Sick Society

The nation I grew up in long ago poses an unparalleled menace to everyone at home and worldwide.

Count the ways.

It’s waging genocidal war by kill shots to eliminate billions of unwanted people by falsely pretending that health-destroying jabs protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose.

Pittsburgh Steelers hall of fame running back, Franco Harris, most likely was the latest high-profile casualty.

Two days before the 50th anniversary of his memorable divisional playoff game-winning “immaculate reception,” he died suddenly at age-72.

While no cause of death was given, Harris was the latest in a long line of current and former athletes to die unexpectedly despite appearing to be in good health.

Along with other current and former professional athletes, including NFL alumni, Harris promoted kill shots for the Pharma-controlled CDC.

He was part of a community outreach and promotional campaign to convince maximum numbers of people to be jabbed and multi-jabbed.

Last summer, NFL Alumni CEO, Beasely Reece, said the following in pushing kill shots:

“We may be in the proverbial ‘red zone,’ but the fight isn’t over.” 

“We hope that voices of our NFL alumni will help inspire people who have not yet been (jabbed) to explore their concerns with a health care professional, get the facts and decide to protect themselves and others (sic).”

The health-destroying campaign includes public (dis)serve announcements by former professional athletes nationwide, including NFL hall of famers.

Along with Harris now gone, they include Derrick Brooks, Harry Carson, Cris Carter, Brian Dawkins, Michael Haynes, Howie Long, Anthony Munoz, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, John Randle, Andre Reed, Jerry Rice, Will Shields and Andre Tippett, among others.

Last year, Harris publicly said the following:

“There’s a lot of new challenges that we are facing today and we will continue to face if we don’t get” jabbed (sic).

The CDC uses NFL hall of famers, and other celebrities, to unwittingly promote destruction of public health by kill shots designed for this purpose.

Agency head fraudster, Walensky, earlier said because people may not believe her, “they want to hear (kill shot endorsements) from their (sports) heroes.”

NFL hall of famers are being used to unwittingly promote what’s crucial to shun in a nation at war on its own people and their counterparts worldwide.

Separately, Dec. 21 will long be remembered as a day of infamy for promoting aggression and Nazism at the White House, as well as before a nationally televised joint congressional session in prime time.

The choreographed spectacle featured US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky, a frontman in the former nation-state for perpetual hegemon USA war on Russia by use of expendable regime cannon fodder troops.

A comedian no longer funny, a buffoon devoid of leadership, a hugely corrupted barbarian, a Nazi to the bone war criminal, puppet Zelensky was welcomed by a standing ovation in Congress before beginning his hyperventilating rant “for more than three minutes,” the WSJ reported.

Pledging to achieve “absolute victory” ignored the shattered state of its made-in-the-USA war machine with zero prospect of turning things around.

With him at the White House, the fake Biden once again embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

“I’m honored to welcome you (sic).”

Like MSM fake news reports, the White House imposter falsely called his Washington visit “your first trip outside Ukraine since February (sic).”

During early weeks of Russia’s liberating SMO, puppet Zelensky operated cross-border in Poland while pretending to be in Kiev.

And this perversion of reality by the fake Biden, falsely calling Russia’s defensive SMO “an unprovoked, unjustified, all-out assault on the free people of Ukraine (sic).”

Ignoring the US-installed regime’s tyrannical rule, its abolition of opposition parties, independent media and all things Russian, the fake Biden hyperventilated the following:

“(W)e’ve provided billions of dollars to make sure the (regime) can keep providing basic, fundamental services to the ‘Uranian’ people like healthcare, education, and emergency personnel (sic).”

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, the vast majority of US/Western aid has gone for waging perpetual proxy and direct war on Russia and its people by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian cannon fodder troops.

And saying that “Ukraine defied Russia’s expectations at every single turn” ignored the shattered reality of its greatly degraded military from hundreds of thousands of casualties, a lost generation of its youths and the disintegration of the former nation-state. 

Commenting on Wednesday’s humiliating spectacle in Washington, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“(P)rovocative actions by the (empire of lies) are steadily leading to an escalation, the consequences of which cannot even be imagined.”

Hegemon USA “is fully responsible for unleashing the Ukrainian conflict in 2014.”

“All these years, (US regimes) stubbornly ignored or pretended not to notice inhuman crimes of the Kiev regime against the Russian population in Ukraine.”

Puppet “Zelensky’s visit to the American capital, the talks in Washington showed that neither the (Biden regime or dominant Ukrainian Nazis) are ready for peace.”

“Their focus is on war, on the death of ordinary soldiers, on (using) the Ukrainian regime” in pursuit of US imperial aims. 

“Notions by US (MSM press agents for imperial rampaging) that Russia is not interested in achieving peace are a blatant lie.”

The illegitimate Biden regime, undemocratic Dems and RINOs support perpetual war on invented enemies — while pretending to be for peace, a notion they abhor.

The same goes for democracy as it should be throughout the US/West — what exists in fantasy form, the real thing long ago banned.

And during the holiday season, the spirit of peace and good will is absent at a time of perpetual war with no end of it in prospect.


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  1. Rarely—but increasingly common under this regime—have I been truly nauseated. We’ve slipped into The Twilight Zone…this gruesome celebration of a literal Nazi and Hitler-esque tyrant, killing his own people by the thousands as he absconds with $100,000,000,000 collected in an apparent protection racket run against this corrupt *president* and Congress. ‘Sick’ is an understatement


  2. CAF was on Greg Hunter yesterday in normal support of the quarterly Solari Report. A link would get this comment blocked just like a Dr. Jane Ruby Telegram, world orders review on Bitchute, Mike Adams NaturalNews, and Ben Davidson’s Suspicious Observer channel on YouTube get blocked. She did not give Savior Trump a pass on the depopulation event. Greg Hunter uses “bioweapons” which is the best lie inversion of the V-word.

    The mRNA is going into to the other injections including the pain shots in dentistry, The rising autism rate was already going to accelerate the bankruptcy of the country, with 1 in 26 being the representation, I hold from maybe a year ago before the autism epidemic was removed by Monopoly Media.

    No Sheriff out of over 3000 has stepped in to stop the array of bioweapons injected in to us.

    HealthImpactNews is a good channel to follow on the bioweapons epidemic. They had a 32-second video on Franco Harris: “NFL Legend Franco Harris Dies Suddenly – Was CDC Spokesperson for COVID Vaccines” —


  3. I have to correct the mRNA is going into dental injections even though it could be true. It is the graphene oxide technology going into dental shots. GO is being put into bottled water too, although nobody wants to mention the French and Italian names. People should be testing the grocery store meat with magnets.


  4. In a way, It’s russia’s fault that tensions are escalating. Russia should have attacked with a much bigger army, taken Kiev and sealed the Ukrainian border. Russia hasn’t even destroyed the roads, railways, and bridges into Poland or over the dnieper.


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