Perpetual War on Russia and the Bout – Griner Exchange

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for years of war in central Europe since 2014.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained the following:

The empire of lies intends “to fuel hostilities in Ukraine at least till the end of 2025.”

“That’s what their plans are, judging by documents, which they don’t hide from anybody.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and the White House imposter promised to support Ukrainian Nazis for “as long as it takes.”

“There is a lot of money to be embezzled” and laundered by pouring it down a black hole in Ukraine, what Zakharova called “a corruption marathon” — from the empire of lies to its merchants of death and Kiev Nazis to stash in offshore tax havens and luxury Western real estate.

Even when the regime’s military collapses from attrition, exhaustion and growing desertions, hegemon USA will continue waging war on Russia by whatever means it can devise — with full support from its MSM press agents.

On Thursday, Vice President of Russia’s International Human Rights Defense Committee, Ivan Melnikov explained the following:

Political prisoner since the Bush/Cheney regime illegally ordered his March 2008 arrest in Thailand on bogus charges, then extradited to the empire of lies and falsely indicted on charges with no legitimacy, Russian national Viktor Bout was exchanged for US basketball star Brittney Griner.

She was arrested last Feb. 17 after arriving at Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport in possession of cannabis oil, an illegal narcotic.

According to Russia’s criminal code, possession of illegal substances is punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years.

Moscow Region’s Khimki City Court  found her guilty of drug smuggling, saying:

“The court hereby finds the defendant guilty under Article 228.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation or possession of narcotic drugs without intent to sell) and Article 229.1.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (significant drug smuggling).”

Sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, she’s now free.

Griner and Bout were pardoned before release.

According to Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, around 100 Russian nationals are illegally imprisoned for political reasons by the empire of lies, their rights under international and US law “systematically violated.”

Unjustifiably called a “merchant of death,” Bout ran a legitimate air cargo business.

Like other Russians in US captivity, Bout was targeted for being a national of the “wrong” country at the wrong time.

Wrongfully imprisoned for activist opposition to hegemon USA’s war on humanity, the late Marylyn Buck once said the following:

US gulag “prisons (are) warehouses to “disappear the unacceptable…deprive their captives of their liberties, their human agency, and to punish (and) stigmatize prisoners through moralistic denunciations and indictment based on bad genes – skin color (ethnicity, or other characteristics) as a crime.”

Thousands of US prisoners aren’t behind bars “because they are ‘criminals,’ but because they’ve been accused of breaking (a law) designed to exert tighter social control and state repression.”

So they’ve been scapegoated and criminalized for their legitimate beliefs and activism.

In US gulag confinement, they’re egregiously mistreated for supporting peace, equity and justice according to international law.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier said the following:

“American special services are continuing their de facto hunt for Russians all over the world.”

“Sometimes these were actual abductions of our compatriots.”

The late Ramsey Clark explained that the US gulag prison system — the world’s largest by far — is “filled with saints.”

Innocent victims, largely Blacks and Latinos, languish on death row.

Countless tens of thousands are behind bars for political issues or ones warranting no more than a hand-slap or small fine. 

US authorities repeatedly violate 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Some of America’s best are ruthlessly persecuted and abused for political reasons.

The empire of lies operates illegally at home and worldwide.

Bout was falsely accused of smuggling weapons to a terrorist organization.

His legitimate air cargo business operated legally.

Yet he was extradited to the US, tried on bogus charges, convicted unjustly, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, treated harshly behind bars and fined $15 million — based on Big Lies.

Exchanging him for Griner took place in the UAE at Abu Dhabi’s airport.

Free at last after 11 years of hard time, he returned home to his family and for medical evaluation and treatment as needed.

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