Even on Christmas Day, MSM Prioritize Russia Bashing

Suppressing truth and full disclosure in their propaganda reports, MSM bash Russia by making stuff up.

They ignore the reality of cutthroat killer/torturer Nazis in control of the former Ukrainian nation-state.

In providing press agent services for the empire of lies and forever wars, they support what demands all-out condemnation.

And this perversion of reality by the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT forever war-supporting propaganda machine:

Mocking Vladimir Putin’s genuine support for resolution over perpetual war, official Times policy falsely blames him for hegemon USA’s war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers — what’s gone on since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

And this Times suppression of puppet Zelensky’s war on Ukraine’s Eastern Orthodox Church and its millions of members, dismissively saying:

“Ukraine celebrates Christmas as a national holiday on Dec. 25 — in line with the Western calendar — as well as on Jan. 7, for churches observing the Eastern Orthodox religious holiday.”

Suppressed by the Times is that dominant Ukrainian Nazis consider the Orthodox Church, its leadership and followers as enemies of the state on suspicion of being sympathetic toward Russia.

And this Times trash, once again falsely blaming Russia for civilian deaths in Kherson by Ukrainian Nazis.

Misreporting on the same issue, AP (fake) News falsely accused Russia of killing 10 Kherson civilians and wounding 55 others.

And this WaPo trash:

Inventing nonexistent “heavy (Russia) combat losses (sic),” WaPo falsely accused Moscow of releasing “thousands of convicts from prison” for front line duty (sic) — citing serial liar/Biden regime propaganda coordinator, John Kirby, as its source.

And at a time of heavy Ukrainian loses of manpower, arms and equipment in Artyomovsk — regime troops having to choose between annihilation or accepting defeat by capitulating — WaPo pretended that regime troops are holding their own.

In support of Ukrainian Nazis, the so-called US Mozart Group is involved in what it calls “delivering critical capabilities to (the regime’s) frontline units.”

The group’s head, retired US Marine colonel Andrew Milburn, admitted that Ukrainian troops sustained massive numbers of casualties in Artyomovsk, saying:

The town “is like Dresden (in WW II), and the countryside looks like Passchendaele,” a German city destroyed during the war.

The Artyomovsk “meat grinder (is) a horrible and miserable place.”

“Numbers (of) 70 percent and above casualties are not exaggerated.”

Desperate for more manpower because of hundreds of thousands of casualties since February, 80% of regime troops sent to Artyomovsk  never fired a weapon, Milburn explained.

And this WSJ perversion of reality on Christmas Day, saying:

Puppet Zelensky “urg(ed) (Ukrainians and cannon fodder troops) to stand firm and keep faith in an eventual victory over Russian forces” — not forthcoming.

And this Journal trash:

Russia aims “to make the Christmas and New Year period as miserable as possible for Ukrainian civilians (sic).”

And falsely claiming that “Russian forces lost about 100,000 soldiers to death or injury” ignored the reality of a small fraction of this toll.

And claiming that Pentagon supplied HIMARS to Ukraine “helped turn the tide of conflict” ignored reality on the ground otherwise.

The same goes for fake news claims about US/Western weapons enabling Kiev “to destroy Russian supply lines (sic).”

And this Journal perversion of reality:

Falsely calling Vladimir Putin “isolated and distrusted” ignored his near-80% public approval — in stark to at least most of his widely despised Western counterparts.

And while street protests occur in Europe over sanctions on Russia causing misery for ordinary Europeans, Britain is gripped by multiple strikes for cost-of-living wage increases because double-digit inflation made essentials to life and well-being increasingly unaffordable for millions of workers.

Yet the extremist Sunak regime remains indifferent toward their needs.

He threatened what he called “new tough laws” to limit strikes.

In response, Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham, said union members won’t be “intimidated by anti-trade union attacks.” 

They’ll challenge hostile Sunak regime measures.

With the National Health Service already in disarray, he’s intent on further degrading it in cahoots with monied interests at the expense of the general welfare.

Similar policies go on in one form or other throughout the US/West because their ruling regimes don’t give a damn about ordinary people domestically and abroad.

Pretense otherwise was long ago exposed as hollow.

Throughout the US/West, merry Christmas is a worlds apart from reality figure of speech at a time of growing deprivation for countless millions of people.


2 thoughts on “Even on Christmas Day, MSM Prioritize Russia Bashing

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  1. I admire what Putin is doing under extreme prejudice from Bidens Administration, Western MSM and NATO and still he is cool in taking everything that is dished out towards him. Even when Putin had a Champagne Flute in his hand and addressing some of the press with off the cuff truth.

    Even when Biden sends those Patriot Missiles that Russia already has Hypersonic Missiles that will annihilate every Patriot Missile that is fired as you mention it “On Christmas Day and Throughout the Year, US Forever War on Humanity Rages”

    When will the masses from the West actually wake up and find out they have been lied to from what’s been happening in Ukraine from 2014..

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