The Scourge of MSM Fake News

On all things related to flu/covid kill shots and Russia’s liberating SMO against Nazi-infested Ukraine, MSM hit an all-time low in featuring state-approved fake news over the real thing.

In its latest perversion of reality edition, the self-styled newspaper of record, New York Times, defied reality by falsely calling Russia “isolated” on the world stage.

Aside from Western regimes and a small number of other US vassals, the world community of nations maintains normal relations with the Russian Federation.

And this Times trash:

“As (Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping) met again on Friday via video, they found themselves in positions of weakness (sic), encumbered by geopolitical and economic threats to their informal authoritarian (sic) alliance.”

In stark contrast to how the empire of lies pressures, threatens, bullies, smashes and bribes other nations into compliance to its will, Russia and China prioritize cooperative relations worldwide, according to the rule of law, and they’re widely respected for how they operate on the world stage.

And the Times maintains the illusion of greatly degraded regime troops triumphing over Russia’s overpowering military superiority.

And this utter nonsense, citing Kiev Nazis as its notoriously unreliable source, falsely saying:

“Moscow’s military is fighting at the limits of its conventional capabilities (sic).”

Using a small fraction of its military capabilities, most of its conventional super-weapons not used, Russian forces are smashing the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster.

No longer a nation-state, hegemon USA owns its territory, using it and its expendable cannon fodder troops for perpetual war on Russia.

And this Times defiance of reality on the ground:

The empire of lies and dominant Ukrainian Nazis “agreed…not (to) strike targets in Russia with American-provided weapons” — what goes on repeatedly, targets selected by the Pentagon and CIA.

And whenever the Times falsely claims that Ukraine downed most Russian missiles aimed at targets in its territory, the regime its source, ignored is that no technology exists in the West to intercept and destroy Moscow’s hypersonic munitions.

Virtually everything claimed by the Times and other MSM about Russia’s liberating SMO is false.

And this WaPo perversion of reality, Kiev fake news its source:

Claiming successful regime counteroffensives ignored that when launched, Russian forces smash them, causing significant Ukrainian losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

“On December 29, Russian Armed Forces delivered a massive strike by air-and sea-based long-range high-precision weapons against the military command system and energy sites providing for the operation of the Ukrainian (war-making) industry.”

All designated targets were struck with precision accuracy.

Strikes “halted production and repair of military hardware and ammunition and thwarted the redeployment of Ukrainian reserves from western regions” to front line positions. 

“As a result of disrupted railway carriages, foreign armaments supplied to the Ukrainian army were blocked in rear areas.”

Separately in the past 24 hours, Russian “missiles and artillery struck 73 Ukrainian artillery units at firing positions.”

The regime continues to hemorrhage manpower, weapons and munitions daily.

All of the above and more like it is ignored by the Times, WaPo and other MSM, while maintaining the illusion of advances by regime troops not occurring.

And ignoring US orchestration and direction of Ukrainian aggression, WaPo lied claiming that the empire of lies is not involved “in planning (attempted regime) counteroffensives,” ones Russia repeatedly foils left unexplained.

No “rout” of Russian forces occurred anywhere, anytime during its liberating SMO.

In stark contrast to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian casualties, Russian losses have been minimal.

At the same time, Russia can damage or destroy Ukrainian targets at its discretion anywhere throughout its territory, what neither the regime or its US/Western paymasters can stop.

And this AP (fake) News trash:

What its propaganda report falsely called “overwhelming evidence (of Russian) disregard for international laws governing the treatment of civilians and conduct on the battlefield” applies to the regime, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals, clearly not Moscow.

And this AP trash, claiming that Ukrainian war criminals are “investigating more than 58,000 (nonexistent) Russian war crimes.”

When civilians are killed or wounded — what’s gone on since the 2014 Obama/Biden regime’s coup — the regime, its US master and NATO vassals bear full responsibility, not Russia.

Ukraine is indeed “a crime scene” — one made-in-the-USA in cahoots with Ukrainian Nazis it controls.

Virtually everything claimed about Russia by the empire of lies, its NATO vassals, Ukrainian Nazis and their MSM press agents are bald-faced Big Lies — based on making stuff up and unjustifiably shifting blame for their own atrocities to Russian forces.

MSM across the board are complicit with US/NATO war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops.

The empire of lies and its vassals don’t give a damn about the lives, rights and well-being of Ukrainian soldiers or civilians — their diabolical aims alone pursued in a futile attempt to defeat Russia by war they already lost.

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