The Illusion of Resolving Conflict in Ukraine Diplomatically

Restoration of peace in central Europe can only be achieved once Russia smashes the made-in-the-USA/Nazi infested Ukraine monster.

If anything diplomatically is agreed on to end conflict, it’s virtually certain to be breached because what’s going on is perpetual US/NATO war on Russia by use of expendable regime foot soldiers.

Things will only end when it’s demilitarized and deNazified, nothing less.

Russia spent years in vain trying to resolve conflict after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Reengaging in diplomacy a second time around almost for certain will fare no better because US regimes virtually always breach what they agree to.

So they can never be trusted.

In late October, the Biden regime’s State Department defied reality by falsely claiming that “(d)iplomacy is the only responsible way to resolve (a) crisis” — one that was made-in-the-USA to wage perpetual war on Russia for regime change.

Reciting its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies in mid-Dec., the State Department once again falsely blamed Russia for atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazis — since 2014.

Pre-Christmas with perpetual war on Russia in mind, interventionist Blinken once again stressed that the Biden regime continues to support Nazi-infested Ukraine “for as long as it takes,” adding:

“More military support is on the way” — while pretending that tyrannical rule by the US-installed regime is “democratic.”

In pushing perpetual war on Russia, restoration of peace by conflict resolution was absent in Blinken’s remarks.

Around the same time, Foreign Policy magazine expressed support for “an earnest and dedicated attempt by all parties involved to reach a diplomatic resolution to end the war in Ukraine—or at least mitigate against its most destructive outcomes.”

FP ignored that what’s going on is hegemon USA’s forever war on 


And the empire of lies forced Russia to launch its SMO last Feb. in self-defense at a time when over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian troops were mobilized in preparation to invade Donetsk, Lugansk and the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Russia acted to prevent what would have been disastrous if occurred.

Aware that Russia is bleeding Ukraine to death, US joint chiefs chairman, Mark Milley, called for “diplomatic solutions” to end conflict in Ukraine.

Yet he knows, or should know, that official US policy calls for perpetual war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Separately in September, a straight-talking letter to the fake Biden by former Veterans for Peace president, Gerry Condon, minced no words as follows, saying:

“We were alarmed when you and Obama supported the regime-change coup in Ukraine in 2014, which was openly cheered on by the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, and spearheaded by self-described Nazis.”

“We watched in horror as those same Nazis set fire to an Odessa union building full of Ukrainians who were protesting a new law outlawing the Russian language as an official language of Ukraine.”

“Around 50 people were burned alive or shot and beaten to death.” 

“This in a country with a long history with Russia and millions of Russian speakers.”

“Appalled at the aforementioned atrocities, the Russian-speaking population of Donbass declared their independence from Ukraine, and were soon attacked by Nazi militias.”  

“These self-described Nazi militias were then incorporated into the Ukrainian army, and attacks continued.”

“By the time that Russia (launched its SMO) on February 24, 14,000 Ukrainians had already been killed”

by Nazi thugs.

Instead of “stopp(ing) this war from happening by announcing that Ukraine would not become part of NATO and that you would end (its) militarization,” dominant Biden regime hardliners went the other way.

“We looked on in disbelief as (the fake Biden) cavalierly brushed aside Russia’s legitimate concerns.”  

Instead you (virtually) sa(id), “Bring it on (by) arm(ing) Ukraine to the teeth and fann(ing) the flames of war.”

“(T)he highly provocative actions of the USA” forced Russia to launch its SMO in self-defense, its UN Charter right.

“We are now facing economic disasters and fearing the all-too-real possibility of nuclear war.” 

“Enough is Enough.”

“War is Not the Answer.”  

“Show us a Profile of Courage and save the world from World War III, a war that could literally destroy human civilization.  

“(D)istance yourself from the neocons and weapons manufacturers who are giving you terrible advice.”

“(R)everse course now…for the sake of the all the people of the world.”

Condon should know that perpetual war on invented enemies is longstanding US policy, that peace defeats its aim for unchallenged global dominance.

A state of permanent US war by hot and/or other means exists against nations free from its control.

As long as the empire of lies pursues its megalomaniacal aims, it’ll continue perpetual war on invented enemies, ignoring the risk of humanity-destroying nuclear war on Russia, China and/or other nations.

As long as Ukraine remains Nazi-infested under hegemon USA control, they’ll be no peace in our time.

And the threat of US-launched, humanity-destroying nuclear war will remain ominously high, maybe likely in the fullness of time.


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