Trampling on Truth Updated

On ABC (fake) News Sunday propaganda TV, the Biden regime’s so-called communications coordinator, John Kirby, came on to lie and mass-deceive viewers about the Viktor Bout/Brittney Griner exchange and failed attempt to include Paul Whelan in what was agreed on.

Defying reality, he falsely accused Russia of “sham espionage charges” against Whelan.

In June 2020, a Moscow court sentenced him to 16 years imprisonment for operating as a US spy.

Charged with espionage, he was caught red-handed in December 2018 and arrested after accepting a flash drive with sensitive information from an undercover Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) official.

According to former Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) official Jan Neumann, the agency “never busts anyone on espionage charges if there’s no espionage case, especially not foreign citizens,” adding: 

FSB operatives “followed Whelan and saw every step of the way and had enough evidence.” 

“Each espionage case (follows) a very high-profile investigation.”

“Every step is under control of top-level officials, and everyone is very sensitive about every detail and aspect of such an operation.”

The FSB “wait(ed) for a perfect moment (to nab Whelan red-handed), something an alleged spy can’t deny.”

There’s no ambiguity about his guilt.

Kirby is paid to lie by sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Political prisoner Bout was unjustly framed.

Interviewed by RT last week, he justifiably called his arrest and imprisonment geopolitically motivated.

“What happened to me happened to my country,” he stressed.

Years before his 2008 arrest, he was sanctioned by the US in 2020.

“I was unable to make any bank transfers,” he explained, adding:

The US “started this undeclared war against me and my family.”

Yet he called himself of no particular value to Russia — describing the US gulag prison system as a machine to ‘break a person’s will,” adding:

“They deprive you of everything.”

The hardest part of being imprisoned was being unable to communicate with his family and friends, he said.

His daily routine began by laughing out loud for about five minutes to avoid depression.

Yet “(w)hen they see that you’re not going mad…sometimes they don’t bring you a meal.”

“They don’t turn off the light” to disrupt your sleep.

Thanking everyone involved in his release, he said that Russians “don’t leave their own behind.”

Getting its nationals released from politicized US imprisonment is a near-impossible task, but Russian officials keep working on it.

Kirby dismissively implied that Bout got off easily by not being sentenced to life imprisonment doing hard time.

Claiming that his arrest and incarceration aimed to protect US national security was a bald-faced Big Lie.

The same goes for how interventionist Blinken turned truth on its head, falsely calling Americans justifiably imprisoned in Russia “political hostages (sic).”

Separately, ignoring Kiev’s US-orchestrated and directed war on Donbass civilians and freedom fighters since 2014, Kirby falsely accused Russia of crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

He lied claiming that the Biden regime is “not encouraging” the regime to strike Russian territory.

The empire of lies has been running its cross-border war-making since the 2014 coup.

Like most other US officials and their MSM press agents, Kirby sounded delusional saying that the Biden regime is committed to “win back ground” in areas whose people overwhelmingly voted to join Russia.

And claiming that its dominant hardliners are “mindful of (avoiding) the risks of escalation” ignored how they’re heightening the risk of nuclear war by direct US involvement in striking Russian territory, indiscriminately killing noncombatants.

Separately in its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed that Ukrainian Nazis struck a church in Zaporozhye Region’s Melitopol — a liberated Russian city — “used as a base by” its military (sic).

According to the region’s Acting Governor, Yevgeny Balitsky:

Based on “preliminary data, two (civilians were) killed, ten (others) wounded.”

“A camping ground where on Saturday night people, civilians, were dining out and the facility’s employees were working, has been completely destroyed.”

As orchestrated and directed by the empire of lies, Ukrainian Nazis target Russian residential areas daily.

So do US troops working directly on the ground with the puppet Zelensky regime.

Along with manning HIMARS and other sophisticated weapons, they choose targets to strike.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals are at war on Russia without announcing it.

That’s the reality of where things stand and with it the growing risk of nuclear war.

A Final Comment

Reporting on reality on the ground in strategically important Artyomovsk, Donetsk, Southfront called the city and surroundings “a bloody cauldron.”

The regime is losing hundreds of troops daily in a futile effort to hold onto what they’re losing.

It’s more evidence of the regime’s contempt for the rights and well-being of its people as mandated by international law.

The same reality applies to US/Western regimes — rogue state fantasy democracies, the real thing abhorred and banned.


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  1. The Roman Empire’s standard deception is to sign a treaty with its intended target country which naturally let down its guard thereafter, at which point the Romans attacked. France’s and Germany’s deceptions in the Minsk I and II agreements are proofs.

    The NATO empire expands through lies, intrigue and deception.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44).


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