The Cost of Hegemon USA’s Forever Wars on Invented Enemies

According to analysis by the Watson International & Public Affairs (WIPA):

Post-the 9/11 mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time, hegemon USA spent over $14 trillion for perpetual war-making through FY 2022. 

More below on what’s hidden from public view.

The true cost of US military Keynesianism — what’s falsely called national defense spending — is much higher than the above figure.

It includes what’s spent for intelligence, so-called homeland security, interest on the national debt for what’s military related, as well as for monstrously large open-checkbook black budgets and related categories.

With all of the above combined, what the empire of lies spends for militarism, forever wars and to enrich its merchants of death is at least double what annual NDAA legislation authorizes.

In February 2018, Project Censored reported an estimated $21 trillion gone missing from the federal budget throughout the 1998 – 2015 period, countless trillions more since then.

War profiteers benefit hugely at the expense of world peace and a nation unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of its people.

On Dec. 8, House members overwhelmingly passed FY 2023 NDAA legislation by a 350 – 80 majority.

Senate members are expected to follow suit next week, the fake Biden to sign the measure into law to assure no end to perpetual US war-making.

The measure includes $10 billion for Taiwan over a five-year period and $800 million for Ukrainian Nazis.

Since the 2014 coup in Kiev, they’ve gotten well over $100 billion for perpetual war on Russia and its civilian population.

Before Republicans take control of the House in January, undemocratic Dems aim to approve another $37.7 billion for the Nazi-infested regime and its made-in-the-USA war machine.

WIPA’s analysis also includes the following:

The post-9/11 human toll from US forever wars through FY 2022 exceeds “929,000.”

“From 2018 – 2020,” US war OF terror, not on it, has gone on “in at least 85 countries” — none threatening US security.

What the Bush/Cheney regime called a “global war on terror” is part of hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and worldwide.

At least “38 million people have been displaced (by post-9/11 wars in) Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and the Philippines.

According to UN data through mid-Nov., over 7.8 million Ukrainian refugees crossed into European countries in 2022.

Millions more were internally displaced.

Separately discussing hegemon USA’s rape and destruction of Afghanistan since Oct. 2021, WIPA explained the following:

92% of its people are food-insecure, unsure of how they’ll get their next meal.

Half of Afghan children under age-5 suffer from acute malnutrition.

97% of Afghans are impoverished.

Since 2001, so-called US aid to Afghanistan was around $36 billion, what was mostly unrelated to aiding its long-suffering people.

During the same period through FY 2022, hegemon USA’s top five merchants of death got around $2.1 trillion.

In 2022 after to decades of US war on Afghanistan and its people, 1.5 million Afghans became disabled.

The number of Afghan widows is at least two million.

Other US costs of war post-9/11 include:

Besides at least 929,000 deaths from “direct war violence,” many times more” perished from starvation, “malnutrition, damaged infrastructure, environmental degradation (and other) ripple effects.”

Countless millions of civilians suffer from US perpetual wars.

They’ve been over 7,000 known deaths among US military personnel.

The full extent of injuries and illnesses to US military personnel is concealed from public view.

At least 8,000 US military contractors were killed or injured.

US forever wars eroded civil liberties and human rights at home and worldwide.

Throughout the US/West, they’re disappearing altogether.

The human and economic costs of past and ongoing US wars “will continue for decades.”

“Most US funding of reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan has gone towards arming security forces in both countries.”

“Much of the money allocated to humanitarian relief and rebuilding civil society has been lost to fraud, waste, and abuse.”

Both wings of the US war party reject “alternatives to” perpetual war-making.

They contributed to militarizing US police and other domestic security forces.

Post-9/11 through FY 2022, WIPA estimated over 30,000 suicides among US active duty service personnel and veterans, stressing:

“High suicide rates mark the failure of US (regimes) and society to manage the mental health costs of” forever war-making. 

Over the same time frame, the overall human cost has been staggering high, yet largely hidden from public view.

The empire of lies and its Western vassals abhor peace and stability.

They prioritize perpetual wars on invented enemies at home and abroad.

No real ones existed throughout the post-WW II period.

All nations free from US control, subjugation and exploitation are invented enemies. 

The prospect of peace in our time is ruled out in favor of perpetual war-making.

Is WW III inevitable?

Has it already begun unannounced?

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  1. The Profanity of the Age is the corruption and duplicity of Nation-States as they engage the blood and treasure of their young populations in a misuse of the Warrior Ethic. ‘Soldiering’ is presented as an alternative to normal pursuits and shown to be patriotic or career enhancing when in fact, the recruit is simply acting as a hired gun for vested corporate interests. This hidden subterfuge of diabolical manipulation is a masked deception of absolute depravity as the cowards who initiate such endeavors never serve, allowing others to die for their Machiavellian plots and illicit monetary gains. The True Warrior must remain vigilant and never allow oneself to be a party to such chicanery, for by doing so he/she honors oneself and the legacy that both nature and our ancestral inheritance has bestowed upon us all.


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