Hegemon USA at War on Nonthreatening Russia

Ongoing by hot and other means, the empire of lies has been using Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops as proxy foot soldiers against Russia and its people since its 2014 coup in Kiev.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began defensively in February, hegemon USA and key Western vassals have been directly involved in orchestrating and directing Ukraine’s cross-border aggression, including target selection.

Since the dawn of the nuclear age, the risk of US-initiated WW III was never greater than now.

It may have already begun unannounced.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“(T)he neo-Nazi Kiev regime committed another heinous crime” by shelling Donetsk residential areas as it’s doing most every day.

And for two straight days, it terror-struck Donetsk’s largest hospital.

“It is abundantly clear that the (US-installed regime) deliberately targets civilians.”

Last week, its military commander, Valery Zaluzhny, said “Russians and any other enemies must be killed.”

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals “turned (Nazified) Ukraine into testing grounds for their modern combat hardware in real warfare.”

“We want the whole world to know about falsehoods and double standards of (US/Western) pseudo democracies…”

They’re involved in “destroy(ing) countries and depriv(ing) whole regions of an opportunity for peaceful development” in pursuit of their imperial aims.

What’s going on is hugely “dangerous and short-sighted (by) bring(ing) the US and Russia to the brink of face-to-face confrontation.”

Zakharova knows but stopped short of stressing the reality of direct US-dominated NATO war on Russia throughout most of 2022 — what risks escalation to nuclear war.

The prospect of dominant Biden regime hardliners shifting from war on Russia to prioritizing restoration of peace and stability is virtually zero.

Moscow’s only option is smashing the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukrainian monster.

Rendering its power grid and parts of its rail network inoperable is a step in the right direction.

And this from Southfront on Tuesday, saying:

The Nazified regime’s “garrison in Maryinka (Donetsk) is on the verge of collapse.”

And this reality check, saying “Russia(’s) military…hold(s) (the) upper hand” along Donbass frontline positions.

They’re “advancing (along) almost all” frontline areas.

“The deplorable state of” regime troops in and around the strategically important town of Artemovsk “forces Kiev…to prepare (for) retreat” to avoid a greater bloodbath than already.

DPR head, Denis Pushilin, said control of the town will enable liberation of the republic’s northern areas from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Separately on Monday, Vladimir Putin stressed the following, saying:

“Today’s rapidly changing global situation and emergence of new threats and challenges impose high demands on the entire system of Russia’s security agencies,” adding:

“This means that you need to significantly improve your work in key areas, and use your operational, technical and personnel potential to the fullest” — especially in new Russian regions under attack by Ukrainian Nazis as directed by their US master.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has “vast experience in countering terrorism,” Putin stressed, adding:

“Therefore, it is necessary to keep up efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in a system-wide and consistent way.”

Putin also stressed the importance of Russia’s counterintelligence agencies to show “utmost readiness and concentration.”

“It is necessary to put an end once and for all to activities of foreign special services, and to promptly identify traitors, spies and saboteurs.”

All of the above is necessary because of “(t)oday’s rapidly changing global situation…”

“The situation in…Donetsk…Lugansk…Kherson and Zaporozhye…is extremely complicated” — because of attacks by Ukrainian Nazis on these regions as orchestrated and directed by their US master. 

Their “people…Russian citizens, are counting on you and your protection.”

“And your duty is to do everything in your power to ensure their safety and respect for their rights and freedoms.”

These are the most perilous times in world history because of hegemon USA’s war on humanity.

It’s more likely to escalate further than ease. 

Stepping back from the brink is highly unlikely — especially with undemocratic Dems in charge.


One thought on “Hegemon USA at War on Nonthreatening Russia

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  1. I have come to see things as the war of the Supremacists – one being the Khazarians and the other being the Hans.

    The 10% of the population that live in the West dominate because of the dominate Almighty Dollar. There is a great rejection coming to “our” power from the Rest.

    The good times are over for good.

    And then there is Ben Davidson’s “The Next End of the World” coming in 15 to 20 years.


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