Big Lies Drown Out Truth and Full Disclosure

US/Western regimes lie and mass-deceive their people.

Nothing they claim can be taken at face value.

They’re enemies of ordinary people internally and worldwide.

Their wars are based on Big Lies.

Planned for years before rolled out three years ago, they gave seasonal a flu scary new name — calling a relatively minor health issue for most people covid since December 2019.

With intent to cause greater harm than already, the push is on to mind-manipulate greater numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict it.

Everything flu/covid related that’s urged by US/Western regimes, others and their MSM co-conspirators aims to destroy public health more greatly than already.

On Dec. 6, distinguished Professor of Physics, Denis Rancourt, reported the following study results, explaining:

“India experienced a unique, sudden, unprecedented and extraordinarily large excess all-cause mortality event in April-July 2021…”

It’s “not adequately explained as a ‘second wave’ or as being caused by a new variant of concern.”

“After an overview of four recently published studies that have quantified the April-July 2021 excess all-cause mortality event, we give ten numbered arguments as to why we conclude that the extraordinary mortality event was caused by India’s (flu/covid mass-jabbing) rollout in its early stages.” 

Results were “devastating, causing the deaths of approximately 3.7 million residents, on administering approximately 350 million” jabs.

Results are unsurprising.

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed, their lifespans shortened.

The vast majority of adverse events, including deaths, attributed to flu/covid were caused by kill shots.

With annual flu season well underway, the public is being assaulted with another blitzkrieg of state-approved/fear-mongering fake news on all things flu/covid related.

Hyperventilating about RSV (respiratory syncytial virus, the most common one in children) is all about pushing kill shots.

Yet increased numbers of RSV in young children and infants is because their mothers received one or more flu/covid jabs.

Yet the Pharma-controlled FDA, CDC and other anti-public health agencies want adults, children and infants administered toxic RSV jabs designed to destroy health, not protect and preserve it.

On Dec. 8, CBS (fake) News hyperventilated about a “tripledemic of flu, RSV and covid (sic).”

Left unexplained is that most illnesses were caused by mass-jabbing.

So MSM are pushing forever-jabbing at designated intervals for greater destruction of public health than already.

In Los Angeles and New York City, get ready for mandated masking in public again.

NYC health commissioner, Ashwin Vasan, lied to the public, falsely claiming the following:

“There are common-sense ways to protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season (sic).”

He’s pushing greater mass-jabbing than already, forever-boosters, and “wearing a (respiratory-harming) mask indoors or among crowds.”

Along with pushing forever-kill shots, the Pharma-controlled CDC is again calling for indoor masking, especially in the following large counties:

Los Angeles County

Maricopa County, Arizona

Kings County, New York

Queens County, New York

San Bernardino County, California 

Santa Clara County, California

New York County, NY

Suffolk County, NY

Bronx County, NY

Nassau County, NY, and

Pima County, Arizona

All of the above and what relates to it should be shunned by everyone seeking to stay well.

Los Angeles County public health director, Barbara Ferrer, said the following on Thursday:

The county will reimpose indoor masking if daily hospitalizations exceed 10 per 100,000 residents and if a similar percent of staffed hospital beds are occupied by flu/covid patients.

“Universal indoor masking would only go into effect after we’ve had two consecutive weeks of remaining at that high level for both thresholds,” she said.

It’s coming. Bet on it. And not just in NYC or LA County.

In Chicago where I live, masking has been required in offices of physicians since instituted in early 2020.

For most of that time — not currently so far — my residential apartment building required their use, cameras in public places for enforcement, as well as for alleged security.

Most residents comply willingly, falsely believing that kill shots and masks protect, unaware of reality about them.

And this fake news from on Friday, saying:

So-called “researchers” claim that easing China’s zero-(flu)-covid policies “will lead to a rise in infections that risk overwhelming hospitals (sic).”

And this from the Biden regime’s so-called flu/covid coordinator, Ashish Jha, on Thursday:

“We are seeing a clear uptick in infections of (flu/covid) pretty much in every region of the country, up about 40% over the last couple of weeks (sic).” 

“There’s going to be some bumpy days ahead.”

For followers of his toxic advice with greater destruction of public health than already, it’ll be especially “bumpy.”

Unjabbed individuals are profoundly safer than their jabbed counterparts — an indisputable fact, based on science, not politics.

And this Yahoo News rubbish on Thursday:

Citing the Pharma-controlled CDC, “only 12.7% of Americans (got) bivalent boosters.”

Like other MSM, Yahoo is promoting what’s crucial to shun.

Yet according to CDC head Walensky, an exposed fraudster like Fauci, “(t)he bivalent (booster) provides added protection against” flu/covid, a bald-faced Big Lie.

On Dec. 8, the Pharma-controlled FDA amended emergency use authorizations (EUAs) — when no emergency exists — to include toxic bivalent jabs (tested only on 8 mice, no humans), for young children and infants as young as six months-old.

According to health-destroying advice from FDA commissioner, Robert Califf:

“More children now have the opportunity to (more greatly destroy their health by getting toxic) bivalent (jabs).”

“We encourage parents and caregivers of those eligible to consider” irreparably harming themselves and their children by getting these jabs designed for this purpose. 

What’s suppressed publicly is most important for everyone to know.

Undemocratic Dems in cahoots with Pharma, other corporate predators, US anti-public health agencies, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and press agents for all of the above are mortal enemies of peace, equity, justice, healthcare as it should be provided, and the rule of law they long ago abandoned.

When the NYT and other MSM claim that 15 million people, including over one million Americans, died from flu/covid, they turn truth on its head by not laying blame where it belongs.

The vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to the viral illness were from kill shots designed for mass-extermination — not flu-renamed covid.


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  1. I had a comment with three links that was blocked. The first paragraph is the comment above. The second paragraph was blocked so I removed link below. Video can be found on Rumble using “World Premiere: Died Suddenly”.

    “Died Suddenly” was a video made by Stew Peters which highlighted the clot things brought to light by Mike Adams and Dr. Jane Ruby: Link removed to pass censorship, It has 13,461,559 views. Another lesson can on censorship would be a Google search for “Died Suddenly.”


  2. Third paragraph,

    The best place to see what is in the shots is the “world orders review” channel on Bitchute: (Link got this paragraph blocked.) The graphene oxide nanoconstructions are being put into everything including mask.


  3. Pharmaceutical mafias and their cooperating criminals realize that on the first scam they were very successful due to brainwashing by media bought by a non critical lame population.
    Considerable amount of revenues had been made.
    Second round for more monies.


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