Blackouts in Nine Ukraine Regions

Millions of Ukrainians are suffering from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Under frigid weather conditions with little or no heat, tap water and sanitation, they’re increasingly hard-pressed to survive.

On Monday, the regime’s power grid operator, Ukrenergo, said the following:

“As of (Monday AM, there’s) a difficult situation in the Ukrainian power system.”

“The most difficult situation is in the Central, Eastern and Dnieper regions.”

“Emergency shutdown schedules were introduced in the Sumy, Kharkov, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Zhitomir, Chernigov, Cherkasy, Kiev regions and in Kiev.”

“Resumption of power supply to household consumers can take a long time.”

As on previous days, explosions from Russian aerial strikes damaged critical infrastructure facilities, including in Kiev.

A number of city districts lost power.

Sounding increasingly delusional, puppet Zelensky said the following over the weekend:

“The (nonexistent) operation (to retake Crimea) has not yet started (sic).”

“When it starts, you will definitely hear about it (sic).”

“The reconquest of Crimea has started in people’s heads (sic), and that’s very important (sic).”

The Russian Republic of Crimea and other regions freed from the scourge of Nazified occupation are no longer part of the former Ukrainian state.

Their liberated people want no part of returning to Nazified rule.

Nor will Russia betray them by permitting what’s unthinkable.

Puppet Zelensky is out of touch with reality on the ground.

His delusional remarks show it.

In response to his hyperventilating about Crimea, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the following:

His rants “indicate the unpreparedness, unwillingness and inability of the Ukrainian side to be ready to resolve the (conflict) by non-military methods.”

Sunday on US propaganda TV, Nazified Ukraine’s so-called UN envoy, Oksana Markorova, was once again given a platform to lie and mass-deceive viewers with remarks like the following:

Russia is committing “atrocities (sic)” — a US/NATO, Ukrainian specialty, clearly not how the Russian Federation operates.

Claiming that “increased numbers of air defense everywhere in Ukraine” can make a difference ignored that the best-in-the-West systems cannot intercept Russian hypersonic, high-precision munitions.

And this Markarova rubbish:

Russia “attacked a peaceful country (sic)” — ignoring years of war crimes against Donbass civilians since 2014 and against Russia throughout 2022.

Turning reality on its head, she falsely accused Russia of “illegally attack(ing) (Ukraine) in 2014 (sic).”

And falsely calling Russia an “aggressor, a nuclear terrorist state (sic)” applies to the empire of lies, Britain, France and apartheid Israel, not the Russian Federation.

And this bald-faced Big Lie, falsely accusing Russia of “killing and torturing and destroying Ukrainians (sic).”

And this perversion of reality by US foreign correspondent, Soufi Burridge, falsely claiming Patriot air defense systems for Ukraine would be a “game-changer (sic).”

If supplied, they’ll be a worthless PR gesture.

Russian forces are systematically degrading and destroying Ukraine’s military — and cannot be deterred by the regime or its US/Western patrons.

No matter what help they provide to the Nazified regime won’t deter Russia from achieving its SMO aims.

A Final Comment

Separately on Sunday, the Biden regime’s kill shot coordinator, Ashish Jha, falsely claimed that flu/covid cases and hospitalizations are sharply “rising” nationwide in the US — up “40% since Thanksgiving (sic).”

What’s rising are numbers of kill shot victims.

Based on VAERS data, people jabbed one or more times are 80 times more likely to die than ones getting flu shots.

And adverse events experienced are 40-fold greater than what occurs from flu shots.

VAERS data put out by the Pharma-controlled CDC is a tiny fraction of the human toll.

There’s no ambiguity about the destruction of health, including an epidemic of sudden deaths in all age groups from kill shots designed to cause irreversible harm to bodily organs.

Yet according to kill shot pusher, Jha:

“People are confused about whether they need (an) updated booster (sic).”

“If you’ve not gotten (jabbed) in the last six months, it is essential to go out and get the new, updated bivalent (sic).”

Left unexplained by Jha and other kill shot pushers is that bivalent boosters were rushed to market untested on humans, only on 8 mice.

No rational person should touch them, what’s designed for health destruction more than already on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

Yet they’re pushed for everyone aged-5 and older, falsely claiming:

They’re “effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill (sic), being hospitalized (sic), and dying (sic).”

They’re designed for worlds apart the above Big Lie claim, why it’s crucial to shun them and all flu/covid jabs across the board.

The mission of dark forces like Jha is to destroy health by toxic mass-jabbing.

Like other kill shot pushers, he falsely claimed that “we can prevent (flu/covid) infections from turning into serious illness if people go out and get that updated bivalent vaccine (sic),” adding: 

“The updated (kill shot) is essential for keeping people out of the hospital (sic).”

The Trump and Biden regimes spent trillions of dollars on all things related to flu/covid for so-called pandemic relief when nothing of the sort existed earlier or now.

It went to Pharma, state and local regimes, as well as for big bucks bribes to hospitals, the medical industrial complex overall, institutions of higher education, airlines, other private enterprises and MSM coconspirators.

All of it and more coming is for irreparably destroying health instead of the other way around.

What Jha called “pulling on this together” is for the most diabolical ever health destroying scheme on record.

He and likeminded pushers make mafia and other dope peddlers look benign by comparison.

Criminality on this far exceeds the worst of all war crimes combined throughout the post-WW II period and earlier.

Instead of accountability, these dark forces remain free to continue killing, maiming and otherwise harming countless victims of their unparalleled war on humanity with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.


2 thoughts on “Blackouts in Nine Ukraine Regions

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  1. Unfortunately we do not have law enforcement agencies acting on behalf of the populace to arrest these criminals. Sadly we are in an era of total corruption. Pharmaceutical mafias are cooperating with governments and medical corporations.


  2. Letting the Rockefeller Medical Mafia shoot you now is crazy. You don’t have to get all of “THEY are trying to kill” since the tip of the iceberg already should tell you not to get yourself shot. It is not just the CONvid shots THEY are using.

    In the 53:40 video, “LIVE @7:35PM: WARNING: FLU SHOTS ARE NOW MRNA BIOWEAPONS,” Dr. Jane Ruby starts out representing the deaths due to the array of shots being given for SARS 2 virus as originally feared at 3 million.

    THEY are out to kill you and take your stuff. And everything you have ever been told is a lie.


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