US/Western War on Russia

Hegemon USA has been at war on Russia since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin explained it, saying:

The empire of lies and its vassals “ha(ve) been brazenly draining and exploiting (Ukraine’s) resources, (pursuing) genocide and terror in Donbass, de-facto turn(ing) (the former nation-state of Ukraine) into a colony, and is now cynically using the (its) people as cannon fodder, a battering ram against Russia, as it keeps delivering weapons and munitions to (the US-installed regime), sending mercenaries, pushing it down the path of suicide.”

What’s gone on in Ukraine for nearly nine years has been repeated time and again by the empire of lies in pursuit of its megalomaniacal drive for unchallenged global hegemony — a self-defeating strategy, a failed one.

And wherever hegemon USA goes, its Western vassals follow — at the expense of their sovereignty, rights of their people, their well-being and the rule of law.

On Dec. 15, Putin said the following:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals are waging “unprecedented sanctions aggression against Russia.”

It’s a futile attempt to crush “our economy, wreck our national currency – the ruble – by stealing our currency reserves, and provoking a devastating inflation in a short span of time.”

“This plan has fallen through.”

“The Russian business community and government bodies worked in a well-coordinated and professional manner and our citizens displayed unity and responsibility.”

“The government, Bank of Russia and Russian regions stabilized the situation by pooling their efforts.”

Russia’s 2022 GDP is projected to decline by a modest 2.5% — far less than 20% forecast by so-called US/Western experts.

During the 1930’s Great Depression, US GDP declined by around 29% from late 1929 to 1933.

Unemployment peaked at about 25%.

Thousands of banks and other enterprises went under.

Since hegemon USA and its Western vassals escalated unparalleled sanctions war on Russia, they largely self-inflicted harm on their own economies and people — what’s especially true for UK and EU regimes.

Putin also explained the following:

In Q III, Russia’s economy “showed slight growth after minimal figures of the second quarter.”

Price are stable, employment strong, “while the Russian ruble has become one of the world’s strongest currencies since the start of the year.”

The nation’s “public finances (are) stable.”

Through Nov. 2022, the federal budget shows a “560 billion ruble…surplus.”

“(T)he consolidated budget (has)a surplus of 1,451 trillion rubles.”

Russia’s “responsible fiscal and macro-economic policy” enables the government to fully fund its social and national security commitments.

“We will continue developing our country regardless of any foreign pressure,” Putin stressed, adding:

“We will certainly become stronger, carry out entirely new projects, upgrade Russia’s technology levels and ensure economic, financial, technological and personnel sovereignty.”

What have US/Western regimes achieved by waging all-out sanctions war on Russia?

The US, Britain and EU are in what most likely will be deep and protracted recession at a time of soaring inflation affecting most goods and services.

Modestly declining US CPI over the past few months conceals the reality of rising monthly prices in most sectors.

US year-over-year inflation through November is as follows:

The price of eggs rose 244%, 26% in the last 30 days.

Vegetable prices rose over 80%, 38% in the last 30 days.

Over two-thirds of US households struggle to feed their families because of increasingly unaffordable food costs.

And they’re likely to go higher in 2023.

The same reality applies to the cost of transportation, electricity, health insurance and other essentials.

What’s going on is supply, not demand, related — the result of US sanctions war on Russia.

Things throughout the US/West would be far more economically and financially stable if hadn’t been launched.

At this time, some EU regimes are beginning to blame the empire of lies for what’s de-industrializing the continent.

While true enough, they’ve got themselves to blame for going along with what proved to be self-destructive.

In response to US/Western sanctions war on Russia, the Kremlin is working more closely with Asian, Middle East, Latin American and African nations, Putin explained, adding: 

Through September 2022, Russian energy exports to friendly nations increased by nearly 25%.

And to “reduce the impact of sanctions and other hostile actions (by US/Western regimes) against Russia will be the development of port and pipeline infrastructure in the south and east, including increasing natural gas exports.”

And development of Siberian and Far Eastern resources will enable Russia to increase its natural gas exports by 48 billion cubic meters by 2025, 88 cubic meters by 2030, Putin explained, adding:

The volume is “more than 60% of gas supplied to the West last year.”

And development of increased LNG projects will increase its production and export potential “by 70 billion cubic meters by 2030.”

Russia is also one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of grains, fertilizers, and numerous other commodities — what most world community nations greatly value and rely on.

By June next year, Russia will be able to export around 50 million tons of grain to world markets — because of its “record (2022) harvest.”

And unlike predatory, exploitive US/Western regimes, “Russia is helping the poorest nations of Africa, Asia and other regions by supplying them with food and other products.” 

“In the next few months, we will be ready to supply needy countries with about 260,000 tonnes of fertilizer at no charge” — to aid their own agricultural production.

Largely economically self-sufficient Russia is financially secure with no need “to go into (debt) bondage” to foreign lenders.

And on all things related to its liberating SMO, “we will definitely reach our goals,” Putin stressed.

The made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster will be demilitarized and deNazified.

Regions that exercised their UN Charter right of self-determination by joining Russia will be fully freed from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Their people will enjoy the same rights and social security standards as all other Russian citizens.

At a time when the decadent, depraved US/West is declining, Russia is rising in prominence on the world stage.


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  1. Martin Armstrong was back on Greg Hunter yesterday. He gave a good history on the era of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of Putin.

    He spoke of the neocon madness and their escalations which could create an open war with NATO next year.

    The attacks on the electric system bring a response of the old S300 air defense system which depletes what remains of the Soviet-era stockpiles and reveals their location which leads to them being taken out. Once it is safe for the bombers to fly without resistance, worse goes to more worse and losing goes to losing bigger and faster.

    The Wagner private army group recruited 20,000 prisoners and they will get their freedom after 6 months service according to what I read. They are bear set to kill.

    200 T-90 tanks should be showing up in the Dunbass and if the operators yield, they can shoot by themselves.

    Zelensky was marketed as a peace candidate and got 70% of the vote.

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  2. My country is an effing basket case…no active listening, no diplomacy, warmongering everywhere-all the time, infested with (settler-) colonial Zionists at every level and function of leg, exec branches…whose core national-security interests are not those of the US but those of Apartheid Israel. Needed: a new Declaration of Independence…also lessons on patriotism and (I must aver) wholesale regime change.

    “Empire of lies,” indeed.

    Thanks, Mr. Lendman.


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