Americans Get the Best Fantasy Democracy and Propaganda That Money Can Buy

Ignorance about vital issues self-inflicts harm. It’s not sublime. 

It’s a nationwide disease throughout the US — a nation with the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Evidence proves it, including from results of a Reagan National Defense survey.

Conducted from Nov. 9 – 17, its results were published on Dec. 1.

Ignorant about reality on all things Russia and Ukraine, 82% of respondents consider the Russian Federation an enemy (sic), 76% calling Nazi-infested Ukraine an ally (sic), a friendly democracy (sic).

A majority of respondents (57%) support continued military and financial aid to the US-installed, Nazi-infested puppet Zelensky regime.

They falsely consider Russia’s liberating SMO in self-defense to be aggression (sic) — how US-controlled NATO regimes and Ukrainian Nazis operate, not the Russian Federation.

A majority (60%) support NATO — a US-established killing machine for perpetual wars on invented enemies.

A majority (75%) consider nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China an enemy (sic).

Survey results and similar ones show a largely out-of-touch-with reality US public.

It’s from daily brainwashing by the empire of lies and its MSM press agents.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested police state, a one-party state, opposition ones shut down.

Media are state-controlled.

Independent alternatives are banned.

So are truth and full disclosure.

Publicly diverging from the fabricated official narrative was criminalized.

Yet most Americans are mind-manipulated to believe good guys are bad and bad guys are good.

They believe that kill shots designed to destroy health protect and preserve it.

They don’t understand that the worst of things going on were planned long in advance before their rollout. 

Dominant US/Western dark forces, in cahoots with their MSM press agents, lied and mass-deceived about all things Russia and Ukraine, kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

They lied about global warming causing a climate emergency.

Nothing of the sort exists.

Nor a pandemic, just an invented one to fear-monger maximum numbers of the unwitting to self-inflict harm.

They lied about every war in modern memory.

All wars are based on bald-faced Big Lies.

Truth and full disclosure would prevent them.

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, freedoms are disappearing in plain sight, state-sponsored tyranny replacing them.

Most people are mind-manipulated to accept what demands exposure, condemnation and rejection.

MSM regurgitate the fabricated official narrative.

Their daily editions prohibit truth and full disclosure on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, continues to pretend that battered and beaten Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts are prevailing over vastly superior Russian firepower.

And like other MSM, the Times repeatedly blames Russia for Ukraine’s war crimes.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Ignoring heavy losses of manpower, arms and munitions when attempting to advance, forcing regime troops to retreat, the Times pretended that they “escalated a counteroffensive in” Donbass (sic).

Nothing of the sort exists.

Nor do “plunging temperatures (and) frozen” terrain aid regime troops, what benefits Russian forces, not the enemy.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin said the following by video address to SCO and SIC defense chiefs:

“Over the course of many years, the West has been unceremoniously exploiting and draining (Ukrainian) resources.”

Their ruling regimes “supported genocide and terror in Donbass, while turning (Ukraine) into a colony and shamelessly using (its) people as cannon fodder and a battering ram against Russia by supplying (Kiev) with weapons and ammo, sending mercenaries there and pushing it towards a suicidal path.”

What’s gone on in Ukraine for nearly 9 years and what preceded the early 2014 coup has been more evidence of the US drive for hegemony by brute force, no matter the human toll.

Russia should have intervened earlier to defend its security against the made-in-the-USA scourge along its border.

The Times and other MSM support US/NATO aggression and illegal sanctions against Russia and other invented enemies.

They support virtually everything beneficial to US/Western special interests ay the expense of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

Separately in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a state visit, China’s Xi Jinping and king Salman agreed to a comprehensive strategic partnership and harmonization of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative with with the kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030 program.

Memorandums of understanding were signed on hydrogen energy, facilitating investments, judicial and other areas.

King Saud University awarded Xi an honorary doctorate.

Xi also scheduled talks with leaders of other regional nations.

Chinese and Saudi companies signed 34 investment agreements in areas of green energy, transportation, logistics, medical industries and construction.

Deepening Sino/Arab state ties comes at the expense diminishing US regional control.

In stark contrast to China’s peace, stability and development priorities, the empire of lies and its Western vassals seek unchallenged dominance by brute force.

According to head of the Saudi-based Gulf Research Center, Abdulaziz O. Sager:

Sino/Saudi ties can be expanded to other regional nations — based on furthering mutual interests and non-intervention.

Riyadh “will not interfere in issues between the US and China,” Sager explained, adding:

In relations with China, “(w)e will not” operate like the US.

Riyadh’s “relationship with China is extremely important, and extremely valuable.”

Regional nations are increasingly breaking free from US/Western control.

Saudi Arabia is hosting the first Sino/Arab summit that’s taking place on Friday.

According to analysts Carlotta Rinaudo and Zeno Leoni on what’s being discussed during Xi’s visit:

“Goals of China and Gulf (states) are aligned in many domains.”

Xi’s visit will “likely produce new synergies.”

“It comes at a time of deteriorating relations” between Riyadh and the empire of lies.

Friday’s regional summit sends it a message.

“Saudi Arabia clearly intends to take a more autonomous path in its decision-making.”

Gulf states seek to benefit from Beijing’s increased engagement in the region.

Gulf states know, or should know, that when hegemon USA mentions security, it’s at their expense.

China prioritizes mutual cooperation and development, a welcome difference from how the empire of lies operates worldwide.


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  1. “Ignorance about vital issues self-inflicts harm.”
    Mercola’s article of today had several good quotes including Stephen Hawking’s, “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Link=

    This paragraph from the article is so big picture in reducing ignorance, it is c&p:

    “The World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of health is a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”3 Public health, too, is not only about preventing disease, but also promoting health and prolonging life, while helping populations reach the highest possible level of well-being. But are public health agencies actually helping to achieve these goals?”


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