The Scourge of Israeli Apartheid in Action

From establishment on stolen Palestinian land in 1948, apartheid Israel has been a US/Western-supported machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses of virtually every shape and kind.

A fantasy democracy — never the real thing — long-suffering Palestinians on land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea are victims of slow-motion genocide.

Outspoken critics of apartheid tyranny are banned.

Ones living in the Jewish state or Occupied Territories risk imprisonment on made up charges or none at all, targeted assassination or forcible deportation for invented reasons.

See below.

Every day is Kristallnacht in Occupied Palestine.

State terror is official policy for all Israeli regimes from inception.

Millions of subjugated Palestinians are collectively punished by racial discrimination, economic strangulation, mass arrests, detentions, curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, separation walls, electric fences, other barriers, neighborhood incursions, crop destruction, bulldozed homes, land theft, ethnic cleansing, gulag imprisonment, and virtually all other forms of state terror for the crime of praying to the wrong god.

Besieged Gazans suffer most of all in the world’s largest open-air prison — terrorized at Israel’s discretion by ground incursions, aerial and offshore attacks.

Salah Hammouri is a French/Palestinian human rights lawyer for the Addameer Human rights and prisoner support group.

On Sunday, he was forcibly expelled from Israel after years of ruthless persecution.

Illegally revoking his residency status and deporting him was a war crime in flagrant breach of Fourth Geneva’s Article 49, stating the following:

“Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their motive.”

This action when undertaken constitutes “a horrifying escalation of Israel’s systematic practice of demographic engineering and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from” land its regimes want for exclusive Jewish development and occupancy, Addameer stressed.

Held in administrative detention uncharged since March — after earlier arrests and imprisonment — Hammouri was forcibly boarded on a Sunday El Al flight to Charles de Gaulle airport — his hands and feet painfully shackled until arriving in Paris, monitored in flight by three Israeli agents.

Because of his human rights work, Hammouri and his family faced longstanding persecution, his deportation the latest shoe to drop.

In September 2020, 13 Palestinian human rights groups called for the UN to condemn the threat of his deportation on the phony pretext of “breach of allegiance” to the Jewish state.

At the time, Israel made clear its intention to revoke his Jerusalem residency and banishment from parts of the West Bank.

He was arbitrarily arrested, his wife, Elsa Lefort, and son illegally deported to France.

According to the Jewish state’s 1952 Entry into Israel Law — enacted to persecute Palestinians — the ruling regime’s interior minister may revoke the residency or bar entry into the country of anyone at his or her discretion for alleged “breach of allegiance” to the Jewish state.

This action breaches Fourth Geneva’s Article 68(3) and Hague Regulations’ Article 45 — affirming that protected people in occupied territory have no duty of allegiance to the Occupying Power.

Like hegemon USA and its Western vassals, apartheid Israel operates exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of international law.

Because of his human rights activism, Hammouri faced years of Israeli persecution, intimidation, threats, repression and illegal imprisonment.

Explaining his ruthless mistreatment, Addameer explained the following:

It included “repeated arbitrary arrests and detention, years without charge or trial, beatings, family separation, spyware attacks, surveillance, and most recently, the stripping of his permanent residency rights.”

He “exhausted every remedy available in the Israeli political and legal system, only to be met by racist rulings that operate under the pretense of the law but exist in reality to maintain Israel’s racial domination over the Palestinian people.”

“For over a decade, (he) faced a persecution campaign aimed at his forced departure from his hometown of Jerusalem, beginning with his first imprisonment and through repeated arrests and systematic harassment afterward.”

Administrative detention uncharged and untried is a coercive form of “psychological…torture.”

Longstanding Israeli persecution of Palestinians is aided by US/Western political, economic and military support — making their ruling regimes complicit with Jewish state war crimes.

As an Addameer human rights attorney, Hammouri was greatly involved in aiding long-suffering Palestinians.

Like his ruthless mistreatment, they’ve endured violent arrests and imprisonment for being unwanted by the Jewish state.

A trampling on truth statement by Israel’s interior ministry falsely said the following about Hammouri:

“During his life he organized, inspired and planned to commit terror attacks…against citizens and well-known Israelis (sic).”

On Sunday, interior minister, (“little snakes”) Ayelet Shaked, said the following:

“I’m happy to announce that justice was served today (sic) and the terrorist (sic) Salah Hammouri was deported from Israel.”

Justifiably calling his deportation a “war crime,” Hammouri’s campaign said the following:

“Wherever a Palestinian goes, he (or she) takes with (them) these principles and the cause of (their people: (their) homeland carried with (them) to wherever (they) end up.”

Foreign ministry for longstanding human rights abuser France issued a hollow statement.

Pretending to back Hammouri while ignoring its history of war crimes, its support for Nazi-infested Ukraine and other abusive practices at home and abroad, it said the following:

The Macron regime has “taken full action, including at the highest level of the state, to ensure that Mr. Salah Hamouri’s rights are respected (sic), that he benefits from all legal remedies and that he can lead a normal life in Jerusalem, where he was born, resides and wishes to live (sic).”

Like other Western states, France has a long history of ignoring Palestinian rights in support of Israeli apartheid.

After arriving in Paris on Sunday and released from Israeli custody, Hammouri accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”

Calling his deportation an action “to show that nobody can resist” Jewish state tyranny, he vowed to contest his illegal expulsion, saying:

“I will continue my right to resist against this occupation until I have the right to go back to my country.”

“Be assured my beloved homeland that I coercively and forcibly leave you today.”

“I leave you today from prison to exile.”

“But rest assured, I will always remain the person you know.”

“Always loyal to you and your freedom.”


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  1. This always baffles me.what incentive do Jews, that are born and live in other countries have to want to live in Israel? I have many Jewish friends not one would consider living in Israel.


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