Ukrainian Nazis Propose Peace Summit Without Russia

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov slammed hegemon USA and its Western vassals, saying:

They “discredited (themselves) as negotiating partner(s) and, most importantly, Russia’s policy concerning the implementation of political or legal agreements.”

Virtually everything the empire of lies agreed to it breached.

Lavrov was partially right, saying that Russia “can no longer rely on these people.”

Russia could never rely on the US-dominated West.

For hundreds of years, “the true interests of the West” indeed have been predatory, Lavrov stressed, their rage for unchallenged dominance destructive.

Their regimes pursue “colonial and neo-colonial policies.”

They plunder and exploit in pursuit of their imperial aims at the expense of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law — notions they abhor and don’t tolerate.  

“Whenever we are told that we need to look for solutions and compromises, we no longer find this rhetoric convincing,” Lavrov stressed.

Russia is “not going to chase the West. They tore up most of our relationships.”

“We will deal with countries that never failed us, countries with which we managed to reach complex compromises, and when they were effectively reached, no one ever tried to cheat anyone.”

“When it comes to the West, things are exactly the other way round.”

For time immemorial, things have been this way.

They’ll be “no more business as usual” with the US-dominated West.

EU and UK regimes follow “the anti-Russian lead of the hegemon across the ocean almost in full obedience,” abandoning their sovereignty to a higher power in Washington, their prosperity destroyed in the process.

And this reality check from Lavrov, saying:

The empire of lies is maneuvering to admit Ukraine as a NATO member “by hook or by crook.”

It’s virtually a member already without formal proceedings. 

All things Russia and Ukraine in the run-up to and after hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev represent the latest example of war on humanity by the empire of lies and its Western vassals. 

Pentagon and CIA elements infest Ukraine.

US/Western regimes supply its dominant Nazis with weapons, munitions, other handouts and intelligence.

They’re at war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers, uncaring about their rights and well-being.

With the above reality as backdrop, Nazified Ukraine’s so-called foreign minister, Kuleba, far-removed from the real thing, proposed a “peace summit” without Russia — brokered by US-installed UN secretary general Guterres, a notorious imperial tool with no credibility.

Interviewed by AP (fake) News on Monday, he showed that he’s as out-of-touch-from reality as US-installed puppet Zelensky, saying:

To participate in peace talks, Russia must first be prosecuted for war crimes in an international court, ones committed by Ukrainian Nazis as orchestrated and directed by their US master.

And calling the UN “the best venue for holding this summit” ignored its longstanding status as a US imperial tool, the same reality true about Guterres.

He and likeminded figures around him ignore US/NATO/Israeli aggression, state terror, and other high crimes of war and against humanity.

And by their actions in breach of core UN Charter principles, they’re complicit with what demands opposition and condemnation.

A prerequisite for peace talks with Russia is “recogni(tion of) reality on the ground,” notably acceptance of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions as sovereign Russian territory.

There’s no going back to their Nazified status.

By overwhelming majorities, their people voted by internationally monitored referendums to join Russia, their UN Charter right of self-determination under Chapter 1, Article 1, part 2.

In stark contrast to how hegemon USA and its Western vassals operate extrajudicially in pursuit of their diabolical aims, the Russian Federation recognizes what’s mandated by international law.

Now Russian citizens, the Kremlin won’t betray them in newly incorporated regions by handing them back to Ukrainian Nazis.

Separately, Kuleba’s claim about Russia becoming a UN and Security Council member “illegally” put an exclamation point on his detached from reality status.

Last week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, correctly stressed that the empire of lies and Ukrainian Nazis reject peace.

“(D)etermined to continue fighting,” they’re indifferent toward the exponentially mounting human toll — indifferent toward ordinary Ukrainians, using hundreds of thousands aged-around 18 to 60 as cannon fodder in cahoots with the empire of lies.

Separately according to investigative journalist Jack Murphy on Dec. 24:

The CIA has been using “sleeper cells (comprised of non-US personnel to wage) a secret war” on Russia in its territory, adding:

“Years in the planning, the campaign is responsible for many unexplained explosions and other mishaps” since Russia launched its SMO to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine. 

Murphy cited “three (unnamed) former US intelligence officials, two former US military officials (and another person) briefed on the campaign.”

US dirty hands were mostly likely behind sabotage to the Crimean bridge in early October.

Its dirty hands are involved in orchestrating these operations against Russia, according to sources cited by Murphy.

Russian intelligence most likely is aware of what’s going on and may have foiled many attempted sabotage attempts since the US 2014 coup in Kiev.

They more greatly heighten the risk of full-scale confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

Founder of the Pentagon’s nuclear navy, Adm. Hyman Rickover, long ago warned of the following, saying:

“The lesson of history is when a war starts, every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has available” to win. 

Since the dawn of the nuclear age, the risk of humanity-destroying nuclear war was never as ominously high as now.

Dominant US hardliners represent the worst of what Rickover feared.

If full-scale war with Russia occurs — what’s increasingly likely — chances of it going nuclear should terrify everyone.


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  1. Every word appreciated — the words of FM Lavrov and you, sir. Thank you as we leap into the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit 2023. I’m looking for China to fully, confidently assert itself in international affairs…even as it faces daunting challenges in (i) managing such a vast, diverse landmass and people and (ii) navigating through the maze of mines, murders and mayhem laid by the wanna-be US-Zio hegemon that would, if any sanity prevailed, realize that its floundering, flailing, failing efforts to attain unipolar full-spectrum global dominance are doomed.


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