Reinventing Reality: An MSM Specialty

US/Western MSM reject the Code of Ethics explained by the Society of Professional Journalists, stating:

“The duty of the journalist is to further…public enlightenment…by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.”

“Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.”

“Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.”

Instead of sticking to the above standard, US/Western MSM provide state-approved press agent services in nations where they’re based.

On issues mattering most, what diverges from the fabricated official narrative is suppressed.

It’s most apparent on kill shots and all else flu/covid related, as well as on all things related to Russia and Ukraine.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal ignored the reality of how Russia is bleeding Nazi-infested Ukraine to death, saying:

The US-installed regime “vowed to retake all territory occupied by Russia (sic).”

Citing unnamed “military strategists,” the Journal ignored reality by pretending that Russian forces “suffer(ed) catastrophic losses” — what applies only to Ukrainian troops.

Last Monday, interventionist Blinken pretended that the empire of lies will help Ukrainian Nazis regain areas of Ukraine liberated by Russian forces — while stopping short of including the Russian Republic of Crimea.

And this perversion of reality from US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg, saying:

“(T)he best way to achieve a lasting, durable peace in Ukraine is to (continue) provid(ing) military support” for perpetual war-making.

And this turning truth on its head by the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, tweeting:

Nothing “can erase the fact (sic) that Russia already face(s) a strategic failure in Ukraine (sic).”

And this from defrocked and disgraced former UK PM BoJo, saying the following in a WSJ propaganda piece on Friday:

Things “can end only with Vladimir Putin’s defeat (sic).”

“Russian forces must be pushed back to the de facto boundary of Feb. 24 (sic).”

“(W)ar can end only” by continued fighting.

“It is time to look urgently at what more the West can do to help the Ukrainians achieve their military objectives”— despite the futility of trying.

Like most other former and current US/Western officials, BoJo supports the scourge of Nazism infesting central Europe.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

“Ukrainians are…enduring torture (sic), the targeting of civilians (sic), and seeing their children kidnapped to Russia (sic).

“Russia (is) a Potemkin nation (sic), a disheveled exterior hiding a threadbare interior (sic).”

“Vladimir Putin’s army branded Ukrainians with swastikas, ran over injured civilians, threw grenades into basements where civilians were sheltering and raped girls as young as 10 (sic).”

No self-respecting publisher or editor would touch the above trash.

Like other MSM, WaPo features it as part of state-approved propaganda war on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

And this NYT fake news:

Russia’s SMO and US/Western sanctions war “threaten to (collapse its) economy (sic).”

“The worst may be yet to come (sic).”

Largely self-sufficient Russia is doing fine while US/Western regimes are increasingly troubled by high inflation and economic decline.

Another US housing crisis is underway with around half a million homeowners owing more on their properties than they’re worth.

According to a True Cost of a Grocery Shop survey conducted by retail technologies company, Swiftly:

More than two-thirds of US households are struggling with the high cost of food.

Over 80% rely on coupons or other forms of customer benefits when shopping.

Three-fourths of respondents said their shopping habits changed to cope with the high cost of food, foregoing certain items they used to buy.

Through October, US year-over-year food prices rose over 12%, some commonly purchased items, like eggs and poultry, more than others.

A Gallup survey published on Dec. 6 found “inflation-causing financial hardship in over half (55%) of US households.”

According to NYT fake news, “sanctions stymied Russia’s faltering attempts to modernize its economy along Western lines and to catch up to European living standards (sic).”

Yet the Times admitted that Russia is doing much better than US/Western regimes expected.

Last week, Russia’s Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, explained that “sanctions have not destroyed the resilience of the (nation’s) financial system, nor have they impacted macroeconomic stability.”

US/Western regimes are frustrated by the inability of their sanctions war to make Russia’s economy scream.

In stark contrast, Ukraine’s economy virtually collapsed by its own doing with lots of US/Western pushing by using its territory as a platform for self-defeating perpetual war on Russia.

On Saturday, former Austrian Vice-Chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, said US/Western sanctions on Russia harmed their own economies.

If continues, “next year in March and April (Europe) will face mass insolvencies and bankruptcies.”

Air alert sirens wail almost daily in Ukrainian regions.

On Saturday according to Ukraine’s DTEK energy operator:

Russian air strikes knocked out most power in Odessa, the regime’s Black Sea port city.

Russia can take out Ukrainian power, communications, its rail network and other parts of its territory at its discretion.

And whatever the regime can repair, Russia can take out again in short order.

Yet on Sunday, the NYT ignored reality by falsely claiming that “a Russian victory in Ukraine appears as distant as ever (sic).”

What John Pilger once said about US defeat in Southeast Asia, calling it “the grand illusion of the American cause” applies to how US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents ignore how Russia is transforming Ukraine into a barren wasteland.

The same reality applies to what Lyndon Johnson admitted about reality in Southeast Asia — in May 1964, saying:

“We’re in quicksand up to our necks, and I just don’t know what the hell to do about it.”

Yet the futility of US war raged for over another decade.

Hegemon USA’s lost cause in Southeast Asia applies to Ukraine.

Will its futility continue years longer while failing to achieve success against Russia’s military superiority?

Earlier lessons learned the hard way by hegemon USA are forgotten as evidenced by continuing to repeat them.

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  1. Viktor Bout never set foot in the USA, yet arrested in Thailand and extradited to the USA, convicted of invented charges of breaking American sanctions, selling weapons to terrorists and planning to kill Americans.

    Yet, NATO is openly supplying weapons to known terrorist state Ukraine run by Talmudic Jews. Just look at the Jewish composition of Biden’s cabinet.

    Pfizer and other drug companies, in collusion with the American Medical Association, are maiming, looting and killing Americans every day, are fabulously rewarded yet protected from criminal liability by Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court. These are activities of Talmudic Pharisees who run Mystery, Babylon the Great.


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