Ukrainian Nazis Running Out of Munitions

Not only is Ukraine increasingly hard-pressed to arm its expendable cannon fodder, depleted arsenals of US/Western regimes make it harder to supply them.

And as an astute friend observed, money spent arming Ukraine only benefits merchants of death profiteers — at the expense of transforming the former nation-state into a barren Ukraine wasteland and a generation of its youths eliminated for a lost cause.

In Paris on Tuesday, 70 Nazi-supporting nations pledged around $1 billion for Ukraine.

How much is actually delivered is unclear. 

Much of it will be stolen for self-enrichment by puppet Zelensky and Nazis around him.

None of it will deter Russia’s ability to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine.

None of it earmarked to restore the regime’s power grid, communication systems, sanitation and other infrastructure will deter Russia from taking out all of the above again.

Millions of Ukrainians face the grim prospect of surviving winter without heat.

The regime needs billions of dollars to restore its energy infrastructure, billions more for other needs.

And whatever is accomplished will take months or years.

Whatever Russia wants rendered inoperable will be kept this way.

Its publicly stated SMO aims will be achieved.

What US/Western regime send to Ukraine only delay the final outcome.

Nor will longer-range weapons and Patriot air defense systems change the dynamic on the ground.

Months of training are required to be able to operate sophisticated US/Western weapons.

So they’re operated by Pentagon forces and their Western counterparts.

In late November, Russia’s Security Council deputy head, Dmitry Medvedev, tweeted the following:

If “NATO supplies Kiev fanatics with Patriot defense systems – as well as the alliance’s personnel – they will immediately turn into legitimate targets for our armed forces.”

While not official so far, MSM claim that the Biden regime will supply Ukrainian Nazis with a battery of Patriot air defense systems.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman, Price, said the empire of lies and forever wars intends to continue sending air defense systems to the made-in-the-USA monster.

The best in the US/West systems cannot intercept and destroy Russian hypersonic munitions.

Separately on Tuesday, the Financial Times admitted what’s increasingly hard to conceal.

Ukrainian Nazis are “burning through its ammunition at an alarming rate,” its stockpiles “dwindling.”

The FT also repeated fake news about Russia “depleting its stockpile of precision cruise missiles (sic)” — citing what it dubiously called “an assessment shared by many western analysts” — no matter how often they’ve been proved wrong brfore.

And when Kiev claims it downed most incoming (hypersonic, high-precision) Russian munitions, none were intercepted.

Russia’s Defense Ministry can significantly damage or destroy targeted sites at its discretion.

The FT and other MSM defied reality by falsely claiming that “Ukraine denied Russia air supremacy (sic).”

Russian forces have virtually unchallenged control of Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters.

At its discretion, Russia can destroy Ukraine in days.

It hasn’t gone this way by targeting only military related sites.

When the empire of lies goes to war, it’s always against nonthreatening invented enemies.

Indiscriminately targeted civilians suffer most — in flagrant breach of international and US constitutional law.

Separately, MSM continue to pretend that Ukrainian Nazis can destroy Russian hypersonic munitions — citing Big Lies by Ukrainian Nazis as their source.

And this Bloomberg fake news, falsely claiming that “Russia lacks the military means to (defeat) Ukraine (sic).”

And Bloomberg joined the “Russia is blowing through missiles and munitions faster than” they can be replaced crowd (sic).

And this rubbish:

Russia lacks “endless manpower (to) mobilize additional troops (sic).”

And saying that Russia is making Ukrainians suffer ignored Kiev’s aggression on Donbass civilians since 2014.

And this perversion of reality:

Russia “reportedly lacks warm clothing and even food that some of its troops will need to survive the coming months (sic).”

Most Americans and their Western counterparts rely on MSM fake news.

No wonder they’re profoundly ignorant about issues most important to their rights and well-being.

What they think they know about all things Russia and Ukraine is worlds apart different from reality on the ground.


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  1. A Russian Telegram channel mentioned a 3 million$ Patriot missile to shoot down a $30,000 drone has its problems.

    The Monopolizers see the growing national indebtedness as victory.

    Odessa has been without power for days. I see nothing about refugees or plans to evacuate the cold and hungry.


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