Slow-Motion Collapse of Ukraine’s Economy and Military

Russia’s overwhelmingly superior firepower continues transforming Nazi-infested Ukraine into a barren wasteland.

Its economy is close to collapse, its military faring no better.

Russian strikes on the former nation-state’s power grid and the regime’s self-defeating aggression against a vastly superior military is bankrupting its economy and immiserating its people.

It’s just a matter of time before the US-created house of cards collapses altogether.

In response to the latest round of devastating Russian strikes on Ukraine’s power grid in multiple locations, the regime’s electricity transmission operator, Ukrenergo, declared a state of emergency, saying:

“Due to damage to Ukraine’s power infrastructure (thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, main network substations), there has been a loss of more than 50% of (its) energy grid’s consumption, which means the introduction of the state of emergency mode.”

“We report an emergency situation starting (at) 09:00 a.m. on December 16.”

Russia has been responding to strikes by Ukrainian Nazis on its territory — notably against residential areas to kill or wound maximum numbers of civilians.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed that Ukraine’s decimated military shot down 60 Russian hypersonic high-precision missiles.

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that the most sophisticated US/Western air defense systems — including what’s supplied to Ukrainian Nazis — cannot deter these missiles from striking intended targets.

And the regime is exhausting virtually everything needed to continue its aggression faster than hegemon USA and its Western vassals can resupply it.

In stark contrast, Russian forces are well-supplied with what’s needed to degrade and defeat Nazi-infested Ukraine.

And the regime’s military commander-in-chief, General Valery Zaluzhny, admitted what’s increasingly hard to conceal, saying the following:

“(W)e are on the edge.”

Further Russian strikes on the regime’s power grid could render it entirely inoperable.

“That is when soldiers’ wives and children start freezing.”

“What kind of mood will fighters be in?”

“Without water, light and heat, can we talk about preparing reserves to keep fighting?”

Mincing no words about reality on the ground, Zaluzhny added:

Russia “shouldn’t be discounted.”

Its forces “are not weak.”

“(T)hey have very great potential in terms of manpower.”

He expects a major Russian attack in the new year.

His candor went so far and no further by falsely claiming enough reserves to reinforce degraded units along frontline positions.

The regime is running short of everything, including enough manpower and continued will to pursue a lost cause.

Yet according to AP (fake) News, “both sides are locked in a stalemate battle of attrition (sic),” adding:

It could be “beneficial to Ukraine (sic).”

And claiming that “more state-of-the-art weapons from the West (will enable the regime to) prepare for new counteroffensives” ignored the its military’s near state of collapse.

And this AP rubbish:

“In Russia, there is a growing sense of desperation among hardliners (sic) about what they see as President Vladimir Putin’s hesitancy and lack of a clear strategy (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s strategy.

It’s a go-slow approach to accomplish its publicly stated aims by minimizing civilian casualties.

A legitimate argument is whether Russia should have hit Ukraine harder all along to bring it to capitulation sooner.

And this WaPo fake news, falsely claiming that decimated regime troops “wiped out (Russia’s) 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (sic),” adding:

What didn’t happen “derailed Putin’s invasion plans (sic).”

Weeks earlier, WaPo sounded delusional claiming that Russia would “soon exhaust its combat capabilities (sic).”

No respectable editor would permit publication of an obvious Big Lie.

A small fraction of Russia’s military has been decimating regime troops, while sustaining minimum numbers of its own casualties.

Separately on Thursday, a WaPo reality check admitted that “relentless missile and drone attacks by Russia decimated Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and bl(ew) a hole in projections for the country’s war-ravaged economy.”

Year-to-date, its GDP declined by over one-third as its “war-ravaged economy” teeters on the brink of collapse.

Russia may be able to declare mission accomplished ahead from its decline and fall as well as on the battlefield.

A Final Comment

On Dec. 12, Ukraine’s DTEK Energo’s CEO, Ildar Saleyev, said the following:

The firm is sustaining “a record loss” this year from damage to its energy facilities and sharp drop in consumption.

The company needs dozens of new transformers, each costing about $5 million.

It cannot order them “because there is no money,” he said.

And costs are steadily rising “because of the need for constant repairs.”

“We (can) no longer comply with limits of the investment portfolio that were agreed upon with lenders.”

Their “requirement is that debt must be decreased with increased investments.”

DTEK hasn’t the funds to fulfill its financial obligations.

Nor can it supply millions of Ukrainian households and enterprises with electrical power for  heat and what businesses need to operate.x

Yet in his latest nightly rant, puppet Zelensky provided more proof of his detachment from reality with remarks like the following:

Russia “cannot defeat our (decimated) army.”

Delaying capitulation assures a steadily mounting human toll and greater destruction than already. 

The former nation-state of Ukraine no longer exists.

Nor can the US-installed regime turn things around ahead.

And as long as a buffoon masquerades as Ukraine’s leader, the worse of its long-suffering people will be.


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