The Scourge of Russia Bashing Fake News Even Throughout the Holiday Season

The vast majority of Americans don’t realize that MSM are bribed with big bucks to feature state-approved propaganda.

That truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues are excluded from their reports.

That press freedom throughout the US/West is a meaningless figure of speech, what only alternative media feature.

That controlling the message is prioritized by US/Western regimes.

That peace, equity, justice and the rule of law are virtually banned throughout the West.

That MSM operate as virtual ministries of truth in Western nations where they’re located.

In the US, the above reality applies under both wings of the one-party state.

Things are no different throughout the debauched West and its Eastern European vassal states.

State-approved censorship is the new abnormal.

It applies to everything diverging from the fabricated official narrative.

Julian Assange remains brutally persecuted and imprisoned for revealing vital truths about the lawless way hegemon USA operates on the world stage.

Are many other truth-telling journalists threatened in similar fashion ahead?

As hegemon USA and its Western vassals head toward full-blown tyrannical rule, will truth and full disclosure on vital issues be criminalized?

Will only state-approved fake news be tolerated, similar to what MSM feature?

Even throughout the holiday season, including on Christmas Day and New Year’s eve, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, turned truth on its head on all things Russia and Ukraine — in support of the US-installed, Nazi-infested regime in Kiev.

As Russian forces systematically degrade and destroy Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine, the Times defied reality by falsely claiming that both sides are “locked in a bloody stalemate (sic).”

And the Times sounded delusional by calling US-controlled puppet Zelensky, a buffoon devoid of leadership, a kleptocrat war criminal, “an impassioned and effective orator (sic).”

And “aggression” is how US-dominated NATO regimes and Ukrainian Nazis operate, clearly not Russia.

Indeed they’ve been “no peace talks” because hegemon USA prohibits them in favor of perpetual war on the Russian Federation, ignoring the risk of full-scale war on the nation and its people with nukes.

Yet no matter how long US-dominated NATO regimes drag out conflict by supplying Ukrainian Nazis with arms, the outcome of Russia’s SMO was clear from day-one of its launch.

Kiev will be demilitarized, deNazified and rendered impotent when things end.

Liberated parts of its territory will remain free from the scourge of Nazified control.

And this Times trash, falsely accusing Russian forces of “kill(ing) thousands of civilians (sic)” — how US/NATO regimes operate in all their wars of aggression on invented enemies, how Ukrainian Nazis operate.

More of the same, falsely calling Russia’s largely self-sufficient economy “vulnerable” — what applies mostly to UK and EU regimes, the US likely to be more adversely impacted in the new year as growing economic weakness takes a greater toll than already..

And this Times perversion of reality, falsely calling Russia “increasingly isolated, economically and politically (sic).”

And this fake news, falsely saying Putin skipped his annual news conference.

On Dec. 22, he held a Q & A with reporters for 48 minutes, his marathon press conference to be scheduled in the new year.

On Dec. 30, he extended new year’s greetings to leaders of allied nations.

In all his public remarks, he’s candid, delivering them without crib notes or an earpiece delivering instructions, how the fake Biden’s public remarks are choreographed.

Without these aids, he’d be tongue-tied. Even with them, he’s inarticulate.

Before installed by hegemon USA, puppet Zelensky refused to take a drug and alcohol test, fueling speculation of a possible addiction.

Russia’s military found opioid drugs and ephedrine substances at positions abandoned by Ukrainian troops, what’s fed them as a combat aid.

Blood tests on Ukrainian POWs found these substances in their blood.

MSM-spread rumors about Putin’s alleged deteriorating health are fabricated, part of US/Western propaganda war on Russia.

He’s a giant on the world stage in stark contrast to his pigmy US/Western counterparts and buffoon Zelensky.

Separately on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said events in 2022 “ended a 30-year period of honest attempts by Russia to build an equal partnership with the collective West” in vain because their ruling regimes prioritize forever wars for dominance over cooperative relations with other nations.

Moscow exposed the diabolical aims of US/Western regimes.

“By resorting to openly Russophobic rhetoric and acknowledging in public that Minsk (principles were) just a way to buy time for Kiev (to be) pump(ed) full of weapons, US-dominated NATO regimes chose perpetual war over cooperative relations with Russia and other independent nations to try transforming them into vassal states.

Looking ahead to the new year, there’s not a hint of positive change in prospect, just more of the same likely worsening.


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