Puppet Zelensky Is Coming to Town

This holiday season, puppet Zelensky, not Santa, is coming to town. After making a list and checking it twice, the naughty, not nice, Biden regime arranged for the Ukrainian puppet to meet face-to-face with the White House imposter and address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday in prime time. Announcing the visit on Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA at War on Nonthreatening Russia

Ongoing by hot and other means, the empire of lies has been using Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops as proxy foot soldiers against Russia and its people since its 2014 coup in Kiev. Since Russia’s liberating SMO began defensively in February, hegemon USA and key Western vassals have been directly involved in orchestrating and directing... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of Israeli Apartheid in Action

From establishment on stolen Palestinian land in 1948, apartheid Israel has been a US/Western-supported machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses of virtually every shape and kind. A fantasy democracy — never the real thing — long-suffering Palestinians on land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea are victims of slow-motion genocide. Outspoken critics... Continue Reading →

Blackouts in Nine Ukraine Regions

Millions of Ukrainians are suffering from the scourge of Nazified occupation. Under frigid weather conditions with little or no heat, tap water and sanitation, they’re increasingly hard-pressed to survive. On Monday, the regime’s power grid operator, Ukrenergo, said the following: “As of (Monday AM, there’s) a difficult situation in the Ukrainian power system.” “The most... Continue Reading →

Reality on the Ground in Ukraine Updated

Russia’s super-weapons exceed the best in the US/West, including what’s supplied to Ukrainian Nazis. Russian hypersonic missiles used to strike the regime’s power grid, communication systems, its rail operation, and troops cannot be intercepted by its US/Western-supplied air defense systems. In late November, Russia’s Military-Industrial Corporation Research and Industrial Association of Machine Building (MIC NPO... Continue Reading →

DeSantis on Kill Shots

Did Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reverse his view on what he earlier supported? Last year, he backed spending hundreds of millions of dollars to combat a nonexistent flu/covid pandemic in the state — or anywhere else. He praised the Trump regime’s Operation Warp Speed — the beginning of state-sponsored destruction of public health. Last week... Continue Reading →

US/Western War on Russia

Hegemon USA has been at war on Russia since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev. Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin explained it, saying: The empire of lies and its vassals “ha(ve) been brazenly draining and exploiting (Ukraine’s) resources, (pursuing) genocide and terror in Donbass, de-facto turn(ing) (the former nation-state of Ukraine) into a colony,... Continue Reading →

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