak hidden beneath his unshaven grimacing and khaki  green attire to create the illusion of rough and ready leadership — what’s worlds apart from the true measure of the more monster than man.


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