The Biden Regime’s Exploitive Africa Summit

For centuries, US/Western regimes exploited African countries, subjugated their people as chattel, then wage slaves, and plundered its resources.

In his book, titled “The Political Economy of Growth,” economist Paul Baran explained how the predatory West operates — enabling “the rich to become richer by causing the poor to become poorer.”

Concluding on Thursday, the Biden regime’s three-day Africa summit has nothing to do with mutual cooperation between hegemon USA and African nations.

Nothing to do with “food security and food systems resilience” on the continent.

Nothing to do with promoting “good governance, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

Nothing to do with a “peaceful and secure Africa.”

Nothing to do with support for a “prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.”

Nothing to do with aiding development of African nations.

Nothing to do with respecting the rights of over 1.4 billion Africans.

The Biden regime’s summit is all about continued US exploitation of the continent and its long-suffering people.

Its pledge of increased investment on the continent is all about making US corporate predators richer “by causing the poor (of Africa) to become poorer.”

It’s to assure no change in using the continent as a dumping ground for US/Western toxic waste.

The summit also aims to pressure, bully and bribe African leaders to ally with the empire of lies against Russia and China.

Both nations have cooperative relations with African countries.

During his July visit to the continent, Sergey Lavrov explained the following:

Hundreds of Russian enterprises operate in Africa.

“Our relations with Africa have even brighter prospects now that the African Union decided last year to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area.”

“In cooperation with its partners (on the continent), Russia is taking steps to enhance the use of national currencies and payment systems.”

“We are working to gradually reduce the share of dollar and the euro in trade.”

Russia is constructing Egypt’s first nuclear power plant at El Dabaa in the country’s north.

A Russian industrial park is being developed on the banks of the Suez Canal.

Ethiopia is currently discussing development of nuclear energy with Russia.

In the Republic of the Congo,  Russia’s RusGazEngineering is constructing a major oil pipeline from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville, Oyo and Huesso.

It’s one of the country’s largest ever development projects — designed to significantly reduce the cost of transporting petroleum products, improve safety, and ensure sustainable development of remote areas. 

The project is supported by the Russian-Congolese Intergovernmental Commission for Energy Cooperation, and Russia’s Energy Ministry.

In 2023 at a time and location not yet announced, a Russian/African summit is planned.

It’ll include mutually beneficial discussions on trade, energy, agriculture, cybersecurity, and cooperation in space — in stark contrast to how the empire of lies and its Western vassals operate.

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of Russian trade, investment, culture, education and geopolitical cooperation with Arab League nations.

Mutually beneficial relations between Russia and African nations are growing while the empire of lies is losing influence on the continent.

The same reality applies to China.

In February, China’s Global Times explained that Beijing’s infrastructure investments in Africa are in “stark contrast to Western lip service” with little or no followthrough. 

“China’s commitments to infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa impressively dwarf that of the West.”

According to the Washington-based Center for Global Development:

From 2007 to 2020, China’s development banks lent $23 billion for infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

The amount was more than double the funding provided for similar development by the US, Germany, Japan and France combined.

Hegemon USA’s International Development Finance Corp, its development funding agency, provided only $1.9 billion in financing for infrastructure in the region during the above period — less than one-tenth of Chinese funding.

The fake Biden defied reality by falsely claiming that hegemon USA “is all in on Africa’s future (sic).”

And this rubbish, falsely claiming that “(t)ogether, we want to build a future of opportunity where no one, no one, is left behind (sic).”

Representatives of 49 African nations reportedly attended the Biden regime’s summit.

They came despite knowing the long history of US promises made and broken, its history of exploitive practices over mutually cooperative relations.

In October 2007, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) was established to further hegemon USA’s imperial interests on the continent.

It’s for control of the continent and access to its vast oil and gas reserves, its gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, iron, copper, tin, lead, nickel, coal, timber, cobalt, bauxite, wood, coltan, manganese, chromium, vanadium-bearing titanium, and other resources.

The empire of lies wants US corporate predators benefitting at the expense of African nations, their people and foreign competitors, notably China and Russia.

That’s what the Biden regime’s African summit is all about.

Its leaders are well aware of how the empire of lies operates — in stark contrast to mutually beneficial Sino/Russia practices.


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  1. Hopefully the leaders see through all of Biden’s and the U.S.’s “BS”. Biden’s White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has been openly hostile at press conferences towards African journalist, Simon Ateba; who simply asks questions that might expose the administration’s real agenda. You are spot on about this being an anti-Russian and anti-China meeting. Linking today @


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