The Shady Gray Lady’s Reinvention of Reality About Russia’s Liberating SMO

Not only does the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, trample on truth by sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, it refuses to pay its so-called journalists a living wage in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Instead of going on strike and staying out after remaining on the job for nearly two years without a contract, their early Dec. one-day walkout emboldened the Times to keep underpaying them to turn out daily fake news editions with disturbing regularity.

Yet salaries of Times management are triple-digit and higher.

Board chairman, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., reportedly earns nearly $5 million in annual pay, plus very generous benefits.

President and CEO, Janet Robinson, is paid around the same amount.

Other senior executives get nearly $2 million in annual pay.

Most board members are paid from about $200,000 to $250,000 annually for attending monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly meetings.

The average lower level Times manager gets over $150,000 annually.

The union representing Times journalists said it’s seeking a cost-of-living increase, including a base pay of at least $65,000 — what company executives earning big bucks oppose.

It’s notably at a time when the company’s expected 2022 operating profit is expected to be from $320 – $330 million.

Yet it focuses on operating exclusively as a virtual undemocratic Dem ministry of truth, along with boosting the firm’s share price.

It’s another black mark against a broadsheet that operates as a virtual press agent for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging against invented enemies.

As in all its fake news editions, it’s clear from what’s featured in its latest one on all things Russia and Ukraine.

What it calls takeaways from a so-called “investigation into Putin’s” SMO is reinvented rubbish — what no responsible editors would touch, what’s typical trash in all Times editions.

Claiming Russia “bungled” its operation is defied by reality on the ground.

What it called “secret battle plans, intercepts and interviews with Russian soldiers and Kremlin confidants” was made up rubbish.

A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed, defying reality as follows, saying:

Dubiously reached “wounded (Russian) soldiers described being sent to war with little food, training, bullets or equipment (sic) — and watching about two-thirds of their platoon get killed (sic).”

The above and what follows didn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

And this trash:

“(P)eople closest to Mr. Putin fed his suspicions (sic), magnifying his grievances against the West.”

The Times and other MSM go all out to suppress reality on the ground in Ukraine — reporting fiction based on state-approved talking points over indisputable facts.

They support the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine instead of forthrightly condemning it.

And they pretend that the regime’s decimated military is prevailing over vastly superior Russian firepower.

The consistently lie and mass-deceive followers of their rubbish in support of the empire of lies and forever wars.

War on Russia since 2014 was made-in-the-USA, Ukrainian Nazis and involuntary conscripts used as expendable cannon fodder in pursuit of a lost cause from day-one of Russia’s SMO.

Yet according to Times trash, the Biden regime “tried to stop Ukraine from killing a top Russian general (sic).”

Puppet Zelensky and others around him are powerless.

The empire of lies and its Western vassals call the shots in waging perpetual war on Russia.

More Times trash:

A nonexistent “senior Russian official told CIA director, William J. Burns, last month that Russia would not give up, no matter how many of its soldiers were killed or injured (sic),” adding:

An unnamed NATO member falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin “might accept the death or injury of as many as 300,000 Russian troops (sic).”

In stark contrast to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian casualties, numbers mounting daily, and a lost generation of its youths, Russians killed or wounded are a tiny fraction of this toll.

And claiming that Putin believes that Ukrainian troops are “tougher” than he imagined is belied by the reality of most deployed for frontline duty. 

They’ve been pressed into service involuntarily against their will — including unfit, poorly trained and armed men up to age-60.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

“Russian soldiers used their cellphones to call home, enabling the Ukrainian military to find and kill them (sic).”

The above applies to regime troops, not Russian ones.

And claiming that “Putin set a trap for Russian business tycoons (by) putting them on television” shows to what extent the Times will make up stuff to unjustifiably bash him — while supporting forever wars by the empire of lies on invented enemies.

In stark contrast to Times and other MSM rubbish, analyst Larry Johnson explained the following on Friday:

Vladimir Putin is “let(ing) (US)-West(ern) (regimes) punch (themselves) into exhaustion.”

Russia’s SMO “exposed the frailty and inadequacy of the logistics capability of (hegemon USA-dominated) NATO.”

Outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by Russian forces, their regimes and MSM press agents resort to making stuff up — including fake news claims about Putin’s health.

A same-day article discussed his lengthy Dec. 15 address on Russia’s strategic development, national projects and reality on the ground in Ukraine.

He appeared robust in good health, a leader in charge and able to discuss the above issues in great detail.

And Johnson stressed the following:

Looking ahead to 2023, hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes “will be forced to concede that it cannot continue pouring billions into Ukraine without inflicting enormous damage on its own economies and people.”

“At that point, (invented claims of) Russian weakness and defeat will crumble.”

“NATO faces the real risk of being demilitarized.”

“But it will not be the result of a frontal assault by Russia.”

“Russia will continue doing what it is doing — i.e., pulverizing Western wonder weapons and bleeding Ukrainian and foreign mercenaries with artillery and missiles” until publicly stated Kremlin aims are achieved.

A Final Comment

According to associate dean of the School of International Studies at China’s Renmin University, Jin Canrong:

Hegemon USA is no longer what it used to be and hasn’t been for some time.

Its “prime of life” past.

It resembles an aged “mafia boss…barely (able to) walk but still (clinging to) power” by using brute force to control weaker nations.

Separately, PLA Admiral, Yang Yi, called US dirty tricks used to try containing China are useless.

“They cannot stop (Beijing’s) development, nor can they stop the narrowing of gap between (its) comprehensive national strength and that of the US.”

What will the shady gray lady Times and other MSM report when Nazi-infested Ukraine’s military, economy and regime collapse?

What will they say about well over $100 billion poured down a black hole of waste, fraud and defeat of the empire of lies in support of Nazi-infested Ukraine — and lots more of the same by its Western vassals?

What will they report about Russia’s triumph over the US-created scourge?

How will they deal with the decline and fall of hegemon USA like all other empires preceding it?

If still around, they’ll change the subject in a futile attempt to wipe egg off their face from trampling on truth over journalism as it should be — what they long ago abandoned.


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  1. What goes around comes around.
    Ages ago I read about The New York Times’s history. IIRC it went something like this:
    In the mid 19th century it was a lousy newspaper and Adolph Ochs wanted to start a newspaper, so he bought the New York Times because, being so lousy, it was the cheapest one available. He turned it into a very good newspaper. At some point, the Sulzbergers took over. So it seems to have returned to its origins.


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