Season’s Greetings from the Empire of Lies and Forever Wars

Perpetually at war on invented enemies, there’s no joy to the world this holiday season or any others where wars rage.

Throughout the post-WW II period, hegemon USA was responsible for the vast majority of wars worldwide — by direct and/or indirect involvement.

Yet according to The Hill on Tuesday, “(c)ongressional leadership is working to quickly introduce a bill condemning (non-aggressor) Russia as an ‘aggressor state.’ ” 

“A version of the draft text, obtained exclusively by The Hill, says that the (fake Biden), upon enactment of the measure, can designate Russia an ‘aggressor state’ and has the power to ‘designate any foreign country’ as an aggressor state if (his regime) determines it is engaged in acts of aggression against Ukraine” — even if untrue.

Fact check:

Time and again, hegemon USA falsely blames other nations for its crimes of war and against humanity.

Fact check:

No nation in world history more greatly warrants being designed an aggressor state than the empire of lies and forever wars.

Fact check:

Russia intervened against Ukraine militarily to halt aggression by its US-installed regimes since 2014 — after years of good faith diplomacy failed because the empire of lies undermined it.

Ignoring their own reign of terror internally and cross-border, Ukrainian Nazis want Russia labeled a state sponsor of terrorism — what the Biden regime resisted so far.

Last month, EU vassal states passed a nonbinding resolution — falsely designating Russia a terrorist state.

Separately, the Biden regime reportedly agreed to send a battery of Patriot air defense system launchers and missiles to Ukrainian Nazis — even though they cannot intercept and destroy Russian hypersonic munitions.

So delivering them will amount to a PR stunt of no military significance against Russian super-weapons.

Yet the Biden regime reportedly included them in a new $2 billion weapons package to be announced Wednesday — when puppet Zelensky visits the White House, then addresses a joint congressional session in prime time.

Separately, a video surfaced to show the fake Biden last month admitting that the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran is “dead, but we’re not gonna announce it” — acknowledging what’s known but not publicly declared.

And according to the Biden regime’s propaganda coordinator, John Kirby:

The JCPOA “is just not our focus right now.”

“It’s not on our agenda. We simply don’t see a deal coming together anytime soon.” 

“There is no progress” toward returning to JCPOA compliance by the Biden regime because taking this step was rejected straightaway after usurping power by election-rigging.

It’s more evidence to prove that diplomatic outreach to the empire of lies is a waste of time when undertaken.

Time and again, its ruling regimes renege on what they or their predecessors agreed on.

At a time when the empire of lies rules out peace in favor of perpetual war on Russia, Kirby defied reality as follows, adding:

When puppet Zelensky visits the White House on Wednesday, he and the fake Biden “want to talk about…a just peace…to end this war” — what hegemon USA launched and continues by use of Ukrainian proxies.

And this warning by Russian diplomat, Mikhail Ulyanov, on Wednesday, stressing:

Ukrainian Nazis “ha(ve) the potential necessary to make a ‘dirty bomb.’ ” 

“It doesn’t take much effort.”

Weeks earlier, Russian General Igor Kirillov warned that the regime was “at the final stage” of producing a dirty bomb — with intent to stage a false flag attack it’ll wrongfully blame on Russia.

Separately on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin said the following at a meeting with senior Russian Defense Ministry officials:

“It’s well known that today the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are being actively used against Russia,” adding: 

“All the information about NATO forces, the means which are actively used in the course of the (SMO) to oppose us are well known.”

“You have all this information before you, and it must be thoroughly analyzed, and used in the construction of our armed forces to increase the combat capabilities of the troops, as well as Russia’s special services.”

What’s going on also includes unparalleled propaganda war by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and MSM co-conspirators — publishing “thousands” of fake news reports, while suppressing US/NATO forever war on Russia and Ukrainian atrocities.

During a joyless holiday season, Sino/Russia ties continue to strengthen politically, economically, militarily and through increased trade.

During a two-day visit on Dec. 20 and 21, Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, met with China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Along with discussing vital international issues, Medvedev delivered a personal message from Vladimir Putin.

According to Tass, it “noted the unprecedented level of Russian-Chinese political dialogue and practical cooperation and expressed confidence in unfailing gradual development of interstate and inter-party ties in close interaction” between both nations.

And while Medvedev is in Beijing, China and Russia are conducting week-long naval exercises in the East China Sea, begun on Wednesday.

China’s Defense Ministry said they’re to display deepening bilateral cooperation against joint maritime security threats —  because of hegemon USA’s hostile presence in a part of the world where its military doesn’t belong.

Russia’s Defense Ministry issued a similar statement in support of regional peace and stability.

It’s at a time of perpetual US war-making by hot and other means on invented enemies threatening no one.

Indeed, there’s no joy to the world this holiday season or any others because of the unparalleled menace posed by the empire of lies and forever wars on humanity — at home as well as worldwide.


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