Hegemon USA and Apartheid Israel: Unparalleled Rogue States

The US and Israel share a dubious distinction. They’re headed by the most ruthlessly dangerous regimes in their history. Hegemon USA under the illegitimate Biden regime risks unthinkable nuclear war in a futile attempt to prevent Nazi-infested Ukraine and its greatly degraded military from collapsing. Along with congressional Russophobes, they made nuclear war more likely... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Fake News Over the Real Thing

Individuals yearning to be brainwashed instead of informed need look no further than the 25-story NYT tower in midtown Manhattan — a fake news den of iniquity where journalism as it should be is banned. On major issues mattering most, state-approved rubbish is exclusively featured in its daily fake news editions, its latest one no... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Nazis Belong in NATO?

In a WSJ op-ed last Friday, neocon extremist, pseudo-intellectual buffoon, Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL), pushed for global war by calling for Ukrainian Nazis to be formally made a NATO war-making alliance member. A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed, including the following rubbish: “Vladimir Putin has one main enemy he wants to bring to heel, the... Continue Reading →

Bribed to Lie and Mass Deceive

MSM across the board are state-sponsored agents of mass deception. The Babylon Bee (BB) published a checklist with signs to show that so-called news anchors are lying. With rare exceptions that prove the rule, it applies to virtually all reporters, correspondents and editors. They’re bribed to stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative on virtually... Continue Reading →

Truth v. State-Sponsored Fiction on Ukraine

Russian forces are decisively smashing the Nazi-infested regime. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, James Stavridis, is militarily delusional and incompetent. Falsely claiming that US/NATO tanks to Ukraine “will play a key role in supporting” the regime is belied by indisputable reality otherwise. The same goes for falsely saying that they’ll “create real problems for” Russia... Continue Reading →

Lurching Toward WW III

Unthinkable global war appears increasing inevitable. For the empire of lies, Russia cannot be allowed to defeat Nazi-infested Ukraine. Yet that’s precisely what’s happening with no prospect of turning its defeat into triumph. It was reality on day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO. There’s no prospect of preventing Russia from slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.... Continue Reading →

Pfizer’s Kill Shot Cash Cow

On Wednesday, Project Veritas (PV) exposed Pfizer official, Jordon Trishton Walker’s claim about internal discussions of ways to develop new kill shots. Caught on camera, Walker said the following: “One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate (flu/covid jabs) ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new (ones(, right?”... Continue Reading →

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