Throwing Good Money After Bad

Ahead of a December 13 Paris fundraiser for Ukrainian Nazis, French President Macron said the following:

Nazi-infested “Ukraine can count on France’s support for as long as it takes to fully regain” what’s no longer part of its territory and won’t be retaken.

Tuesday’s fundraiser will do little to get “Ukraine through winter.”

Nor can French or other Western firms “help rebuild” what Russia can take out at its discretion.

Half or more of Ukraine’s power grid was rendered inoperable, more taken out regularly.

It’ll take billions of dollars and many months of reconstruction to restore what’s lost.

A few hundred million from Western regimes is an insignificant drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed.

And whatever reconstruction is undertaken can be easily undone by continued Russian high-precision airstrikes. 

Separately, EU regimes reportedly trying to arrange a loan to Ukrainian Nazis of around $19 billion.

Approving it requires unanimous bloc support.

Whatever pours into Ukraine is lost and won’t be repaid.

Hegemon USA’s Ukraine project failed. 

The only logical option is ignored — unconditional Ukrainian capitulation, acknowledging a lost cause to save the former nation-state from collapsing altogether by significant daily losses of manpower and arms.

On Tuesday, Southfront reported that Ukrainian Tochka-U missile launchings have “significantly decreased.”

Most are intercepted and destroyed by Russian air defense systems.

On Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmtry Peskov, said the following:

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis “will have to take into account realities” on the ground.

They’re “a product of (regime) policy” for years.

They include the reality of “Russia(’s) new constituent territories.” 

“(W)ithout taking these new realities into account, any progress (toward conflict resolution) will be impossible.”

The empire of lies owns and controls Ukraine.

Puppet Zelensky is a powerless figurehead.

As long as US/Western regimes keep supplying the regime with weapons and munitions, conflict will continue until its military collapses.

What’s inevitable gets closer daily.

On Tuesday, Lugansk official, Andrey Marochko, explained the following:

The regime’s “line of defense is coming apart at the seams, but is maintained by means of regular deployment of fresh forces who are crushed by our troops.” 

“The expression ‘Artyomovsk slaughterhouse’ is being used not only by us but also by Ukrainian and foreign mass media.”

“It reflects the actual situation.”

It’s “a nightmare for Ukrainian soldiers.”

They not only lack enough weapons and munitions, their troops are “mov(ing) by foot (because their) vehicles are not meant (for) our climate.”

Advancing Russian forces liberated over half of Donetsk.

And once again on Tuesday, air raid sirens sounded in multiple Ukrainian regions ahead of more devastating Russian airstrikes.

Reports like the following are examples of whistling past the graveyard.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed the following:

“After a series of military setbacks in Ukraine (sic), with Russia’s casualties mounting (sic) and its economy faltering under sanctions (sic), (Vladimir) Putin decided to skip (his) wide-ranging, marathon news conference in December (sic).”

Fact check:

Overwhelming military setbacks and mounting casualties are what Ukrainian Nazis are enduring, clearly not Russia.

Fact check:

European and US economies are faltering.

Largely self-sufficient Russia’s economy is doing fine, including from high-level revenue from energy and other exports.

Fact check:

Putin didn’t skip his yearend press conference.

According to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, it’s being rescheduled.

A new date will be announced ahead.

Nothing in the US/West matches his annual straight-talking tour de force — responding to all questions asked knowledgeably and accurately without crib sheets, other notes or aides whispering answers through an earpiece, what the fake Biden needs when taking questions.

And when he does, only softball ones are permitted from pre-selected press corps members, figures one-sidedly supporting undemocratic Dems.

Following MSM reports on all things Russia and Ukraine guarantees knowing nothing about reality on the ground.

A Final Comment

Founded by B’nai B’rith in 1913, the so-called Anti-Defamation League (ADL) supports Israeli apartheid and longstanding expropriation of Palestinian land for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Last week, the Grayzone reported the following:

Ukraine’s Nazi-infested Azov battalion is “no longer far-right,” according to the ADL.

Group members are infamous for committing crimes of war and against humanity, including cold-blooded murder and brutal torture of Russian POWs.

There’s nothing moderate about how it operates.

Yet MSM ignore the worst of its atrocities in support of what demands exposure and condemnation. 


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  1. The war profiteers are getting wealthy on all the budgets furnished to Ukraine.

    “SITREP – Rybar and Others in English” is a Telegram channel that is blocked here. SITREP stands for situational reports. It publishes a lot of reports and it is evident that shortages are everywhere in the Ukranian army. Now there are reports including the destruction of pickup trucks which are used because of the lack of armoured transport vehicles.

    Their entry 2080 is a 3:12 video of an imprisoned soldier saying in essence “the enemy is within.”
    From description: “◾️According to him the country it’s been destroyed from within, entire brigades are swallowed by the meat-grinder of Bakhmut, volunteers are been arrested and beaten by orders of Zelensky cabinet, all the government is corrupted and are trying to cover up the theft of the money sent by the West.

    ◾️The Ukrainian Nationalist goes in full “Fuhrer” mode within a few seconds calling for public hangings and lynching mobs.”


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