Pulling No Punches

Straight-Talk candor by Russian officials is worlds apart from forked-tongue malarkey by their US/Western counterparts and MSM co-conspirators in betraying the public trust.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin said he knew that Ukrainian Nazis had no intention of complying with Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements.

While hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes used the deception to more greatly arm Ukraine, Russia also benefitted by preparing to foil its planned invasion of Donbass and Crimea — the self-defense reason why its SMO was launched.

On the issue of trust, it’s virtually “zero” between Russia and the US/West, said Putin.

He might have said that it’s been this way for time immemorial.

Since Russia’s 1917 revolution ending czarist rule, hegemon USA targeted the country for regime change.

On Russia’s liberating SMO, Putin clarified his earlier statement about an expected “long process,” saying:

Things are going as planned.

“Everything is stable.”

Resolving what’s going on “will take some time, but one way or another, all participants in this process will have to agree with the realities that are taking shape on the ground.”

In sharp contrast to hegemon USA’s preemptive wars on invented enemies, including first-strike use of nukes at its discretion, Russia’s policy on all thing military is national defense according to the UN Charter and other international law.

If the empire of lies attacks Russia preemptively, “nothing will remain of the enemy” in response, said Putin.

What mutually assured destruction (MAD) prevented between the world’s dominant nuclear powers so far, there’s no guarantee that hegemon USA won’t change things ahead.

On whether more Russian reservists will be mobilized than already, it’s not being considered, Putin explained.

Of 300,000 reservists mobilized last September, 150,000 have been deployed so far — around half this number for combat duty, others assigned to supportive roles.

Another 150,000 are undergoing additional training for tasks to be assigned them.

On the US/Western artificial price cap imposed on Russian oil exports, it “does not affect us in any way,” said Putin. 

“It does not matter much to us.”

“We will not lose anything under any circumstance.”

“At some point this will trigger a disastrous surge in prices and the global energy market will collapse.” 

‘This is how it will end up.”

“This proposal is stupid, ill-conceived and poorly evaluated.”

“It is not about us, but about the overall situation in global energy and global energy markets.”

Separately during a Friday Security Council session on Ukraine, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, minced no words as follows, explaining:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals weaponized Ukraine to pursue their geopolitical aim to “weaken Russia.”

No regime “in history ever received (as much) military support” as the US/West has been supplying to Ukrainian Nazis.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, the amount exceeds $100 billion, around $40 billion since early October.

“Add to this billions (more) by” European regimes.

In support of Nazism in central Europe, Ukraine has gotten more aid “than military budgets of (most) NATO states.”

The amount exceeds what Russia spends for defense annually.

Without continued US/Western aid, Kiev’s military would have collapsed long ago.

On Thursday, Russia sent a letter to UN member states.

It explains “indiscriminate shelling of residential and densely populated quarters” of its territory

Make no mistake.

The empire of lies owns and controls Ukraine.

It orchestrates and directs its aggression, including target selection.

Strikes on residential areas of Russian territory were ordered by the empire of lies with intent to cause maximum numbers of civilian casualties.

Instead of denouncing what’s going on, UN secretary general Guterres and others around him support what demands exposure and condemnation.

At the same time, they’re “very vocal on strikes launched against the territory of Ukraine” in self-defense.

As ordered and directed by the empire of lies, Ukrainian Nazis “use NATO-supplied artillery to” commit war crimes.

HIMARS and other sophisticated weapons used against Russian territory are operated by “US experts,” using data from “military satellites” to pinpoint targets.

They include crowded residential areas, “a kindergarten, an arts school, a hotel, a (civilian) volunteer center, a swimming pool, a school, a candy factory, a resort, cultural centers, an agricultural training school,” among other nonmilitary targets.

Victims include “teachers, medics, volunteers,” women, children and other noncombatants.

“Can numerous strikes against civil facilities have happened by accident?”

What happens repeatedly is “conscious and deliberate,” Nebenzia stressed.

It reflects official US/Western policy.

Russia collects and maintains evidence of “criminal acts by the US,” its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis.

“There will be concrete legal consequences for all those involved,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

“We also track and destroy weapons and equipment delivered” — including what’s bought from other countries, then redirected to Ukraine for perpetual war on Russia.

This practice breaches the International Arms Trade Treaty.

It prohibits “arms exports to regions where it can entail violations of international humanitarian law and escalate conflicts.” 

It’s another example hegemon USA’s “notorious ‘rules-based order’ in (flagrant) breach of international law.”

Perpetual war in central Europe was made-in-the-USA years ago with intent to weaken, control, plunder and exploit Russia.

By going along with the empire of lies, Western vassals pour fuel on an inferno “that may engulf the whole world,” Nebenzia warned.

A Final Comment

US/Western regimes and complicit vassals use the Security Council and General Assembly to recite a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia and other invented enemies.

During Friday’s Security Council session on Ukraine, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, responded to fake accusations by other SC member-states, saying:

“Despite facts and evidence cited today, our former Western partners did not utter a single word on the topic of today’s meeting – consequences of arms deliveries to Ukraine.”

“You simply have nothing to say.” 

“That is why you stick to the (fabricated official) narrative.” 

It “repeats one and the same phrases at every meeting” — rubbish exposed by indisputable evidence.

According to their distorted worldview, “Russia is to blame” for US/Western and Ukrainian war crimes. 

“You no longer have any other explanations.”

“While cherishing this blindness and deafness, you maintain the course which may lead to consequences of a global scale.”

“This has become even more obvious after today’s meeting.”

“But you will not be able to shift to Russia responsibility for the fact that Ukrainian (Nazis) are using your weapons to kill people in Donbass, whom they’ve terrorized since 2014.”

“Or (that US/Western weapons and munitions sent to) Ukraine end up in the hands of international terrorists and help incite conflicts and kill civilians in other regions of the globe.”

“No one who watched (Friday’s) meeting can have any doubts left that your acts (deliberately) undermine international peace and security” to maintain a permanent state of war on humanity.

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  1. Merkel’s and Poroshenko’s recent admissions confirm that all Western leaders cannot be trusted. The starship Enterprise Ukraine is disintegrating.

    As the song Star Trekkin says:

    “Star Trekkin’ across the universe.
    Boldly going forward, still can’t find reverse.
    Ah! We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill!
    There’s Klingons on the starboard bow, scrape ’em off, Jim.
    Boldly going forward, and things are getting worse!
    Ye cannae change the laws of physics, laws of physics, Jim.
    Bridge to engine room, warp factor 9.
    Och, if I give it any more she’ll blow, Cap’n!
    Only going forward, still can’t find reverse.”


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