On Christmas Day and Throughout the Year, US Forever War on Humanity Rages 

The letter and spirit of peace and good will are banned by the empire of lies throughout the holiday season and all other times of the year — in favor of a permanent state of war internally and worldwide.

On Friday, the fake Biden signed the FY 2023 NDAA into law.

Each year when enacted, the measure funds continued aggression on invented enemies in pursuit of hegemon USA’s drive for unchallenged global dominance by raping and destroying one nonthreatening nation after another.

On top of another $45 billion for Ukrainian Nazis in the wasteful $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill — signed into law on Friday — the NDAA includes $800 million more for perpetual US war on Russia by use of expendable Kiev proxies.

It also includes $10 billion for Taiwan over five years, another $2 billion in military related loans and fast tracks arms sales to the island — as part of hegemon USA’s war on China by other means.

In response to enactment of the US forever war budget, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Senior Col. Tan Kefei, said the following:

Beijing “is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to (hegemon USA’s) move, and lodged solemn representations with the” Biden regime.

What the empire of lies calls a “China threat” ignores reality,  interferes in Beijing’s internal affairs, invents reasons to increase military spending for perpetual war-making in pursuit of global hegemony, challenges the PRC’s national sovereignty and “poison(s)” bilateral relations.

In stark contrast to China’s commitment to peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with rule of law principles, the empire of lies prioritizes perpetual wars on invented enemies — throughout each year’s holiday season and all other time of the year.

Time and again, indisputable “facts” show that hegemon USA poses a “direct threat to the international order.”

On Christmas eve, China’s Global Times stressed the following:

For years, both wings of the US war party “tried to obscure, hollow out and distort the one-China principle.”

They repeatedly “sold arms to Taiwan island” — China’s breakaway province — “leveled up its military collusion with the region, and concocted Taiwan-related bills and documents that undermined China’s sovereignty.”

“These moves will only harm peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and raise the risk of military confrontation between China and the US.”

Beijing will respond “firm(ly)” to provocative US actions.

Days earlier, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, told interventionist Blinken the following by phone:

Hegemon USA’s “bullying…has not worked with China” before.

“Nor will it work in the future.”

Separately on Christmas day, Vladimir Putin said the following:

Russia is “we’re moving in the right direction.”

“We’re protecting our national interests, the interests of our citizens, our people.”

“We simply have no other choice but to protect our citizens” at a time of hegemon USA’s war on the nation and its people with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Rejecting peace in favor of perpetual war by use of Kiev’s cannon fodder troops — no matter the human toll — Putin added:

“The policy of our geopolitical opponents lies at the core of it all, aimed at pulling Russia – historical Russia – apart.”

“Divide and conquer.”

“That’s what they have always tried to do, and they are trying to do it now.”

“It’s not us who reject negotiations, but them.”

On the Biden regime’s intention to supply Ukrainian Nazis with a battery of Patriot air defense launchers and missiles, Putin stressed:

“Of course, we’ll wipe them out 100%” by use of high-precision hypersonic missiles — what no Western technology has the ability to intercept and destroy.

And this perverse reality check by former US Senator Richard Blake, saying:

“We don’t care how many Ukrainians die.”

“How many women, children, civilians and military. We don’t care.” 

“Ukraine cannot take the peace decision.”

It “can only be taken in Washington.” 

“We want to continue (perpetual war on Russia) to the last Ukrainian.”

Indifferent toward human suffering at home and worldwide, the empire of lies prioritizes pursuit of its hegemonic aims — including on Christmas Day without letup. 

Infested with undemocratic Dems, RINOs, and most others on both sides of the aisle, its dominant criminal class pledges perpetual support for Ukrainian Nazis — no matter the cost or detriment to the rights and well-being of ordinary Americans and their counterparts abroad.

The White House imposter and puppet Zelensky are oblivious to reality on the ground in Ukraine.

In his delusional Christmas eve rant, the out-of-touch-with reality front man for the empire of lies in Kiev continued to fiddle while Ukraine burns and its people suffer, saying:

“We will celebrate our holidays (sic)!”

“We will smile and be happy (sic).”

“We will not wait for a miracle. After all, we create it ourselves (sic).”

The kleptocrat war criminal in Kiev is oblivious to the reality that he’s as expendable as ordinary Ukrainians.

When no longer serving hegemon USA’s interests, he’s as disposable as yesterday’s trash, his likely fate ahead.

And along with demilitarizing Ukraine by Russia, US/NATO regimes are demilitarizing themselves by continually providing Kiev with arms for Russian forces to destroy and Kiev kleptocrats to resell on the dark web for self-enrichment.

And Russia most likely prepared years in advance to produce whatever is needed to defend the nation militarily against the threat of US/Western war on the Motherland — especially after the US 2014 coup in Kiev.

Last Thursday, Russia’s Armed Forces chief, Valery Gerasimov, noted heavy losses of Ukrainian manpower, arms and equipment.

And he explained the following:

“Kiev employs terrorist tactics such as using civilians as human shields, blocking civilians’ exit from cities along humanitarian corridors organized by the Russian side, using artillery against civilians to intimidate them, torturing prisoners of war, shelling cities with prohibited phosphorus munitions, and mining them with anti-personnel mines.”

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators suppress all of the above and similar information, including the following:

On Friday, deputy commander of Lugansk’s 2nd Army Corps, Apty Alaudinov, explained the following:

“The hottest spot on our front is Artyomovsk,” Donetsk.

Bleeding heavy losses of manpower and arms in trying to defend the town in vain, Kiev troops are being “pushed out” and preparing to retreat or surrender.

The hopeless situation is confirmed by calling strategically important Artyomovsk “meaningless.”

On what should be a day of peace and good will, hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes continue forever war on Russia in pursuit of their imperial aims by supporting the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

While I’d love to end this article on a positive note, reality on Christmas Day and looking ahead demands otherwise.

Despite the reality of no joy to the world on Christmas and throughout the year because of hegemon USA’s forever war on humanity, I wish my readers and others yearning to breathe free my best wishes for the holidays and what follows in the new year.


4 thoughts on “On Christmas Day and Throughout the Year, US Forever War on Humanity Rages 

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  1. Karen Kingston was back on Greg Hunter yesterday carrying the research on the bioweapons shots. The conclusions have hardened and breakthrough on the thoughtherding is coming. You are a slave and THEY are trying to kill you.

    I don’t see how Ukraine can hold their army together. Armaments are drying up and their enemy within is down to 50-year olds as cannon fodder.

    Long live Lendman.


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